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Written by DMS.

This story takes place after Jealousy: Love Triangle. And it's not going to have a lot of action in it. No, seriously. And yes, it involves how Luna is pregnant and some drama that occurs afterward. Also has a bit of humor in it.

Chapter 1 - ohmygodimfreakingout

It's been a while since Luna had told DMS that she was pregnant. He was still going on about it every once in a while. Luna herself was starting to gain a stomach. The rest of her body remained normal, but her belly was growing out. That was actually impressive- Most women actually get fat when they get pregnant. Luna just gets a little bulge and there we go.

Luna herself is going to the Town's market. She winds up meeting Ludicrine there.

LD: Oh, hey Luna. I'm still shocked that pregnancy just gave you a slap on the wrist.

Luna: Yeah, I'm surprised it hasn't made me that fat, too.

LD: So what are you doing here?

Luna: Just picking up the usual. What are YOU doing here, though? I never see you here.

LD: Oh, I recently discovered a shortage of some food in my house. I don't know why... But I just came here to get some more.

Luna: Alright. Well, I gotta wrap things up here and go. See you!

She turns and walks away. While in the market, she drops by and gets something else.

Some wedding gear magazines.

After finishing shopping, Luna heads home to DMS. She opens the front gate, where DMS is sitting on a couch.

Luna: Hey, Revelian. I'm home!

DMS stands up and walks towards her, giving her a hug and a quick kiss. They then eat their lunch and chat for a bit.

DMS: So, Luna, anything interesting happen while you were at the market?

Luna: Nothing in particular. But I did see LD there.

DMS: Huh, really? I never see him at the market...

Luna: He says that he was getting food or something.

So they finish their lunch, and DMS gives her a kiss goodbye as he heads to work.

At LDZX Offices...

DMS sat down in his office chair and began to work. After an hour or so, DMS was called up by the intercom. He stood up and went into the head office. Inside, LD, ZX, and Hank stood there.

DMS: Hey guys, what's going on?

ZX: DMS, we need to talk about you and Luna's relationship.

DMS got a bit irritated.

DMS: And how does our relationship concern you?

Hank: Well, we aren't trying to intrude on your relationship, but we think it's time for you two to... Well, y'know, settle down and get married.

DMS: What!?

LD: Look, DMS, I'm your friend, but I'm gonna be blunt. You can't just live like this with her forever! You need to settle down and truly be with her. Because for one, you have a freaking child on the way, and second, she's not going to stay like this forever! Helc, I spied on her looking at wedding catalogs! If you don't settle down with her, then you're just going to make her feel all the worse.

DMS finally nods his head.

DMS: Alright, then... I'll do it!

The gang cheers for him.

ZX: Now get out of here, get a ring, and propose to her. You get the rest of the week off!

DMS turns and flies out the door and heads out in order to prepare.


About an hour later...

Back at the castle, Luna was quietly sleeping on a couch. She soon woke up when she felt something inside of her. She smiled- the baby was kicking. She pulled her shirt up, exposing her enlarged belly. She began to rub the surface of her shiny belly with her hand.

Luna: You're gonna grow up to become a fighter like your dad, aren't you?

She heard the door open. That was odd. DMS didn't get off for another hour. However, his voice soon echoed through the halls.

DMS: Luna?? I'm home early! And I have a surprise for you!

Luna stood up and went to the foyer. DMS was standing there, waiting, with something behind his back.

Luna: Revelian? Why are you home early?

DMS didn't answer. Instead, he walked towards her.

DMS: Luna... We've been through thick and thin... We've both dealt with jealousy before... And in the end, we've always came through together. We've both seen... And experienced... horrible things. And in the end, we always came through together... What I'm saying is...

DMS got down on one knee.

DMS: Luna, do you want to experience the joys and sorrows of life, and get through them all.. Together?

Luna started to cry tears of joy. DMS pulled his hand out from behind his back, revealing a dark violet box. He opens it. Inside is a large, diamond ring.

DMS: Luna... Will you marry me?

However, before Luna answers him, she suddenly starts to scream in pain and falls on her knees.


Luna grabs a hold of him.


She then lets go and starts screaming again.

DMS: Oh.

Realization hits like a Falcon Punch to the face.


Later, at the hospital...

DMS is in the emergency room with Luna and LD. LD's acting as the doctor, apparently. DMS sits next to Luna while holding her hand.

LD: Okay, Luna, you're doing good...

Luna screams again. Suddenly, the door opens up. S17 walks in.

S17: Hey, I thought I heard screaming and OH MY GOD.

All 3 of them raise their heads.

All: OUT.

S17 turns and runs away.

Luna then grabs DMS with her other hand.

Luna: R-Revelian... I will...

DMS: What??

Luna: I do want to spend our lives together... Y-Yes, I'll marry you...

A single tear falls from DMS' face.

Suddenly, Luna starts to scream again. Finally, the baby is born.

ZX: Alright! It's a girl! YESH.

DMS: Why are you so happy about that?

ZX: I had a bet with TheJanitorMaster, and I won!

LD then hands DMS the baby. It looks like an Equestrian. It is a deep, dark shade of crimson. It has both a nub on its head and two nubs on its back... An Alicorn.

DMS: W-Wow... Hey, little guy...

Luna: Let me see her...

DMS hands the baby to Luna.

Luna: She's beautiful...

The baby then opened her eyes. They were a fiery, hot cyan. Luna smiled at the sight.

Luna: She has her father's eyes...

DMS leans towards Luna.

DMS: And I bet she'll grow up to be as beautiful as her mother.

DMS then gives Luna a deep kiss...

Meanwhile... Far across the universe... In a large palace, something watches the scene unfold.

???: So. The bitch finally had the kid. And she's gonna get married. How oh-so-f/cking sweet. Hmph. It's time to crash this party...

The being then warps away.

Back at the hospital...

HGD: Well, good job! Not only are you getting married, but your child is proving to be very healthy!

ZX: I guess you could say she's... As healthy as a horse!!

DMS punches ZX in the face for that God-awful pun.


DMS: I know you did. That's why I did it.

Later on, DMS and Luna head home with their baby girl.

Chapter 3 - PAAAARRRTTYYYYY... planning.

Luna puts the baby to bed and heads back into the living room with DMS.

Luna: Alright then. I'm going to call up some friends of mine...

DMS: Huh? Why?

Luna: For the wedding! I'm going to invite Twilight and her friends!

DMS: Oh, right. I remember Twilight. ...WAIT A SECOND. What about... HER?

Luna: Who, my bitch sister?

DMS: No. Pinkie Pie.

Luna: Ah... Right... Well, she should be ok with this, right? She said that she'd live on and get over you...

DMS: This is gonna be fuuuun....

Luna: Oh, it'll be ok. I'll call them up with the ear-dust...

DMS: Wat.

Luna then sticks her finger in her ear. Luna's eyes then start to glow.


However, instead of Twilight, Luna inadvertently calls Pinkie.

Luna: W-whoops, wrong signal...

Meanwhile, at Pinkie's house...

Pinkie gets the signal from Luna. Pinkie puts her hoof to her ear, grinning.

Pinkie: Hello?

Luna: Oh, hi Pinkie!

Pinkie: Hello?

Luna: Uhh, yeah, anyways I wanted to ask you something!

Pinkie: Hello?

Luna: Pinkie, focus.

Pinkie: Hello?

Luna facepalms.

Luna: It's nice to see you're back to normal, Pinkie.

Pinkie: Hello?



Luna could hear Pinkie hopping and bouncing around.

Luna: Hello?

Pinkie: That's my line!!

Luna: Haha, anyways, that's why I called! Get Twilight and the others and have them gather at the Library. I'll get you all in a bit.

Pinkie: So what kind of party is this?

Luna: W-well...

DMS: Here it comes...

Pinkie: Ooh, is that Revelian?? HI REVELIAN!!!


Pinkie: Sorry...

Luna: So yeah... The party's for me... And Revelian...

Pinkie remained silent.

Luna: We're getting married...

Pinkie stood there for a moment. She could feel the tears coming out of her eyes. But she remembered her promise...

Pinkie: That's good! I'm happy for you both.

Luna: Really? Well, anyways, I've gotta go. As I said, get Twilight and the others and meet up at the library. I'll get you some clothes and meet you there.

Pinkie: What about your sister?

Pinkie grimaced as several nasty things were said by Luna.

Pinkie: Got it. Do NOT invite her... Well, I'll see you later, princess!

She cuts the signal and heads out to get the others.

Luna: Ok, everything's set!

DMS: She didn't react badly??

Luna: No, in fact, she took it well. See? I told you she would!

DMS: Oh, ok then!

Luna: So what's the wedding day?

DMS: About Saturday.

Luna: So we've got a few days to prepare...

DMS: So do you want a bachelorette party, or...

Luna simply grabs him with both hands and looks into his eye lovingly.

Luna: The only thing I want is to spend my life with you. Like always.

DMS: 'Till death do us part.

They both kiss.

Chapter 4 - Meet the Mane 6.

The next day...

Luna is chatting with Pinkie via Ear Dust.

Pinkie: Ok! I got my friends and went to the library like you wanted!! Are you coming??

Luna: Be right there!

She cuts the signal. DMS, who's sitting on the couch watching TV, raises his head.

DMS: Wait a second... if the party is Saturday... Then... Oh God...

Luna: What is it?

DMS: You mean Pinkie and her friends are gonna be here for the WHOLE WEEK?!

Luna: Is that really a big problem??

DMS: Well, no, but...

Luna: But nothing. Look, I understand you're still worried about Pinkie... But it'll be alright! I promise you. This wedding's gonna go off without a hitch, and you and we'll spend the rest of our eternal lives together...

She gives him another kiss. She then stands up.

Luna: Well, I'm off to get the girls. Ooh, this'll be so much fun!!

Luna walks upstairs into the bedroom.

DMS: W-What are you doing??

Luna: Getting the girls!!

Upstairs, DMS hears swirling wind and energy. He charges upstairs...


He walks in on the Mane 6, who are standing in his room. Did I mention that Equestrians don't wear clothes when they're in Equestria?

DMS: Awkward.

DMS slams the door and goes downstairs to get some brain bleach.

Some time later, after they get dressed...

DMS, LD, ZX, and Hank stand in the foyer, waiting. From upstairs, the girls come down.

ZX: Well, there they are.

ZX walks forward with his arms stretched out when he sees Pinkie charging down the steps, wearing a blue t-shirt and some black pants. She knocks him out of the way and grabs a hold of DMS, hugging him.

Pinkie: Oooh! I missed you so so much!!

DMS: Haha, Pinkie, I missed you too. Ok now, let go. PINKIE.

Pinkie lets go and backs up.

Pinkie: S-Sorry...

Another one of the girls walks downstairs. She has completely white skin, blue eyes, and dark-purple hair. She's wearing a red, sleeveless shirt and black dress-pants. She also has a horn on her head, making her technically a unicorn.

DMS quietly kneels down and gives her a kiss on her hand.

DMS: Miss Rarity.

Rarity simply giggles and backs up.

Rarity: You've been improving your manners, Mr. Zeronius.

DMS: Only when I have guests.

Rarity simply giggles again.

Rarity: That suites you.

Next, a lilac-colored unicorn with purple hair walks downstairs. Her hair has some pink stripes on it, as well. She's wearing a purple sweatshirt and jeans.

DMS: Twilight Sparkle. Good to see you again. How are your studies?

Twilight: Doing well.

DMS: Good. Is Celestia still running her mouth about me?

Twilight: Yeah, sorta...

DMS: It's not your fault. Relax.

She smiles and stands next to Rarity after introducing herself to everyone.

Suddenly, they hear crying upstairs.

Luna: Oh boy... Sorry, I gotta run and get her.

Luna proceeds to run upstairs to calm the now-screaming infant.

ZX: Hehe... her name's Twilight...

DMS gives ZX an unamused look.

A young, yellow girl walks downstairs nervously. She has pink hair and wings- A pegasus. She's also wearing a green sweatshirt with brown pants.

DMS: Oh, why hello there... ermm...

DMS hasn't seen this one before.

DMS: What's your name?

The girl quietly mutters something and turns away, blushing.

DMS: I... I didn't catch that...

She mutters it again, louder, but still inaudible.

DMS: Seriously, you kinda need to speak up.

The girl starts to whimper a bit. DMS facepalms.


Twilight: Her name's Fluttershy.

DMS: Makes sense...

He turns back to the still-whimpering girl.

DMS: Hey look, I'm sorry for yelling.

She looks at him, still nervous.

Fluttershy: It... it's ok... I'm a little shy...

DMS: A little? That's an understatement. But hey, loosen up, ok? We're all friendly here.

She nods and gives a soft smile before going around to introduce herself. A tall, orange girl with blonde hair walks down. She's wearing an orange t-shirt and shortened jeans. She grabs DMS' hand and proceeds to break it while giving a handshake.

Applejack: Why howdy there Mr. Revelian sir! My name's Applejack and it's quite an honor to meet a man such as yourself!! So you're the one tying the rope with miss Luna here? That's the most astonishin' thing I done ever heard! So y'all also have a kid?? That's sweet! Can we see him??

She finally releases the steel vice on DMS' hand. He raises it up and looks at it. The fingers are bent, the hand is pulsing, and there are several bruises on it.

DMS: Pleased to meet you too. And no, sorry, Luna's busy trying to calm her down.

Applejack proceeds to walk around the room to introduce herself.

No hand was left un-broken.

Lastly, a blue pegasus with rainbow-colored hair walks down. She's wearing a white T-shirt and black jogging pants.

DMS: You're Rainbow Dash, right? I've heard about you.

Rainbow Dash: Yeah, and Luna's told me some things about you, too! She says that you're probably even faster then me!!

DMS: Well I DO have the ability to fly through space...


DMS: Wat.

Rainbow Dash: You heard me!! Come on, let's race right now!!

Twilight: Rainbow Dash, wait a second. You've just met him!! Let's not dive into competition right now.

DMS: Seriously, I just f/cking met you.

Rainbow Dash: Ok ok sorry... But we ARE gonna race before I leave...

DMS: Count on it.

After everyone gets introduced to everyone else, they suddenly realize something.

Where's Luna??

DMS has everyone leave so he can go and find out.

Twilight: But... Where are we supposed to stay?

LD: I've got something covered for that. Follow me.

LD leads them all out towards the Resort Hotel. ZX and Hank also leave.

DMS heads upstairs and walks into his bedroom. He sees something that makes his lack-of-a-heart warm. Luna is cuddled up next to the baby, asleep. DMS simply puts a cover over them both and heads downstairs to sleep on the couch.

Chapter 5 - TIMESKIP GOOOO!!!!

A few days later... (Thursday, actually)

Luna is quietly making breakfast in the kitchen. DMS is playing with the baby in the living room. Equestrian babies grow fairy quickly- This one is already both crawling and talking baby talk.


Baby: BRU!!

The baby crawls towards him and grabs his mask.

DMS: Hey hey hey let go!

Baby: BRU!

They both laugh. Luna, who overhears them, also smiles. The wedding's in two days. She has already gotten a dress, and DMS has gotten himself a wedding ring as well. She suddenly gets an ear-signal. She pokes her finger in her ear.

Luna: Hello?

Pinkie: Hey princess! What'cha doin'?

Luna: Making breakfast. Revelian's also playing with the baby.

Pinkie: D'aww!! That's cute! Anyways, I wanted to talk about your bachelor and bachelorette parties!!

Luna: Our what??

Pinkie: You heard me! You've both gotta enjoy your last days of freedom! And I've already got something planned!!

Luna: Pinkie! I don't want to go around and whore myself out for my last night of freedom, and I'm sure Revelian doesn't want to become a part time pimp either.

DMS: A what??

Pinkie: Hey hey hey, I didn't say anything INTIMATE has to happen! Just have some fun! Y'know, party, get a little tipsy, maybe play around on a stripper pole...

Luna: What?!

Pinkie: Look, Luna, you're cool and all, but you're too uptight!! You gotta loosen up! Have some fun!! Come on, nothing bad'll happen! Me and the girls'll throw a party for DMS, and you can go and have some fun with the guys! And if either of you feel things are getting too "personal" then you can just bail out! C'mon, what do you say??

Luna stands there and thinks for a moment...

Luna: Ok, fine. But if ANYTHING bad happens, it's on your head! Got it??

Pinkie: Nothing bad will happen!! Seriously! Ok, I'm gonna tell the girls to get ready!! Ooh, this'll be fun!!

She cuts the signal. DMS walks in the kitchen.

DMS: Hey, what was that about??

Luna: Pinkie's gonna throw us a bachelor and bachelorette party. You're gonna go and have fun with the girls, and I'm going to have fun with the guys.

DMS: Woah woah wait, isn't that a little much??

Luna: Pinkie's saying that nothing "intimate" has to happen. Just party, y'know?

DMS: Oh boy, something's gonna happen, isn't it??

Luna: It wouldn't surprise me.

Later that night...

The doorbell rings, and Luna answers it. Standing there are the Mane 6, along with Hank, ZX, LD, and Lazro.

Luna: Well, you're all here... Also, before we do anything...

Luna pulls out two small stones.

Luna: These are "Promise Stones". Pretty much, say a promise into them and then give it to the person who you're telling the promise to. If they stay true to it, the stone will remain a bright, radiant yellow. If the person breaks the promise, the stone will turn a murky black. Now, Revelian... Say your promise into the stone.

DMS raises a stone up.

DMS: I promise that by the end of this night, I will have stayed true to myself and my future wife, and will not have made intimate love with any of the Mane 6.

The stone begins to glow yellow. DMS hands his stone to Luna, and she raises the other one to her face.

Luna: I promise that by the end of this night, I will have stayed true to myself and my future husband, and will not have made intimate love with any of his friends.

The other stone glows a bright yellow, and she hands it to DMS.

Luna: Ok then, let's party!!

So the girls take DMS into one side of the castle, and the guys take Luna to the other.

Chapter 6 - Did I Mention a Party?

DMS gets lead into a large room in his castle. Inside are several large tables, some coolers, and a large radio.

Pinkie: What is this room?

DMS: Uhh... Well, it's a party room. Yeah. I plan on throwing a party here after the wedding, hence the coolers, food, and radio.

Pinkie: Haha! You just make my job easier and easier!

But then she notices something.

Pinkie: Ooh, what is THIS?!

She ran to the back of the room and rolls out a large, round table. It apparently has a swiveling top, and there are several straps on parts of them.

DMS: My European torture table?

Pinkie: Ooh! Has anyone been on it?

DMS: Nah, I had it custom built.

Pinkie: Well, ok then, let's party!

Pinkie raids one of the coolers, getting out several cans of beer.

DMS: Beer?? There's supposed to be wine in them. Cygnus... She must have snuck some in there for herself.

Rarity: There IS wine in these coolers, right? I can't stand the taste of beer.

DMS: Should be in one of them. Get two glasses, I'm drinking wine too.

Rarity heads to another cooler and gets some wine, along with two wine glasses. They all soon gather around a table and begin to laugh around while starting to get drunk. After a while...

Pinkie: Revine... This is starting to... *Hic*... Get boring... I say we all have some fun with him!

The only one of the Mane 6 that wasn't drunk was Rarity, and even then she was agreeing with the others! Even Fluttershy was a little tipsy. She reminded DMS of Hank when he was drunk.

Fluttershy: Yeah! *Hic*... I got an idea! Pick him up... *Hic*.

Suddenly, DMS gets lifted up into the air by the girls. They start to take him to the torture table.


Twilight: Relax... *Hic*... We're not gonna *hic* torture you... Much...

Applejack: I tell you hwat man dem things'r startin' to get all wild n crazy n stuff like that n here we are all whoopin' round here n about to to stuff to Revelian and stuff man...

DMS: I can't even understand her anymore.

They throw DMS on the table and proceed to tear away his "clothes". After strapping his arms and legs, Pinkie then flips the table up and around, having DMS face away from them.

Pinkie: We're gonna have a... Change of clothes... *Hic*!

After a few seconds, they flip him back. DMS simply grimaces at the sight. They've completely stripped down to their bras and panties. Much to DMS' chagrin.

DMS: Oh come on, girls...

They simply giggled as they drew close.

Meanwhile... Taking place at about the same time...

The guys lead Luna into the bedroom a room that looks like some kind of bar. On one side is a platform. With a stripper pole. Luna grinned when she remembered some of the things she did to DMS here.

ZX: So Luna... Want to give it a try?

Luna: I don't know... It doesn't feel right...

Lazro: Well, it's not like we're gonna do anything perverted like grope at you or anything. Just do a little dance.

Luna still didn't feel right about it. She knew this was supposed to be a party and all, but...

Lazro: Look, if things get bad for you, we'll let you stop, ok?

Luna: Fine...

She nervously walked towards the pole. Doing it for the man she loves is one thing, but for these people... She wasn't sure she liked this anymore...

Meanwhile, LD went off into another room and hit his head on the wall multiple times.

But after a few minutes of dancing, those fears were gone. The guys kept their word: they didn't grab at her or anything. They just cheered her on. ZX was starry-eyed, naturally.

HGD: Eating it up, ZX?

ZX: I'm at a freaking buffet.

So as the night went on, DMS was force-fed beer while Luna danced the night away...

Chapter 7 - Settling Scores

About 3 hours later...

DMS freed himself from the table, covered with beer and kisses. That was a helluva party, but in the end, he didn't break his promise. Everyone was passed out... Except for one other person. Pinkie sat quietly at a table, oddly sober.

DMS: Pinkie, you're still conscious?

Pinkie: Haha... I never really drank anything...

DMS: Huh. Y'know, you could have done anything you wanted to me while I was stuck on that table. But you didn't. That's good of you, Pinkie.

Pinkie: Thanks... *Sigh*...

DMS could tell that, despite her cheery attitude towards him and Luna getting married, she was still sad and lonely. He signed.

DMS: Look, I can tell you're still really upset about this... But I'll give you a little something for pulling through in the end. It isn't the full thing, because I can't break my promise... But it'll be enough.

Pinkie turned to him, confused. She gasped when he gave her a deep kiss.

DMS: I'll give you the closest thing to what you what that I can manage. It isn't everything, though... Ok?

Pinkie quietly nodded, tears starting to fall down her face.

DMS gives Pinkie another deep kiss as they both fall back on the table. He soon stands up.

DMS: I don't think we should do this here... There's a guest bedroom right in here, though.

He leads Pinkie into another small room. This one is fairly plain, with not much inside except for a bed and a mirror.

DMS kisses Pinkie again and they both get on the bed. DMS slowly starts to kiss her up and down her body, making her moan. He then takes off her bra and begins to fondle her breasts while continuing to kiss her.

Pinkie: Please tell me I'm not passed out and dreaming this...

DMS: It's as real as real can be...

Pinkie then reaches down and takes off her panties. DMS reaches down between her legs and starts to rub her now-wet pussy. Pinkie lets out a gasp when he pushes one of his fingers inside and starts to rub stretch it out.

Pinkie: Y-You're not actually gonna...

DMS simply continues to rub it, pausing every once in a while to give her a kiss. Finally, after a bit, he lowers his head to her pussy and starts to lick it. Pinkie cries out in pleasure and grabs DMS' head, forcing him deeper.

DMS: Geez, you get into this, don't you...?

Pinkie: S-sorry... Don't stop...

DMS: Guess it's time to finish you up...

DMS continues to lick her pussy, this time swiveling his tongue around the inside of it. Pinkie continues moaning from the pleasure of it. As he does this, she starts fondling her own breasts and licking her nipples. Finally, she lets out a loud moan as she climaxes. DMS silently licks the juice that flows forth. Pinkie falls back on the bed, exhausted. DMS then stands up.

Pinkie: Revelian... What are...

DMS: I said I couldn't give you all of it. This was just a little going-away gift, I guess...

Pinkie simply smiles.

DMS: Be sure you get dressed before falling asleep. Also, you gotta make sure not to tell anyone about this...

Pinkie: Consider it... a pinky promise...

DMS nods and walks out of the room. DMS knows that Pinkie will keep her promise- She never breaks a pinky promise. Never has, never will. He heads out of the party room and starts to head upstairs...

Meanwhile, while that was going on...

The gang had pretty much passed out at this point, except for ZX and Luna. Luna was getting ready to leave.

Luna: Well, didn't you have fun?

ZX: Yeah, I guess...

Luna: You GUESS?? I just went out there and did a damned pole dance for you and your friends!! How the hell do you GUESS after that?!

ZX: Well... it's just that... I didn't really enjoy it with all of the other guys standing around...

Luna: Oh... I see what you want, then...

ZX raises an eyebrow. He then realizes what she means.


Luna puts a hand to his mouth.

Luna: Not THAT. I'm saying I'll give you a private dance...

ZX: ...oh...

Luna facepalms.

Luna: But with that attitude, I just might not!!


Luna: Good.

Luna grabs ZX and takes him into a small room with a bed against a wall. She pushes ZX onto the bed.

Luna: And before you get any funny ideas...

She reaches over to a table and grabs a cup. She slaps it on ZX's crotch.

Luna: Just to be safe.

Luna smirks as she climbs on the bed.

Luna climbs on the bed, too, and hovers over ZX. ZX notices that she's literally glowing in the moonlight.

ZX: You're glowing??

Luna: Heheh, I AM the princess of the moon, aren't I?

ZX: I guess...

Luna: Now then, stop talking and let me work...

She giggled as she said this. She takes off her bra and throws it in the floor. ZX simply drools at the sight. She crawls closer towards him, literally putting her breasts in his face.

Luna: Well go on... Play with them...

ZX grabs and starts to fondle one of her breasts nervously.

Luna: Haha... You've never done this before, haven't you?

ZX blushed, an ounce frustrated.

Luna: It's alright... I wasn't taunting you about it. I guess I'll guide you through it.

She grabbed ZX's hand and guided it to her breast. She moved his hand over her breast and had it grab it, fondling it and occasionally stroking a nipple.

Luna: That's how it's done... Ok?

ZX then followed the motions that Luna had done, fondling the breast lovingly and stroking the nipple.

Luna: Good... G-good...

ZX could tell that the pleasure was starting to get to her. He then got an idea... He rose his head up and actually started to lick the nipple. This caught Luna by surprise, but she soon simply grinned at him.

Luna: I must say, you learn fast.

After a bit of licking, Luna soon pushed him away.

Luna: It's time to turn things up.

She giggled as she began to take off her panties. ZX simply blushed at the sight. She, however, didn't come near him.

Luna: Watch and learn...

She bent over, exposing herself to ZX. She brought her hand to the opening of her vagina and started to stroke the outside. She soon put a finger on the inside, making her moan a little bit. ZX could only wish she hadn't covered his now-hard cock. But he knew that if she didn't, things would go farther then they needed to, and that would be bad for all of them.

She continued to finger herself. Her body was tightening up from the pleasure, as she could barely keep her head up. Finally, she let out a sharp moan as she climaxed. She finally pulled her hand out, and it was dripping wet. She got back up in a sitting position.

Luna: Wanna taste?

ZX: What??

Luna: It isn't what you think it is... Just try it, seriously.

ZX reluctantly started to lick her hand with his long tongue. He soon found himself literally sucking in her fingers, trying to get as much of the stuff as possible.

Luna: See? I told you... Now then, it's your turn...

She then got back down on her stomach, this time pushing her ass closer to ZX.

Luna: Come on, now... I won't be this horny forever...

He gulped as he slowly stretched out his arm towards her pussy. He began to slowly rub the entrance. He soon stuck a finger inside, making Luna give a soft moan.

Luna: Good, good... That's the way...

ZX continued to rub the insides with his fingers. He even started to thrust in and out with them imitating sex. This made Luna moan in pleasure. After a bit, he took his fingers out, having another idea. He put his face to her pussy, which was starting to glow red. An aroma ZX quite couldn't describe came from it. It made him want it all the more. Luna started to turn to him, confused.

Luna: Zoshi, what are you- OH GOD...!!

She cried out as ZX started to lick her insides with his long, sticky tongue. That startled ZX, who quickly drew his tongue out. He was concerned that it actually hurt her. But suddenly, she wrapped her legs around his head and pulled him back.

Luna: Oh God, Oh God, why did you stop?!

ZX: I thought it hurt you...

Luna was driven over the edge.


ZX complied. The reason that this was so pleasurable towards her was because of a special chemical on ZX's tongue. This chemical is supposed to cause paralysis by causing intense muscle spasms and tingling, but it only worked on small creatures. In Luna's case, however, the fluid causes a violent, pleasurable reaction. So it was sheer bliss to her. She continued to scream out, this time shoving her face into the mattress in order to prevent the screams from waking anyone else up. Her legs were shaking violently from the treatment. After only a minute, she came much harder then she did when she fingered herself. Her pussy violently squirted out cum at a rapid rate, getting all over ZX's face and getting on the bed. Spent, she slumped on the bed. Her pussy continued to leak out juices, and her legs still shook. ZX, meanwhile, was licking all of the juices off his face.

Luna: That... was... amazing...

ZX took a good look at her beautiful form. She was completely spent from the experience. Her breathing was heavy to the point where it almost sounded like panting. She was also sweating all over, and blushed violently. She finally rose up and wiped the rest of the cum off of herself and the bed, licking it seductively.

ZX: Was it really that good?

Luna: While Revelian is probably a better love-maker overall, you're definitely a better licker...

She stood up and got dressed.

Luna: Well, I hope you had fun...

ZX: You know it...

Luna: But now I have to go... See you tomorrow.

She turned to leave, but soon looked back at him.

Luna: And Zoshi, just because I let you do this doesn't mean I'm in love with you. I like the relationship we have: a friendship. And it should stay like that. Ok?

ZX nodded, smiling. Luna smiled back and left.

DMS and Luna meet in the foyer.

DMS: Well how was your party?

Luna: It was fun...

DMS: Mine was insane. Urgh.

They both start to walk upstairs.

DMS: I gave Pinkie a little... Something... at the end of it. I have a feeling she's gonna get by a lot better now.

Luna nods, understanding what DMS did.

Luna: I gave ZX something he won't forget for a long time... Also, I gotta say, he's a helluva licker...

DMS simply sighs, realizing what she did.

DMS: You didn't do ALL of it, did you?

Luna: Check your Promise Stone.

DMS looked at it. It was still a radiant yellow.

Luna: Did you take YOURS all the way?

DMS: Check your stone.

Luna raises the stone and simply smiles at the radiant light coming from it.

Luna: We both kept our promises, while finally settling some scores, as well. But now...

As they walk the bedroom, Luna pushes DMS onto the bed, soon climbing on top of him.

Luna: I'm still horny as hell. You?

DMS: Mindreader. But what about the baby?

Luna raises her head and looks at the crib. She stands up and walks towards it. The baby lies there, asleep. She grunts as she turns and lies on her back, kicking her feet in the air.

Luna: Hehe, she's so cute.

DMS: You don't think we'll wake her, do you?

Luna: She's a heavy sleeper, like her dad.

She laughs as she walks back toward the bed, giving DMS a seductive look.

DMS: I'm so lucky to have met you first.

Luna: And you think that I don't feel that way? I'm grateful that you managed to make me feel happy again. Hell, I probably owe my life to you. If it weren't for you... I might have... It makes me feel sick to even think about it...

DMS grabs her hand and looks into her eyes. He sees that she's actually crying.

DMS: Hey, now, everything turned out good in the end, didn't it? I mean, you're out of that hell-hole and living with the man you love the most. Hell, you have a child and you're going to get married! What more could you ask for?

Luna looks at him, soon smiling.

Luna: I can only think of one thing.

She gives him a deep kiss.

Luna: I want to spend our lives together. We'll live together in bliss... Forever.

DMS smiles back at her.

DMS: Forever.

They get into another deep kiss...

Luna quickly starts to take her shirt and bra off again. After finally kicking away her panties, she lies down on the bed. DMS soon crawls over her.

DMS: Going classic tonight, huh?

Luna: We've both had some interesting encounters tonight... Let's just keep it plain for now...

DMS: If you say so.

With that, Luna wrapped her legs around DMS as he lowered himself down. He rubbed the opening of her pussy teasingly, causing Luna to let out a soft moan.

Luna: Revelian, please... don't tease me tonight...

DMS simply nodded and thrusted. Luna let out a sharp gasp she felt a warm, hard, and all-too familiar protrusion push its way inside of her and start to slide in and out. She asked him not to tease, so he didn't. He lowered his head and gave her another kiss as he continued to pound her. Despite her innocent looks, Luna really did like it rough. That wasn't any skin off of DMS' teeth. She looked at him lustfully again, a small signal that she was tired of taking it easy. DMS smiled and provided.

He suddenly arched back and thrusted harder then before. Luna let out a scream of pleasure as he started to work her, even hissing in glee at the fact that this is what she wanted. Luna lay there, taking in the mix of sheer pain and pleasure. And she loved every second of it. As DMS continued to work her, he grabbed her breasts and started to fondle them, licking and sucking on the hardened nipples. Luna couldn't think at all from the pleasure he gave her. She could only think of one fact-

DMS was, and always will be the love of her life. And he knew it.

After several minutes of pounding away, DMS finally felt himself about to cum. At the last second, he tore his tentacle away, firing off his seed all over Luna's face. Luna reacted by happily licking the cum off of her face, as well as wiping it off of her body. She then lay back on the bed, completely spent. DMS lovingly slid up next to her, wrapping his arms around her. She slowly returned the embrace as both of them pass out.

Chapter 8 - Final Day

Luna groans as she finally wakes up. The sunlight, coming from a window in the opposite end of the room, nearly blinds her. She tries to get up, but finds herself trapped. DMS is completely passed out next to her, with his arms over her. She smies as she carefully pries herself free from his love-grasp. She stands up and stretches out, popping her limbs. She starts to get dressed.

DMS: Aww, I was enjoying the show.

Luna simply shakes her head, smiling.

Luna: Nice to see you're awake.

DMS: I think I woke up when you pried yourself out of my arms.

Luna giggled as she slid on her pants and shirt. She then walks over to the crib. The baby was still asleep. How she didn't wake up to the noise last night simply astonished Luna. She carefully strokes the baby's head. Soon, the baby grunted and turned herself over.

DMS: She's like you after a bad party.

That completely caught Luna off guard. She suddenly burst into laughter.

DMS: Yeesh, was it that funny?

Luna: Your timing was impeccable.

She turned around to see something that nearly made her laugh again. DMS was jokingly giving her some eyebrow (Or lack of) movements.

Luna: Well, since you're awake, you can cook breakfast.

DMS pretends to fall asleep. Luna jokingly pushes him off of the bed, making him yelp from surprise.

DMS: Ok ok! Sheesh!

They both simply laugh as they start to leave. Luna looks at the baby again.

Only to see her gone.

Luna: R-Revelian...?!

DMS: Ok ok let's all calm the f/ck down. She's gotta be close.

Luna turns away to look in the floor. DMS turns back to the crib, only to see her there again.

DMS: Luna? Err... She's back.

Luna: What?!

The baby looks at the two, confused. She then gives them a toothless grin. She suddenly vanishes again.


Luna: She... turned invisible??

DMS: Ok, I don't know WHAT genes you gave her, but whatever they are, they're friggin awesome.

Luna gropes at the baby, and soon picks her up. Luna finds it utterly bizarre to be picking up something she can't even see. The baby soon turns back visible. Luna noticed she looked a bit hungry, so she set the baby down so she could take her bra off and feed her.

Luna: I should really just start leaving the bra off. It'd make it easier for me to feed her.

The baby soon starts to feed. DMS just sort of stood there.

Luna: What, what's wrong? ...Look, the baby has these for at least a few months. Then they're all yours again.

That sort of knocked DMS out of his weird trance.

DMS: What?

Luna: You were just sitting there, staring at me.

DMS: It's hard not to stare at someone as beautiful as you.

Luna giggled. The baby soon stopped feeding and just looked at her. Luna pulled down her shirt and stood back up.

Luna: Well, shall we?

They both head downstairs, where DMS starts to make breakfast. Despite what you might think, he's actually a pretty decent cook. He soon makes pancakes and french toast, along with fat-free bacon and eggs. He puts the food on the table for both of them and sits down. They soon hear a groan. They both look up to see Twilight walking in, with her hand over her head.

DMS: What's the matter, Twilight? You look like you have a 5-star hangover right about now.

Twilight sits down at the table, still clutching her head.

DMS: Why don't you go take a nap on the couch for a while. It's a lot better then sleeping on a table.

Twilight: I'm alright... Urgh... That was some party last night. Everypony else is still passed out...

DMS: What I want to know is how the hell Rarity was convinced to start drinking beer.

Twilight: Your guess is as good as mine.

DMS: The one that got me the most was Applejack. That was hilarious! I loved it when she tripped over the stool and smashed through a desk.

Twilight snorted at that.

Twilight: And the way she talked! "Tell you hwat man talkin' stuff n thing goin round gettin staggerin drunk n then we wake up n everythins broken and all smashed n were all naked..."

They all laughed at that.

Luna: Was she seriously that drunk??

DMS: Shit, she started running around naked at one point. She then wound up doing that stool-thing and smashed through the desk. That's where she just sort of passed out.

They hear the noise of someone falling down.

DMS: Think that's her?

Sure enough, Applejack staggers into the kitchen.

Still naked.

DMS facepalms and covers his eye.

DMS: Applejack, get some clothes on.

Applejack: What...?

Twilight stands up and leads her back upstairs.

DMS: Awkward.

A few moments later, they both come back. Now Applejack is wearing a white t-shirt and shortened jeans. Her hat is more or less completely missing.

DMS: Hey Applejack.

She didn't say a word. She just went to the table and started to devour the food.

Luna: What, does she have the munchies?

DMS: By drinking beer?

Applejack: I ain't got the munchies... I'm just really hungry.

Applejack continues to engulf the food.

Twilight: Err, care to leave some for us?

Applejack: O-oh, sorry y'all.

So after they eat (what's left), DMS gets up and heads back to the oven.

DMS: I'm still not even done cooking. I gotta make breakfast for the rest of your friends. I still can't believe you burned the hotel down.

Twilight blushed, embarrassed. At the hotel, Twilight was trying out some new spells. One caused a massive fire and burned the hotel to the ground, forcing them to stay at DMS' castle.

Applejack: How come you ain't hung over?? You drank more then the rest of us combined!

DMS: I don't get hung over. My blood just destroys alcohol before it can get to my "brain".

Luna: Hey DMS, I'll help you cook if you want.

DMS: Thanks.

They make some more food. After a while, Fluttershy comes into the kitchen. She's wearing a fresh, yellow t-shirt and blue pants. She sits down and patiently waits for breakfast.

DMS: Hey, Fluttershy. What do you want for breakfast?

Fluttershy: Just some toast and milk, please...

DMS: You hung over, too?

Fluttershy nods quietly.

DMS: Ok, that does it. Time to make my famous soberer.

Applejack: What's that??

DMS reaches into a cabinet and starts to mix together some things. Soon, after a bit of stirring, he hands each of them a glass filled with weird, blue liquid.

DMS: Drink it. It's gonna hurt like hell, but it'll take out the hangover.

They all drink it, soon clutching their heads in pain afterward. A few moments later, the pain stops and the hangover is gone!

Fluttershy: What is that stuff?

DMS: It's a special plant found in these parts that, when grounded up and mixed in water, pretty much snaps you out of a hangover. Hurts like hell for a minute, though.

Applejack: No lie...

Pretty soon, Rarity comes inside, clutching her head.

Rarity: I'm not ever drinking that nasty stuff again.

DMS hands her the special drink.

Rarity: What's this revolting-smelling thing?

DMS: Drink it. It'll knock you out of your hangover.

She drinks it. She then groans painfully.

Rarity: Ugh, my head! It's just making it worse!!

DMS: Give it a second.

Finally, Rarity lets go of her head, and looks at DMS in surprise.

Rarity: What IS this? This is astonishing!

DMS tells her of the plant.

Rarity: Interesting. Sad that it only grows here.

DMS: Yeah.

Then Rainbow Dash comes into the kitchen and has a similar experience with the drink because I'm sick and tired of writing the same damned scene with different characters.

Finally, Pinkie Pie comes into the kitchen, wearing a blue tank top and shorts. She's the only one of the Mane 6 not to have gotten wasted last night.

Pinkie: Hey there, you cute little lovebirds!!

Pinkie bounces over to a chair and sits in it, smiling.

Luna: You're awfully happy this morning, Pinkie!

Pinkie: I know!! Last night was great, wasn't it?? I told you it would be fun!

Luna: Well, it was pretty fun. Right, Revelian?

DMS: I was tied to a table and tortured.

The girls giggled. DMS rolls his eye.

Pinkie: So tomorrow's the big day, huh?

Luna: Yep. Tomorrow's the day Revelian and I get married and spend the rest of our lives together.

As she said this, she leaned over to him and kissed him on his cheek.

So they finish breakfast. Rainbow Dash stands up and points at DMS.

RD: HEY!! We never did have that race you promised!

DMS stands up, grinning.

DMS: Fine then, punk. You want a damned race? I'll race circles around you until your head spins!!

The other simply sigh. They all head to the roof of DMS' Castle.

Luna: The first to fly completely around the world and come back here wins!

They both nod, and get ready to race.

Luna: On your marks... Get set... GO!!

But DMS doesn't move. Rainbow Dash charges forward and leaps off of the castle...

And begins falling, because her wings can't handle her new body size.


DMS then flies down and catches her before she hits the ground. He takes her back to the roof and drops her on the ground. She angrily pulls herself to her feet.


DMS: I figure it'd be best for you to learn the hard way. And besides, there was no way in hell you'd beat me in a race anyways. I used to fly warp-speed through space DAILY. And that was when I was younger! Not even your Sonic Rainboom would have caught up with me. Watch and learn... I time myself flying through this world daily.

He charges up and blasts off in a burst of powerful energy. In a matter of seconds, he's back at the castle.

DMS: Under 5 seconds. And this world is BIGGER then Equestria! 10 seconds flat? Don't make me laugh.

Rainbow Dash pouts angrily, knowing she's been beaten. DMS puts a hand on her shoulder.

DMS: Relax. You're still the best flier in Equestria. Just not the universe. Hell, I'm probably not even the best in the universe. I don't care about titles, anyways.

Rainbow Dash looks up and nods, and they all head back downstairs.

So the day happens and nothing interesting happens CAN WE GET TO THE WEDDING DAY NOW?

Chapter 9 - Castle Wedding Crashers

The big day.

DMS stands at the altar, headbanging, which is located in his palace. He has an SR Priest be a priest because he is a priest and has ZX be his best man. Yesterday, Rarity had gotten DMS a fine tuxedo-like suit for the wedding, and even got him a black cloak for it. Finally, the door opens up at the far end and LD smacks DMS upside the head to get him to stop headbanging. Luna walks in, wearing a beautiful violet dress, while Rarity and Twilight walk on either side of her. They walk up to the altar, where DMS takes off the veil covering her beautiful face. A priest guy who is priesting starts his speech, which was written by LD.


S17 walks foward, with a small pillow. DMS and Luna take the rings and put them on each other's fingers.

Priest: AND NOW...

Speech skip.


They then lean forward to kiss each other...

And Lazro smashes through the door, panting.


Suddenly, Lazro gets knocked out of the way by a tall Equestrian wearing golden armor. A large group of them walk on either side of the red carpet, and kneel. DMS simply draws his sword.

Finally, Celestia walks forward, wearing a white dress.

Celestia: Oh, what, did you stop the ceremony because of me? How modest.

DMS: What the hell are you doing here, Celestia?! No one invited your bitch-ass.

Celestia: So I'm not allowed to see my sister get married to the freak she loves? How sad. Oh well, I didn't come here to watch anyways.

She snaps her fingers. One of her guards walks up...

Carrying DMS and Luna's baby. Celestia takes the baby out of his hands and starts to stroke her nose. She whispered something, too low for anyone else to hear.

Celestia: How beautiful. I'm surprised my disgusting sister and her monster of a groom could create something this beautiful.

She turns to leave. She looks at one of the guards.

Celestia: I leave them to you.

She warps her and the Mane 6 away, and all of the guards draw swords!! Luna snaps her fingers, and her dress vanishes, revealing her normal t-shirt and pants.

DMS: Neat trick. But how are you gonna fight without a weapon?

Luna's eyes start to glow.

Luna: You act like I can't use magic.

The guards all charge forward. ZX draws his own sword and leaps into the fray! S17 and Priest just run away.

LD suddenly crashes through the ceiling.

LD: I'll fix that later... gogbeaverdamn Snipers thinking I was a bird HOLY SHMIT A BATTLE.

LD draws his backup SC Blade and rushes into battle!


4 guards leap at DMS, and all promptly get decapitated. Luna, meanwhile, starts to float in the air and bombard the remaining guards with dark magic.

DMS: When the hell did you learn that!?

Luna: You forget already?? You taught me this stuff when you were at Equestria!!

DMS: Curse my memory.

ZX and LD also continue to fight off the guards attacking them. More of them start to come in through the foyer, and promptly get blown away by a powerful blast of magic by Luna. Finally, they all seem to have been killed.

DMS: Was that it? Pfft, Celestia must have forgotten how strong I am.

ZX and LD give DMS an angry look.

DMS: Of course, my friends made nice allies, too.

LD shakes his head. Luna runs up to DMS.

Luna: DMS... They took her...!

DMS: I know, I know. LD, take a look at the world map through Mapiru.

They all get the pet Mapiru and proceed to look at the map in horror.

LD: Dear Gog... Celestia has been working under our noses.

They see large installations scattered through our SRWorld.

LD: So what, are we going to war or something!?

DMS stands up.

DMS: Damned right we are.

Chapter 10 - A Few Good Men (And A Woman) Go to War

DMS, LD, and ZX have gathered around Mapiru to plan their first attack.

LD: So, as we can see, they've got the whole Seaside area taken over... We've got these massive docks up here to the north next to the channel, where ZX's old castle used to be, and a large factory is producing weapons across it, where W D33's old castle used to be. In the Desert area, we have large oil factories getting oil for their cause, and we finally have the Snowfield, where their command is... We've got a big battle ahead of us.

DMS: No kidding. And we're gonna take em all over.

ZX: The bastards demolished my castle!! BOTH OF THEM!! DAMNIT!!

DMS: When we're done, we'll make you a new castle. Just relax.

LD: So DMS, are you going to get your Seashore Army into this?


LD facepalms.

LD: I shouldn't ask stupid questions.

DMS: So, I was thinking a split operation to take out both the Docks and the Factory. Me and Luna will attack the Docks, and you, ZX, and some soldiers will take over the factory. We might even get SC Thomas into this.

ZX: Oh yeah, Thomas. How is Thomas?

DMS: Doing good, actually.

Luna: So, you and me are going to take over a facility by ourselves??

DMS: You act like we're helpless.

Luna: I didn't say that, but... It's still a large complex. What if we get outnubered severely?

DMS: Luna. You act like we're helpless.

Luna finally shakes her head and leaves, angry.

LD: DMS, I think you should...

DMS is already behind her.

LD: OK THEN NEVERMIND. So we're going with DMS' plan?

ZX: It would be for the best.

Meanwhile, at the enemy HQ...

Celestia lies naked on the bed, covered in a blanket and in front of a fire place. Soon, an Equestrian walks in.

Generic: Ma'am... The assault failed.

Celestia: Hm. That's disappointing. I need better generals.

She turns and glares at the Equestrian, who happens to be a general.

General: U-umm...

She pulls out a 357. Magnum and fires a shot, hitting the general between the eyes.

Celestia: Get this filth out of here. And where is my new contact?

As some maids nervously remove the body, a tall being walks into the room. He looks at Celestia and simply grins.

???: Enjoying your pampered self, Celestia?

Celestia: Don't make me return you to that wreckage I dug you out of.

???: Meheheh... I'm a bit too valuable for that...

Celestia: You think you are. So, are you set for the plan?

???: Yesss....

Celestia: Bring me that bitch's head, and you'll get a nice reward...

She turns over and looks at the being, slightly exposing herself to him.

???: Celestia, please. Sex doesn't interest me anymore. I'm long dead, remember? Meheheh....

Celestia: Then you'll get pleasure of killing your arch nemesis, Revelian Zeronius.

???: You mean DMS... Hahahaha.... Yes, that would be my greatest reward... HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

The being laughs insanely, shaking violently.

Celestia: Stop that laughing. It's irritating.

???: Yessss, your higness...

With that, the tall being walks out of the room, preparing for the plan.

Then the baby starts to cry.

Celestia: What's the matter, little guy? Hungry?

Celestia stands up, exposing her body. Despite being a total uber-bitch, she was probably even sexier than Luna. And she prides herself on it. She walks over to the baby, lying in a golden crib, and picks her up to feed her. She starts to suck on Celestia's nipple, but soon makes a disgusted face and spits the milk out.

Celestia: Hahaha... Fuck you too.

She puts the baby back in the crib and lies back down herself.

Chapter 11 - Joint Assault

Outside of the briefing room...

DMS tries to talk to Luna, who is angry about the fact that DMS thinks they can easily take the job of taking over docks themselves.

Luna: Revelian!! You know the enemies there outnumber us 50 fold! We need, at the very least, some soldiers to use as back-up!!

DMS: Luna, I know that, but we're two of the strongest beings in this world! Are you saying we can't take over some docking complex by ourselves?

Luna: A docking complex that's probably heavily guarded!! Revelian, please. Just consider it. At least have some soldiers back us up. It would make me happy knowing we're not fighting a lonely battle.

DMS nods.

DMS: Ok, I'll get some Sado Commandos to fight alongside us.

Luna: Thank you, Revelian.

She kisses him once.

DMS: Also, I got you a new weapon!

Luna: Really?

DMS then walks over to a storage crate and opens it. He pulls out a large box, and opens the case. He pulls out a wicked looking machine gun.

DMS: This is a heavy machine gun I had custom made. It also has a flamethrower on it!

Luna: You and your weird-ass weapons... But how is this better then my XM6000?

DMS: The bullets hit harder then the XM6000's, and they're generally more accurate. Also, there's next to no recoil on this. And hey, FLAMETHROWER?? The only bad part is that this thing can only fire burst rounds of 8 before having to stop for a moment. But it's a pretty short moment.

Luna: Ok, I'll give this thing a shot. But I'm also taking my stake gun.

DMS: Right. Ok then, I'll get some Sado Commandos and we'll prepare for the assault.

Luna: One more question... What are these blades on the front?

DMS: If enemies get too close for comfort, you can slice them up with them. Also, I nearly forgot... You can shoot the gas-can from this thing and cause a massive inferno with it. However, you'll be out of Flamethrower ammo if you use it. It's a pretty nice room clearer, though, and you'll still have Machine Gun ammo, so... Yeah.

Luna: Hmm, this does seem like an effective weapon... Thanks, Revelian.

DMS: No problem. Now then, let's head out.

A few minutes later, the gang is on their way towards their targets on a transport plane.

DMS: We have the ID on this thing set for Civilian Transport. That'll allow us to fly overhead without getting attacked. Me, Luna, and 3 Sado Commandos will dive onto the docks and land on a large crane. We're codenamed Alpha Team. ZX, LD, Thomas, 4 other Sado Commandos, 4 Maso Commandos, and 11 Skeleton Soldiers will dive down to the Factory, codenamed Bravo team.. We have more troops situating there because the Factory complex is MUCH larger then the Docking complex. Once both complexes have been successfully occupied, we'll have the army move in and completely take it over. Now then, you all ready for this?

Everyone else is ready.

DMS: Ok then... Here's our stop. Let's go!!

DMS, Luna, and the Sado Commandos dive down towards the docks and land on a large crane.

DMS: Diving successful. Good luck on your mission, Bravo team.

ZX: Same to you, Alpha.

DMS and the rest of Alpha team throw the parachutes into the water. They then begin to spy on the docks.

Chapter 12 - Dock Land


The complex itself was somewhat large. There were several ships still docked in, and there were 2 large buildings. Tram-ways help with transporting things to the facility to be processed. There were many Equestrian dock workers feverishly moving equipment and weapons, and there were many soldiers moving around as well. DMS points with his hand to a bunch of soldiers gathered around a burning oil drum.

DMS: Luna, launch a grenade at those soldiers. It'll clear a good amount of them out.

She launches a grenade, killing them all. This alerts the rest of the soldiers.

DMS: Ok, Luna, you stay here and snipe the soldiers that try to flank us or attack from behind. Me and the Sado Commandos are going in.

DMS and the Sado Commandos leap down from the crane!

Some soldiers rush at them from the front. DMS laughs as they get gunned down by the Sado Commandos.

DMS: The idiots don't even use guns!!

DMS regrets saying that as bullets start to pound the ground in front of him.DMS leaps into cover, and the two Sado Commandos begin to fire on the attacking soldiers. DMS soon leaps out and finishes them off.

Meanwhile, Luna continues to snipe any enemies that she spots, having precise aim not to hit any dock workers. A soldier sneaks up behind her, having hook-wired up the crane. She doesn't even look at him as she points the stake gun at him and impales him into a wall. Soon, the battle is over.

DMS: Ok, we've taken care of this area. Let's head towards one of the buildings. Luna, let's go.

Luna leaps down from the crane and joins DMS. They head towards one of the large buildings. DMS kicks the door open. Inside are loads of dock workers who went into hiding when the attack began.

DMS: Clear. Just dock workers. Don't attack them.

SC1: Why are a bunch of them chicks??

DMS: From what I've heard, Equestria has a 70-30 female to male ratio.

SC2: What?? That's a little weird.

DMS: I know, right?? Anyways, this place is clear. Let's keep moving.

They head towards the second building, which looks a lot larger then the other one.

DMS: We've got a hell of a fight on our hands... Get ready!

They kick the door down and dive behind some boxes as bullets start to pound the ground behind them. Luna pops out and starts firing at some soldiers, taking them down. More simply follow suite. A Sado Commando gets hit and killed. My action sequences are divine.

Soldier 1: Stop worrying about the other guys!! If we kill that one bitch, we won't just get a promotion, we won't just get a damned medal, we'd get a statue in our honor AND we get to sleep with Celestia herself!!

Soldier 2: What?!

Finally, Luna gets enraged and leaps out of cover!!


She starts to gun down all of the soldiers!!


Finally, the soldiers appear to have all been gunned down!

DMS: Wow...

But suddenly, another soldier runs out. He sees the carnage in front of him and backs up.

Then the same tall figure from before appears behind him and jabs him with a sword! The soldier falls to the ground, but starts to glow and stand up! His body grows to a monstrous size!!!

???: Go sick em.

The monster charges at Luna and bashes her with his fist, knocking her into a wall. It then picks her up and bashes her head on the side of a railing, then proceeds to ape-smash her into the ground!!


DMS charges out of the cover and starts to attack the monster. The monster gets a right hook in, knocking DMS' head sideways. But it simply spins back, and DMS glares at the monster.

DMS: You hit like a BITCH.

DMS punches the monster himself, sending him flying through a wall. He leaps inside of the wreckage and continues to fight the monster!! More soldiers show up, as well, and take aim at Luna's unconscious body. Another Sado Commando leaps forward and shoots the other soldiers. He then grabs Luna's beaten body and takes it back behind cover. Finally, DMS decapitates the massive monster. It flails around a bit before falling to the ground.

DMS: It's over. We've won.

He then heads back towards the cover, where Luna lays on the ground.

DMS: Damnit, Luna!! Why the hell did you do that!?

Her body is bashed up badly. Her arm is twisted up, her mouth is knocked loose, and her eye is swollen. Cuts and gashes cover her body, and blood continuously leaks from the top of her head.

DMS: Get her out of here and back to the infirmary! NOW!!

The other two Sado Commandos comply. DMS gets on the radio with ZX, who's busy fighting off enemies in the Factory.






He cuts the contact and heads out of the docks.

Chapter 13 - About That Same Time...

Cut back a few minutes.

ZX, LD, and the other soldiers silently wait on the plane, ready to drop towards the factory. ZX soon spots it.

ZX: There it is. Let's get ready to drop.

They all leap out of the plane and land at the entrance.

They prepare to attack.


ZX: Ok, guys, we need to split up if we're going to take over this base effectively. LD, Thomas, and I will go to the mid-section, where the primary office is. The rest of you get split up into halves. Got it?

They all split up into teams. A lone Skeleton Soldier is left behind. He's armed with a custom M1 Garand with a sight.

ZX: Hey, wait, what's your name, Skeleton Soldier?

SS: What?

ZX: What do you identify yourself with??

SS: Numbers, sir. I'm Skeleton Soldier #4871.

ZX: I'm calling you Jack for redundancy's sake. Come with us.

Jack: Really?? I can go with you guys???

ZX: You have a custom M1 Garand. That's bad-ass.

Jack eagerly heads towards their team.

Thomas: So, are we heading out or what??

Thomas, unlike the other Sado Commandos, wore golden armor. His head-mask was a bright, radiant red, and he was armed with two unique guns...

He had a custom Glock 18 with an extended mag, holding 34 bullets, that was colored blue and had "Heaven" carved into the barrel. He also had a large Desert Eagle with an extended mag that was colored red and had "Hell" written on the barrel. He actually knows Jack, as the two used to be in the same unit before DMS promoted him to general.

Thomas: Alright, then, let's go! Come on, Jack.

They all head out.

ZX: Let's try to be sneaky with this one... Time for a little espionage.

ZX pulls out a silenced M1911 and sneaks over to a guard post. Two guards stand on patrol. One's inside of a tiny building, and the other's leaning on the wall smoking a cigarette.

ZX: Smoking kills, bitch.

He fires a shot, hitting the guard in the head. The other one looks outside, only to get shot by ZX.

ZX: The main gate's open, let's head inside and split up. The other two teams are meant as a distraction to allow us to sneak inside undetected. If any of you survive, then make your way to the head complex.

SC: We'd die for this mission, sir. This is a pivotal point, and if have to die in order to take it over, then so be it.

ZX: But if you can stay alive, then do so. Alright, get ready...

He then yells out.


The two teams charge towards the facility and starts to fight off the soldiers as a distraction. DMS trains his soldeirs well. Even the lowly Skeleton Soldiers get top-tier training in order to survive as long as possible. In the carnage, ZX and his team sneak by and head towards the main facility.

Jack: Ok, we did it! We've reached their main facility.

ZX: But still, we should expect heavy resistance.

LD: Right, let's keep moving.

They soon arrive at the main facility. Sadly, ZX was right. There were still several soldiers guarding the main facility.

ZX: Damnit. Jack, do you have a silencer for that M1?

Jack pulls out a silencer.

Jack: Yes, sir.

ZX: Start to snipe those enemies. Keep your head low, ok?

Jack: Yes sir! I was voted "Best Shot" in my training!

ZX: Put those skills to use, kid.

Jack runs over behind a semi-truck. He climbs on top and hides behind some boxes. He starts to take aim at the soldiers.

Jack: Ok, let's do this...

He starts to snipe the soldiers, getting several headshots.

ZX: He's not bad.

Thomas: He said he was voted "Best Shot", didn't he?? He didn't just mean "Best Shot" out of all Skeleton Soldiers.

ZX: You're kidding!!

Thomas: Dead serious.

Soon, Jack has amazingly sniped all of the guards in the area.

ZX: That... was amazing.

Jack: T-thank you, sir!

But then, a wall crumbles nearby, and a large swarm of soldiers rush in!!


ZX grabs a gun from a fallen soldier. LD still has that Tommy Gun from Corruption. Jack and Thomas have guns, too, just so you know that. BLUH.

Just then, ZX's radio blares out. It's DMS.






The radio signal gets cut. ZX starts to go on the assault, slicing up some soldiers that have gotten too close for comfort. Thomas and Jack work together- Thomas focuses on the offensive, while Jack snipes any soldiers trying to flank him. LD climbs on top of one of the boxes and grabs a grenade launcher that was conveniently located inside of one.


He starts to unload with the grenade launcher, blowing away several soldiers with one shot each.

Jack continues to snipe enemies gathering around Thomas. He suddenly gets grabbed from behind!!

Jack: S-shit!!

Jack grabs the attacking soldier's neck, then does a powerful flip using his nible body and lands behind him.

Soldier: What the fuck?!

Jack grabs his rifle and stabs the soldier through his chest with his bayonet. He then kicks him off of the truck. Thomas sees the kill.

Thomas: GOOD WORK, KID!!


Thomas gets smacked by another one of those big enemies!! He goes flying towards a wall.


They all hear loud, insane laughter coming from above them. ZX looks up to see a figure wave at him, then fly off.

Jack starts to unload on the monster with his M1, but the bullets don't seem to have any effect. LD leaps down from the truck and shoots the monster with a grenade. The monster gets knocked back, but doesn't even look wounded!

LD: Whatever it is, it's durable as helc! ... Assuming that helcite materials are durable.

Jack suddenly leaps down from the truck and charges at the monster! He leaps on the monster's back and starts to stab away at his head with the bayonet!!


Jack finally manages to give a powerful stab through the top of the monster's skull, stabbing through its brain. The monster finally keels over and dies!!

ZX: God damn, that was amazing, Jack!! Hell, we've won! Look!!

The rest of the soldiers, who witnessed the battle, all walk out and surrender.

ZX: Wait a second... Thomas!!

Thomas is lying on the ground, beaten badly.

Thomas: Damnit... I ain't gonna make it.

ZX: Oh, come on man, don't die on me here!!

Thomas: JACK!! Come here!!

Jack nervously walks towards Thomas. Thomas throws him two things... Heaven and Hell, Thomas' weapons.

Thomas: Use em, kid... You'd do better with them then I could...

Jack: T...thank you, sir...

Thomas: Don't let these fuckers kill you, man. You've gotta survive where I stumbled...

Thomas then dies. ZX slams his fist into the ground, angrily.

ZX: Damnit... Well, we managed to take over the factory... Are there any surviving troops??

From the gate, about 2 Sado Commados, a Maso Commando, and 3 Skeleton Soldiers come forward.

ZX: Well, we have survivors, at least...

The Skeleton Soldiers run over to Jack.

SS1: Wow, you killed this thing, 4871?

SS2: That's friggin awesome!!

SS3: Where'd you get those awesome guns?!

SS1: What happened to Thomas?!


ZX gets on the radio to DMS.


DMS: ...Yeah...?

ZX: We've taken over the factory... But we lost Thomas... But in his place, we've got a kid who's got some serious skills. He managed to take down some giant monster all by himself!

DMS: One of those big fuckers...? Yeah, we got attacked by one too... Luna, she's...

ZX: Oh God... She's not...

DMS: She's beaten badly, man. The doctor says the only reason she even survived is because she's a lot more powerful then most people... She's in a fucking COMA right now...!! DAMNIT...

ZX could hear the anger and sadness in DMS' voice...

ZX: I'm sorry to hear that, man...

DMS: It's ok... We've gotta assault, with or without her...

ZX: ...

DMS: Return to base... I'll get the army to occupy the captured areas. We'll use them for our benefit... Operation Joint Assault was a success...

With that, DMS cuts the radio feed. ZX, LD, and Jack return to base. Jack carries Thomas' body.

No one celebrated.

Chapter 14 - Things Heat Up

As ZX's team arrives at the starting base, they begin to plot their next move... Luna isn't with them.

DMS: She's in the infirmary, getting treatment. She's on life support. She will not be with us for what is most likely the rest of this mission.

ZX: Roger. And what's the next thing we're going to attack?

DMS points to a large oil complex located in the Desert area.

DMS: This is the only really major point in the Desert- A large facility that is pumping out oil from beneath the Desert. If we can take over this base and stockpile on the oil received, we'll never have to worry about fuel again. This time, we're going for a full frontal assault. We'll all meet at the entrance to the complex, and-

A massive quake shuts down the briefing map.

DMS: What the hell was that?!? REPORT!!


DMS: Oh no... LUNA!!

DMS charges out of the briefing room and dashes towards the infirmary.

Inside, is none other...

Than Shenanigans.

He has changed substaintially since his original appearance. He now looks more humanoid- His hunchbacked composure is now fixed. He wears a bizarre robe, where one half is yellow, and the other half is blood red with stains of matching color. The exposed half of his face is burned away, revealing his skull.



ZX and LD soon storm into the infirmary.


Shenanigans: You learn fast, yoshi. Yes, I'm back... and itching for revenge...

DMS: How the hell did you come back!?

Shenanigans: That slut Celestia brought me back... She knows about my deep-seated hatred towards you... And she wants you dead, too! I figured it would be best to work with her... for a little while, at least... Then, after you've died and I've absorbed your power, I'll kill that bitch and take this world over myself!! Mehehe...AHAHAHAHAH!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!

Shenanigans quakes violently from the laughter.

Shenanigans: I'd love to stay and play, boys, but I'm afraid I need to leave, and I'll be taking this little doll right here with me...

He then warps off, carrying Luna with him.


DMS angrily picks up the bed and throws it across the room, making LD duck underneath of it.


...Back at the enemy HQ...

Celestia silently overlooks some maps. Inside walks Shenanigans.

Shenanigans: Mehehe... I've gotten something you might like...

He pulls Luna's still-comatose body out from behind him.

Celestia: Is she dead?

Shenanigans: Not yet...

Celestia: I wanted her DEAD, Shenanigans. Not her in a coma.

Shenanigans: In the condition she's in, she won't survive days without life support... Just enough time to get DMS and his friends to the oil complex and take them all out...

Celestia: A trap? Hmm... Clever. But you're no use to me dead. Revelian would kill for her, and he would definitely kill one of his worst enemies to save her. Kill her and be done with her.

Shenanigans: Not until DMS is dead.

Celestia: Follow orders, Shenanigans.

Shenanigans: Nah, not this time.

He grabs Luna and walks out of the room.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the HQ...

Twilight has obtained a book detailing the history of SRWorld. She has been studying it for days... She then come upon a page that frightens her.

She finds Shenanigans' profile.

Twilight: W-What...??

She reads on how he is the Spirit of Trickery, and how he is a threat to anyone he encounters. It also details that this isn't the only time he's been under someone else's command. The first time, he killed the commander just to absorb him. As she reads on in horror, a figure silently steps into the library with her. The door slams shut behind her. Twilight spins around...

To see Shenanigans, glaring at her with a wicked smile on his disgusting face.

Shenny: Hey, Twilight. Ever heard of an old saying? Curiosity killed the cat.

Twilight slowly backed away from him, fearful for her life. All Shenny did was laugh as he slowly walked towards her.

Some time later...

DMS had gotten the army up to the Oil Complex. The place was much larger then both the factory and the docks.

DMS: Prepare for attack. Get some Maso Commandos to bomb those guard towers. When the operation begins, I'm gonna be heading towards their main facility. Don't follow me.

LD: What?? Why??

DMS: I bet that cock-eyed bastard's in there somewhere. I'm gonna kill him again and get Luna back. She won't last much longer without life support. If she dies, then I... I can't let that happen.

LD: Understood...

After a few minutes, the attack begins. DMS flies past the enemy guards, decapitating a few as he flies by, and proceeds towards the main facility. He kicks the door down and flies past more guards, not even bothering with them. He soon winds up in a large room. Luna was tied upside down by her feet. He hears an insane laugh behind him.

DMS: You fucking bastard... Let her go... NOW.

Shenny: I don't think so.

DMS spins around and deflects a blast from Shenny.

Shenny: Sharp as ever, I see... You've changed quite a bit, Dark Matter.

DMS: I could say the same for your twisted ass.

Shenny: Meheheh...

DMS: Does Celestia know who you are?

Shenny: Nope. Some bitch was digging into shit about me, though... So I... "Took care" of her.... Heheheh...

DMS: And who was that?

Shenny: Some purple bitch with dark purple hair. All she could do was scream... HAHAHAHAHAH!!!

All DMS could do was look down. It was Twilight.

Shenny: Didn't kill her, though. At least, not yet. That'll come after I kill you and absorb your power... I'll knock that slut Celestia off of her high-and-mighty place and then I'll destroy this pitiful world. And then the universe will just be fit for conquering... HAAHAHAHAHAH!!!!

DMS: Damned lunatic. You should have stayed in Hell where you belong!

Outside, the fighting is intense. Many Equestrians and Fsnball Army soldiers are dying across the map.

ZX: Damnit, we REALLY need DMS for this shit!

He spins around to behead more soldiers charging towards him.

After several hours...

DMS stands over the defeated Shenny.

DMS: You're still too weak to win, Shenanigans.

Shenny: Hahah... Sadly for you, I have a backup plan!

He launches a fire blast towards a pool of oil. It ignites, and starts to burn away. What DMS missed was that a line of oil was placed... And it ended on Luna.

Shenny: It's either me or her, Dark Matter... Hehehe!

DMS spins back towards him. He smiles.

DMS: You're still gonna die here, you lunatic.

DMS charges and cuts the chain holding Luna, pushing her away before the oil burns her. Shenny laughs and flies off...

And gets a sword stabbed through his head by ZX.

ZX: Haha, saved in a flash!

Shenny: D-Damnit!! I thought you were fighting off soldiers!!

ZX: Most of those guys are in la-la land now. And now it's your turn. I'll let DMS do this.

DMS walked over towards the still squirming Shenny and beheads him. His body the the ground, and ZX knocks the head off of his sword. DMS angrily smashes the remains with his foot.

DMS: Stay dead, you fucking freak.

DMS picks up Luna and they all head out, having captured the oil facility.

Chapter 15 - Old Friend

DMS silently leads his army towards the mountain series. He then gets an idea.

DMS: Give an order to stop.

An SC runs off to give the order.

ZX: What's going on?

DMS: I've got an idea. Come with me.

DMS and ZX head towards the top of the mountain, where the Ao Oni mansion is.

ZX: What's in there?

DMS: An old friend.

ZX: Wait, you mean... Leechum?

DMS: Yup!

They head inside, and the door locks behind them.

DMS: We'll be alright.

Two white pupils glare at them.

DMS: Stand your ground.

An Ao Oni walks towards them, mouth agape. It gets close and looks ready to attack!

DMS: Hi, Leechum.

The Ao Oni gives him a weird look. It then smiles.

Leechum: DMS!!

She runs over and hugs DMS. Having a tall, blue monster that looks like Obama hug you is awkward, though.

DMS: Uh yeah let go. This is awkward.

Leechum lets go and transforms into her leech form again.

Leechum: Wow, I didn't even recognize you!! What happened to you?

DMS: I got upgraded.

Leechum: Cool! Oh, hi Zoshi.

ZX: Hey.

Leechum: So, what can I do for you?

DMS: We need a heavy-hitter in my army. When I'm not around, the troops... falter a bit. If we have something tough, we could be much more effective.

Leechum: You have an ARMY??

DMS: You don't get out much, do you?

Leechum: Not really...

DMS: Yeah, and we're at war. I'm married, but my wife has a bitch sister. She kidnapped our child and launched an invasion, taking over a large part of the territory, We've pushed them back this far to their HQ, which is in the Snowfield.

Leechum: So, who's your wife?

DMS: Her name's Luna... She's beautiful...

ZX: Don't remember too much, it'll make you depressed again...

DMS: ...

Leechum: What happened to her??

ZX: She got hurt... badly. She's in a coma...

DMS doesn't say anything.

Leechum: I-I'm sorry to hear that...

DMS simply sighs.

DMS: Don't be. I couldn't save her in time... It's my fault. Besides, she's safe now, and I'm sure she'll pull through...

Leechum: Ok then, let's go!

They all head out back towards the army. DMS has the troops move out again...

Chapter 16 - Let's All Just Chilled

They soon arrive in the Snowfield...

ZX: Well, here we are. Where's the enemy's main base, again??

DMS: All the way across the Snowfield, at where the Ice Palace used to be. It's a bit of a walk, it'd take days to get there.

ZX: Good thing we have plenty of supplies.

DMS: Yup...


Pinkie is still upset that Celestia had actually kidnapped DMS and Luna's child... She felt horrible about it. She wanted to do something about it. She tried talking to Celestia, but she got violently rebuttled by her. They also recently discovered Twilight. She was hung by a noose, with an inch of her life left. Celestia believes that it was Shenanigans, that monster they had around for a bit. It wouldn't surprise Pinkie if it was true. That guy was a freak...

A guard pushes by her, heading towards Celestia's room.

Pinkie: What happened??

Guard: The enemy has made it to the Snowfield. They'll be here soon enough. I've got to tell Celestia...

He keeps moving. Pinkie gets an idea... If the army's in the Snowfield, then she might be able to get the child to DMS. She'll kidnap her... But she wondered how she could do it. Not counting the hike to DMS' army, there's still the matter of taking the child. She'd get noticed quickly, and that would just get her killed. But she had to find a way... This was eating her up, and now is the best time to act.

She hears an angry scream from Celestia's room. It's Celestia.

Celestia: If those fuckers get here, then I want that damned child of hers dead. Do you understand?! It's bad enough that the stupid jester failed me. Now we've not only lost Luna, but they're almost here!! I'll make sure that even if they DO win, they'll still suffer!! NOW GET OUT!!

Pinkie knew she had to act, fast.

The baby was kept in Celestia's room. She just had to wait until Celestia left for whatever reason. She went into the library, which was next to her room, and sat there, quietly. She soon heard the sound of Celestia's door opening, and she saw two figures leave the room. She jumped up and looked down the hallway.

Sure enough, she saw Celestia's sparkling hair as she turned a corner. Pinkie dove inside the room and snatched the kid.

Pinkie: Shh, I'm gonna get you out of here...

She slowly closed the door and went back inside the library. The baby seemed happy to see her. She playfully grabbed Pinkie's nose.

Pinkie: SHH!! You'll get me caught!!

Pinkie could only laugh at the irony of this situation. She had done something similar to Rainbow Dash one time... But that was a long time ago. She heard Celestia go back into her room. Pinkie ran out of the library and dashed down the hallway. She saw a bunch of guards standing around. If they saw her carring the baby inside of the blanket, she was done for. She looked down.

The baby had vanished. Pinkie gasped, surprised. The baby re-appeared, with a big grin on her face.

Pinkie: Look, do that again! I need you to!!

The baby looked at her, confused. She then grinned again and vanished. Pinkie started to walk by the guards. They didn't question why she had a bunch of blankets on her arms.

Right as she turned the corner, the baby laughed loudly.

Guard: What the...!? She has the baby!! Shoot her!!

Pinkie made a mad dash towards the exit, getting chased by guards. She was caught from both sides by some more guards. The only way out was a window...

She leaped through the window, landing over the wall. She then started to run like hell towards the west.

A guard ran into Celestia's room.

Guard: Your highness, the baby has been stolen! We believe the captor was Pinkie Pie. She's out in the snowfield now, heading west.

Celestia: Don't bother. They'll die out there. She doesn't know how long the trip is. It would take hours to get there, and in the frozen cold of the night, she'd freeze to death with that bastard child. Let em rot.

Guard: Yes, your highness.

The guard left. Rarity, who had overheard Celestia say those horrid things, turned around in shock.

Rarity: Pinkie Pie has the baby...!? And she's heading west to meed DMS and his army?! Is she insane?!? She'll freeze out there...!! But I can't believe Celestia would do something so cruel... Celestia had told us that the baby was stolen from her. But now, I can see that what she said was a big, fat lie! I've got to tell the others...

Rarity runs off to meet the rest of the Mane 6.


Pinkie continues to run across the Snowfield. She's exhausted by this point, but can't stop. She has to keep going. After another two hours of running, she falls to her knees, freezing and about to pass out. She keeps herself conscious, then notices that the baby was hungry.

Pinkie: Ok, little guy, I know I'm not your mother, but you've gotta eat something...!! Please, just eat...

She tears her coat off and opens up her shirt. She puts the baby in front of her nipple. The baby sucks on it for a second, pauses, then resumes, pleased.

Pinkie: Oh, thank God...

She waits until the baby has had enough, then puts her shirt and coat back on. She looks down at the baby. She can only smile at her. She has beautiful, crimson skin, and orange peach fuzz on her hair.

Pinkie: What can I name you...? You haven't been named, right?? ...How about... Solaria. I know it's dumb... But hey, it's still something... Hahaha...

She keeps moving, still cold. Still no sign of hope.

4 hours later...

Pinkie is literally crawling across the snowfield. She has the baby on her back. She hasn't heard a word from the baby since after she fed her. She feared that the baby has actually died...

Pinkie: C-come on... little guy... say something...

The baby coos softly, sounding perfectly alright.

Pinkie: I'm glad you're ok... But I can't last much longer...

Her fingers and hooves have frost-bite by this point. She then goes completely numb, unable to move... She can only do one more thing.


A few yards away...

Jack is out on patrol in an ATV. He hears the screams for help!

Jack: What?? Who's out there!?!

He hears the voice cry out again. He drives towards the voice... And finds Pinkie, nearly passed out, with a baby on her back.

Jack: Good God, are you alright?!

Pinkie: J-just take Solaria... Leave me here...

Jack: No way!! Come on, you're both coming with me!

He gets Pinkie on the ATV, then places the baby in his lap. He notices that, despite the freezing weather, the baby is perfectly alright. She grins at him.

Jack: What... Is this Revelian's child...!?

Pinkie: I... stole her... from the headquarters...

Jack: What?! You could have died out here!!

Pinkie: The baby... would have died.... if I didn't...

Jack: Well, you're safe now! I'll get you out of here!

Suddenly, an explosion rocks the ATV, nearly knocking it over!!


Jack floors the gas, driving away from the enemy tanks that followed Pinkie. He hits a ramp and goes flying over the wall of a fort that the army set up. He drives towards the infirmary and comes to a screeching halt in front of it.


A large commotion occurs. LD, who was standing nearby, runs off to tell DMS of the news.

A few minutes later...

DMS opens the door into the infirmary. Pinkie lies in a hyper-heated room, in order to balance her body heat.

Pinkie: Hey hey hey...

DMS: Damnit. Damnit, Pinkie! Why did you do something so reckless!? You could have gotten yourself killed!!

Pinkie's eyes darken up a little bit.

DMS: ...But still... I'm thankful that you got my kid out of that hell hole...

Pinkie: How is she... How's Solaria...?

DMS: Solaria??

Pinkie: That's what I called her... Do you like it...?

DMS smiles.

DMS: Beautiful.

Pinkie smiles a bit and leans back.

Pinkie: Haha... I did something right, at least...

She passes out.

DMS turns back around to let her sleep. He walks into another room to see how the baby... Or Solaria... is.

DMS: How is she, doc?

Doctor: It's... astonishing, really. She's perfectly ok! No cold, no frost-bite, no fatigue... It's impressive!!

DMS: Damn.

Doctor: I ran some tests... And apparently, the baby has a radiating energy core inside of her... It's tiny... But it kept her warm through out that nightmare.

DMS: Yeesh...

Doctor: But she's perfectly ok, now. You can relax.

DMS nods and leaves the room.


Inside Luna's room...

Luna's eyes open. Her vision is blurry and red for a moment as she hears disturbing voices in her head. Memories flood into her head. Finally, she blinks, and the disturbing voices vanish and her vision returns to normal. Her body is numb and she can't move. But she can talk.

Luna: Hello...?

A voice comes from across the room. It was a doctor.

Doctor: Well, good morning. Glad to see you're out of that coma.

Luna: A coma...?

Doctor: You got beat up pretty badly.

Luna: Where's Revelian?

Doctor: I was just about to call him.

A few moments later, DMS pushed his way into the room. He ran over and hugged Luna.

Luna: Easy now, my arm's still broke.

He pulls away from her and kisses her.

Luna: Did you miss me that much?

DMS: You know it.

Luna: Where are we?

DMS: We've taken over most of the complexes in the territory. We're on our way to take over the main HQ.

Luna: Let's get there and get our baby back.

DMS: No need to worry about the baby.

Pinkie, who has recovered by this point, walks in holding Solaria.

Luna: M-my baby...!

Pinkie gives Luna the baby. She hugs her and kisses her all over.

DMS: Knock it off, you're making me jealous.

Luna: H-how did you get her...?!

Pinkie: I broke out and took her with me. I named her Solaria...

Luna: Solaria... That's a beautiful name, Pinkie.

Pinkie: Thanks...

DMS: We're still going to take down Celestia. That bitch has to pay for this.

Pinkie: Something confused me, though... Whenever Celestia tried to feed her, she spit the milk out, disgusted... But I actually had to feed her myself while I was traveling here... She didn't do a thing and fed normally...

Luna smiled.

Luna: It's probably because Solaria doesn't like the milk that comes from someone with a tainted heart. Celestia fits that role well, being a stuck-up, spiteful bitch and all.

Pinkie smiled.

Pinkie: Well, I can only hope Twilight and the others see through her lies...

Luna: What did she lie about?

Pinkie: The real reason we went to your house last week... We were spying on you... Celestia had told us that you kidnapped her child. But after the fiasco at the wedding, and the fact she would just abandon her child in the frozen wasteland, I think Twilight and the others get that she's a lying, conniving skank,

Luna had a look of pure rage on her face.

Luna: That no good fucking BITCH!!

Luna tried to get up.


She tried to stand up, but wound up nearly falling down. DMS picks her back up and puts her back on the bed.

DMS: You're not going anywhere. You still can't walk, and your arm's broken.


DMS: She's a spiteful skank. What do you expect?

Luna: She wasn't always like this... She used to actually be kind... But after that damned Nightmare Incident... It wasn't because I couldn't be trusted. That was a bunch of bullshit she spread around. The REAL reason she treated me like shit?! I ruined her plan. When I came back, I ruined her plans of ruling Equestria by herself. She became greedy with power while she ruled Equestria, hiding it behind a pretty little smile. She never cared about being Twilight's mentor. She just sat back and watched when I returned, throwing Twilight and her friends at me, hoping that they'd actually destroy me. When I was just returned to normal, that bitch just kept up appearances by letting me return. If I was alone there, she probably would have killed me herself. But she didn't get the chance to. Revelian, this is why I'm so glad you saved me. It wasn't that I was going to kill myself... She was probably going to kill me. Things just got worse and worse... And there was that one night where she...

DMS stopped her at that point.

DMS: What she did that night was horrible. You don't need to keep holding that memory in. What's done is done- and we're gonna get payback with interest real soon.

Luna nodded. DMS then left the room in order to advance his armies again...

A day or so later...

And they arrive at the enemy HQ.

Chapter 17 - High End Castle

DMS silently overlooks the enemy HQ via binoculars.

The HQ is a large castle, situated on an old mountain. A large barracks settlement lies at the base of it, where the soldiers sleep. DMS knew that this was going to be tough. He doubted that there were any civilians in the area, but he couldn't be sure. It was going to be a bloodbath either way.

Meanwhile, at the castle...

Twilight and the others storm towards Celestia's room. Twilight still needs an oxygen tank in order to breath, and she wears it like a backpack. She angrily pushes the door open to Celestia's room.

Celestia: Oh, why hello, my faithful student. What brings you here?

Twilight: Don't you dare... give us this happy kind bullcrap... Why would you even... consider leaving Pinkie out there in that... frozen wasteland with what is supposedly... your child?!

With the oxygen tanks, Twilight has to take pauses in order to breath in. Celestia gives a look of disgust.

Celestia: And what does my business have to do with yours?!


It was rare for Twilight to swear, and when she did, it was clear she was angry. Celestia sneered.

Celestia: Alright, you want the truth?? I lied. She's not my kid. She's Luna's baby.

Twilight: Why would you lie to our faces... like that?! Why do you hate... your sister so much?!? She... doesn't seem evil anymore... Hell, she managed... to reform and actually find LOVE for once...

Celestia: Twilight, my naive student, you still have much to learn.

Twilight: ENLIGHTEN... ME.

Celestia: Hmph. The reason for my constant anger towards my sister is not due to distrust between us... It's because of something more sinister.

Celestia stands up.

Celestia: When she returned, she ruined my plan. I was planning on completely ruling Equestria. No longer a mere Princess... but a queen. I would rule that land with an iron fist. But then she returned. And that flushed my plan down the shitter.

Twilight: I don't believe it... You spiteful... ungrateful... psychotic BITCH!!

Celestia: Heheh... I think you should all get out of here... While you still can.

The others simply back up and leave the room.

Twilight: I don't believe it... she kept us in the dark... for so long...

Fluttershy: I feel bad for Luna... She was tormented for so long... All out of spite?!

Twilight: Exactly... I hope Revelian and his army... get here soon...

Rarity: Hmph, they'll be here soon. I heard from some officers that Revelian's army has been spotted moving towards here. Let's hope they get here and stomp Celestia's ass.

Twilight began to cough violently.

Rarity: But you need to get back into bed. You're not supposed to even be up!

Twilght: Right... Let's go...

They take Twilight back into the infirmary.


DMS and the army storm the base.

DMS: Alright! ZX, LD, Pinkie, and Jack! Come with me!! Leechum, tear these assholes up!!

Leechum transforms into Ao Oni X and leaps over the wall. DMS and the others tear through the enemies and head towards the castle.


Twilight silently lies on the bed in the infirmary, alone. She's asleep. The door opens up, and Celestia walks in. She walks towards the oxygen tanks keeping her alive, and pulls the plug on them. Twilight wakes up in a shock as she suffocates, trying to breath in, but unable to because of her damaged throat. Celestia sneers at her and leaves.

As the gang continues to tear their way through the castle, they arrive at the infirmary.

DMS: Jack, get in there and secure it.

Jack storms inside... and spots Twilight, choking to death.

Jack: Oh crap!!

He runs over and plugs in the oxygen tank, saving Twilight.

Twilight: You... saved me...

Jack: What the hell happened?! Who are you??

Twilght: I'm... a friend of... Revelian...

DMS storms inside.

DMS: Twilight, are you alright?? You look distressed...

Twilight: Celestia... that bitch... she tried... to kill me...


Twilight: She came... in here and... pulled the plug... on the oxygen tanks... Jack saved me...

DMS: Damn, Jack. You're on a roll. First you save Pinkie and my child, and now you saved Twilight.

Jack: T-thank you, sir!

DMS: You're going to get promoted after this. Now then, stay here and guard Twilight. Don't let anything else happen to her.

Jack: Yes sir.

DMS leaves, and meets up with LD, ZX, and Pinkie.

DMS: Pinkie, go in there with Jack and Twilight.

Pinkie: Why...?

DMS: Because I asked you to. Celestia tried to kill her.

Pinkie: You've gotta be kidding me...!!

ZX: Her own student! What a bitch!!

LD: This just gets worse and worse...

Pinkie: I'll go in there and defend her with my LIFE if I have to!!

DMS: Go to it.

Pinkie walks in the infirmary.

DMS: We're moving out. It's time to end this.

DMS, ZX, and LD keep moving. They soon reach the top of the castle!


Celestia stands before a helicopter.

Celestia: I must disagree, Revelian. This is far from over. I'll see you in Universe City!!

She climbs inside of the chopper and it flies off.

DMS: God damnit!! She got away from us!

ZX: Fly after her!!

DMS: I'm afraid we can't. This weather is horrible.

ZX: Then how the hell is she flying that chopper!?

DMS: It's probably a special weather-resistant one. But we know where she's going...

LD: Universe City? That old place??

ZX: Yeah. What's there??

DMS: It doesn't matter. That's where we're going next.

ZX: This just can't end, can it?

DMS: It's going to. Real soon.

They turn and head back down. On their way, they encounter the rest of the Mane 6.

DMS: I take it that you've opened your eyes to the truth about Celestia?

RD: You know it! I can't believe that she had us decieved for so long...

Rarity: She flat out told us what she's done and why she done it... She's mad with power. And she wants more of it.

Fluttershy: If we don't stop her, she'll...

Applejack: If we don't stop her, she's gonna go and muck up not only this planet, but probably the whole dang universe!! She's got all that power in the palm of her hands!! We've gotta stop her!

ZX: And we're going to. She ran off to Universe City, which is just east of here.

Rarity: Universe City?? What's that?

LD: A large metropolis created many years ago by DMS' insane brother, Kuipter.

DMS: Many a hard time was had by that city. And now things are just gonna get worse for it.

Fluttershy: So... she ran off there? We can't just sit here then... we've gotta go after her!

DMS: Exactly. Wait, how's the attack going??

Rarity: I think you've guys have this covered. The loss of their commander has the rest of the army here in disarray. They'll probably surrender soon.

DMS: Celestia most likely has some form of army in Universe City, too. It's highly likely that she has had that place under her control for quite some time.

Rarity: Before this whole mess happened, she would inexplicably vanish from her palace for quite a while... She probably went there to get it under her control.

DMS: Right, well, it's time to take it back and end this foolish war. Her reign of terror is going to end. And the end begins... Now.

Chapter 18 - Cold Reception

DMS and the others walk outside. The castle has been taken over by this point. Soldiers are surrendering left and right.

DMS: Well, this place is taken over. Now then, let's get back to base to prepare for our next move...

ZX: What about you all? What are you going to do?

Rarity: We're not going to stay here. We're going to help you.

LD: Erm, no offense... but how?

Rarity: Are you saying we can't fight?? You forget... We've saved our own planet before, too. Twice.

LD: Those weren't necessarily fights. You utilized some elements to defeat the enemy. You didn't flat out fight them. I-I mean, if you want to help that's fine, but...

Rarity: But nothing. We CAN help you, and we WILL help you. Are you really going to complain about assistance in one of your largest fights yet?? This isn't some random person trying to get power... You're dealing with a GODDESS. You're going to need all the help that you can get.

ZX: Alright then, let's go.

They all head back towards the field HQ. When they arrive, DMS walks into the infirmary. Luna has already gotten healthy.

DMS: What?? How did you heal so fast?

Luna: Revelian, you forget... I'm a goddess, too. I can heal a lot faster then other people normally can.

DMS: Then why aren't you immortal?

Luna: Sadly, there's no such thing as immortality. There's eternal youth, which I have, and that's the closest thing.

DMS: Yeah. We're going to Universe City.

Luna: Why?

DMS: Celestia ran off there. This is the end of the line. The Mane 6 are going to help us, too. Well, except for Twilight... She's in bad shape...

Luna: What happened to her??

DMS: Shenanigans attacked her. From what I've heard from some guards that surrendered, they found her hung by a noose, clinging on to life. She needs a machine just to breath right...

Luna: That's horrible...

DMS: Yeah. He had you kidnapped, too.

Luna: What?!

DMS: But you're safe now, and that bastard is dead. And since you're better...

Luna: You damned right I'm going with you. My sister has to pay for this.

DMS: Right-on. Let's go to the briefing room.

DMS and Luna leave the infirmary and head to the briefing room. Inside is ZX, LD, Jack, and the Mane 6.

ZX: Alright, everyone, gather around. We've got a big mission ahead of us.

LD: Alright, I'll lay out the situation. As we've guessed, Universe City has definitely been fortified since the Dr. Sand incident. We believe Celestia has had the city under her control for months, hence why we haven't heard any contact from it. The city has been heavily fortified, having checkpoints and barracades set up across all of the major highways...

LD then pulls up a map showing Universe City and it's many routes.

LD: As you can tell, Universe City is large and complex. The enemy base is believed to be in the new capital building, located in the center of the city. This building, known as "New-Hope Tower", is a giant skyscraper that towers over the rest of the city. Ironic name, huh? When we're done with it, they should call it the New Blood Tower. Anyways, back to the city... We've decided to go as seperate teams. We've got a shipment of sports bikes here, and I hope you all can drive. We'll have 2 per bike- One shoots, one drives. We'll have two bikes per team... And now I'll lay out the teams. We'll have DMS and Luna, ZX and... wait, why's Twilight here again??

Twilight: I'm not going to lie around... while my friends fight to save the world...

LD: Look at your condition!! What if something happens to you?!

Twilight: I've been getting better... I can probably breathe without the oxygen tanks now... But I'm still not sure...

LD: *Sigh*. I'm not going to argue with you! Anyways... DMS and Luna, ZX and Twilight, Rarity and Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy and Applejack, Jack and Pinkie, and... Wait, where am I?!

DMS: Sorry, we ran out of people.

Then, Lazro walks in.


LD: And lastly, Lazro and LD. Now then, for the two-bike teams, we'll have DMS/Luna and ZX/Twilight, Rarity/RD and Fluttershy/Applejack, and lastly, Jack/Pinkie and LD/Lazro. So we have 3 teams. Each one will take a route through the city. If things get hairy, take the next best thing! Get to the capital, where we'll meet up.

Fluttershy: Is being seperated like this really necessary...??

LD: If we all go at once, we could all get taken out easily. If we split up, it'll make it harder for the enemy to concentrate their forces.

Fluttershy: I see... Ok then...

RD: Alright alright alright!! Enough of this!! Let's go already!!!


DMS: Thank you...

LD: Ugh, sorry. Just relax. If we get too fired up, it'll make it all the easier for us to mess up. Ok??

RD: S-sorry...

ZX: Alright. We all set with the plan?

Everyone else is ready.

ZX: Alright, let's move out.

They head outside, to where the sports bikes are.

DMS: I hope that you all know how to drive these things.

LD: Oh shmit I forgot about that.

ZX: Relax! I taught them how to drive sports bikes during their week here.

LD: Well, isn't that a convenient little plot point!!

DMS: Are you really going to complain about it?


Rarity: This is getting dull.

DMS: Mindreader. Let's go.

They all get into their teams and drive off. Luna, Twilight, Rarity, Fluttershy, Pinkie, and Lazro are the drivers, while DMS, ZX, Rainbow Dash, Jack, and LD give cover.

They soon arrive at the tunnel that leads into the city. A large roadblock is ahead.


They all fly over the blockade using a nearby ramp that was left behind. They start getting chased by bikes as they arrive in the city!!

(Theme) (If you don't like hip-hop, warning. Although this isn't a bad song)

DMS activates his radio.

DMS: You hear me??

ZX: Roger!

Everyone else answers.

DMS: OK! Get in your teams and move out!!

Luna and Twilight drive down one street. The metropolis has definitely been improved since the Dr. Sand incident. The buildings have been reconstructed, and the city looks lively again. It's also crawling with Equestrian tanks and soldiers. Only a few civilians roam the street- They're all Equestrian, as well.

Twilight: What do you think happened to the other people who lived here?

DMS: Most likely driven out. Or killed.

Luna: Charming.

Some of the bikes that followed them through the tunnel soon appears behind them. DMS raises and fires the Machine Gun, knocking a driver off and killing him. The other one starts to get close, and soon gets ignited by DMS' flamethrower. It goes skidding towards a brick wall and smashes into it, exploding. Luna makes a sharp right, dodging some moving vehicles.


LD: YOU DON'T HAVE TO YELL. We're there!

DMS: Alright then, let's go!!

The teams soon meet up on the main highway. The capital building is in sight!! Luna pops a wheelie and slams into a ramp, flying over a large blockade. She smashes into the capital!!


Luna: What's the matter, Revelian?? Can't take the heat??


Luna: Well you didn't do it.

They both bail out of the bike as it goes flying towards the reception desk. An Equestrian runs away screaming as the bike smashes into it and explodes. The rest of the gang soon arrives.

ZX: Dayum. LUNA did that??

DMS: You underestimate her.

ZX: Damn right I did... Shit!

Luna: Just because I've got a pretty face doesn't mean I can't break yours.

She grins as she walks off.

DMS: Yeah let's keep moving.

Chapter 19 - Welcome To The Party Baby


DMS has everyone gather around.

DMS: Alright alright listen. I know you girls are competent at combat, but I REALLY recommend you all stay here while we take out Celestia.

Twilight: No way...!! We're not gonna sit here on the sidelines while you do the fighting!!

DMS: ALRIGHT ALRIGHT ALRIGHT. We're heading towards the top floor. Let's move out! Get into your teams! We're gonna assault different parts of the building in order to spread our attack. Alright! ZX. Twilight, and Luna, with me!

DMS and his team runs towards the door. The other teams split up to attack different parts as well. DMS opens the door and walks inside. Inside is a large office complex. A door opens up on the opposite side of the room, and some Royal Guards come out. One in particular is different- Instead of being white, this one was a dark shade of grey. Its eyes were glowing yellow, and it had bat-like wings. Its helmet was also somewhat Gothic in its style.

DMS: Luna, aren't those YOUR guards?!

Luna: Oh please, all of these bastards are under Celestia's payroll.

ZX: Wait, Luna has her own Royal Guards??

DMS: Yes, unlike Celestia's guards, these are hired mercenaries. They're quite a bit more dangerous then Celestia's guards... They're called Dark Royal Guards.

Suddenly, some computer monitors... come to life. They start to attack the guards!!

ZX: Woah, what the hell!?

Luna: Oh, I'm just having some fun, is all.

ZX: Wait wait what... You can turn non-living things into... well, living things?! Holy shit!!

DMS: You ought've seen the first time she did that to me. I had a statue of a dragon in my palace. She made it come to life and attack me because we got into an argument over who got the last piece of toast for breakfast. Needless to say, that statue is now gone.

ZX: God damn! That's friggin awesome! Why don't you use this more often?!

Luna: Well, the side effects can be... nasty...

A computer starts to thrash around violently before exploding.

Luna: Yeeah.

They clear out the now-confused guards and head across the room. There's an elevator shaft.

DMS: Alright. We can get to the top floor with this!

DMS and the others climb inside.

DMS: Damnit, must be some kind of lock on here... We can only go up two-thirds of the way. That's still pretty good.

DMS presses a button and the elevator starts to rise up. The gang sits inside, bored.

ZX: So... DMS... What happened at your bachelor party, anyways?

Twilight: Oh God...

DMS: Yeah, we played a twisted game of spin-the-bottle. The girl who got picked got to make out with me. That soon turned into something... worse. Yeah, pretty soon I was kissing other lips... if you know what I mean.

ZX: Damn. All I got was Luna doing a dance on a stripper pole.

DMS: Did she get naked?

ZX: Nah... She did later on though when she gave me a "private dance". Nothing major happened, though, so don't worry.

DMS: Heh. Good thing it was her bacherlorette party, or I would be caving your face in about now.

Luna facepalms.

Luna: This is starting to get a bit too personal. And you never told me that you did that, Revelian!!

DMS: Relax, babe! It was a bachelor party. I didn't have sex with anyone. Hell, the closest thing to sex that happened was what I did for Pinkie Pie.

Luna: Yeah yeah yeah, we're both sinners. What can we say?

DMS: It's good to be bad.

The elevator (finally) stops. DMS and the others walk out...

To find themselves surrounded by Dark Royal Guards.

ZX: Oh crap...

DMS silently glares and starts to get angry. But before anything can happen, he gets hit with a powerful blast that drains his energy!!

Luna: Revelian!!

Luna kneels down to check on DMS.

DMS: Ugh... Luna, look out!!

Luna spins around to receive a back-handed slap from Celestia. She gets sent tumbling towards a wall.

Twilight: HEY!!

Celestia spins towards her and pulls out her 357. Magnum and fires a single shot, hitting Twilight in the stomach. She gets knocked off her feet, and ZX runs over to help her.

Celestia: Guards, finish these two pests off. I'll be taking Revelian and Luna for myself...

She grabs them both and warps off. The guards prepare to finish ZX and Twilight off...

But suddenly, they get riddled with bullets and killed! From some side-exits in the room, the other two teams walk inside!

ZX: It's you guys!! We need help here! Twilight got shot...

Twilight: E-ergh... It's just a stomach wound... Nothing major, I don't think...

ZX: It doesn't matter. You're getting out of here. You coming with us was a bad idea in the first place!

Twilight: I know, I know... You don't need to pile it on...

Rarity: Well, Twilight, he cares about you. I mean, you went off with us, despite your injuries. It WAS a bad idea, and I regret letting you convince us, especially after what just happened! If we hadn't of shown up, you would have died!

ZX: Right. Well, are you gonna stay here with her?

Jack: I suppose so...

LD: No way, I'm going with you. E-err, I mean, I'm worried about Twilight, it's just that you're still gonna need some back-up.

ZX: Right then, let's go!

ZX and LD run off.

Meanwhile... Luna wakes up. She finds her arms and legs tied up to poles, keeping her trapped. She also notices that she's naked. She also has a gag in her mouth. She immediately panics, flailing around wildly. She also finds that she cannot use her magic for some reason... Most likely Celestia's doing. She wanted out of there. She knew what Celestia was planning.

Because she had done this before.

Chapter 20 - Bad Memories

Soon enough, Celestia walks in. She's wearing a tight, leather suit. The front of it is open, exposing her breasts. She has a look of pure evil on her face. She walks over towards Luna.

Celestia: Dear sister... You do remember our... "sessions"... don't you??

Luna started to thrash around, violently, letting out a muffled scream.

Celestia: Ah, you do. That's good. I bet you're wondering where your freak of a spouse is... He's busy... dealing with the Butcher. Without any form of energy to use his attacks. *Chuckle* But you're not going to worry about him, no... Because, you see, you've been naughty, again...

She reaches over behind Luna and pulls something out.

It's a long, steel chain that's been modified to be used like a whip.

Celestia: You've been running around, acting like you're actually FREE!! I guess it's time to wake you up from that stupid dream...

She tightens the whip up and whips the ground, once. She then draws it back...

Celestia starts to violently whip Luna. Every blow leaves a long slash across her body. After a few blows, she stops, and grabs a hold of her chin.

Celestia: You'll NEVER be "free". You hear me?? I OWN your body. I OWN your mind. You gave them to me all those years ago in exchange for your life. And you know what? I want to have some FUN with your body. And do you know what you're going to do while I have fun with your body?!

Celestia violently whips her once again.

Celestia: Scream. Scream in pain and torment.

Celestia tears the gag out of her mouth and gets into a deep kiss with her. She then backs up and looks at her beaten body. Long cuts and bruises cover it, and Luna herself quietly sniffles as tears fall from her eyes.

Celestia: Heheheh... Such a frail, pure body compared to mine... But still, something worthy of the queen of Equestria to own... How does that make you feel? You know that you're worthy of being owned by me... Answer me.

Luna looks at her with pure hatred in my eyes.

Luna: It makes me utterly sick.

Celestia's cold smile didn't change.

Celestia: Of course, it's not like you had any say in the matter... Heheheh... But I've had enough of just whipping you like the dog you are...

Celestia unties Luna. Luna, who's far too worn out from the beating, doesn't do anything. Celestia grabs her and turns her around, slamming her into a table. She then ties her hands up so she can't escape. Luna's body lies hunched over a table,

Celestia: I'll admit, there's another thing that's good about being in this human-like state... It makes the "next part" all the more easier for me...

Luna's eyes widen in horror. Celestia turns around and snatches something else off of a desk...

Celestia turns around for a moment to put something on. When she turns back around, Luna can only close her eyes. Celestia now wore a strap-on.

Celestia: Dear sister, why are you so surprised to see me like this? It's not like this is the first time I've used a strap-on for our sessions...

Celestia then positions herself in front of Luna's ass. She places the strap on at the opening of her pussy.

Celestia: What was that annoying line you'd say every once in a while...?? Oh yes, I remember... "The fun has just been doubled!!"

With that, Celestia arches back and thrusts, forcing open Luna's pussy. Luna lets out a surprised yelp. Celestia grabs a hold of her thigh and leans in close to Luna's face. She starts to softly bite her neck. SHE'S A VAMPIRE She then continues to thrust. After a few moments, Luna lets out a cry as she orgasms all over the strap-on. Celestia silently grins as she pulls the strap-on out of her pussy. She then kneels down in front of her pussy and starts to lick the juices that are splattered all over it.

She then unties Luna again, this time turning her onto her back. Celestia tears the dildo off of the strap-on, showing that it's double-edged. Celestia smirks at Luna again. She shoves one edge of the dildo into her own pussy, making her moan and keeping it in place. She then grabs Luna's legs and pushes them backwards. Celestia then climbs over her, putting her own legs at either side of Luna's thighs. Celstia then lowers herself down, putting the dildo at Luna's pussy as well. Celestia grabs a hold of Luna's legs and forces them back, holding them in place so Luna can't kick around. Celestia finally lowers her pussy, where the dildo is still attached, down. She places the other edge of the dildo at Luna's pussy.

Celestia: We've never really done this before, haven't we?

Luna doesn't answer. Celestia gets irritated and slaps her across the face once.

Luna: N-no...

Celestia: Good girl... answer me when I ask you a question... You're still my slave...

Celestia leans back down and gives Luna another deep kiss. She thrusts downward, penetrating them both. Luna lets out another cry, while Celestia simply moans a little. She then continues to thrust, making them both moan loudly. After a few moments of that, they both climax. Celestia raises up, pulling the dildo out of Luna. Luna is absolutely exhausted by this point, and can't even move while her juices squirt out onto the cold, hard floor... Celestia's also tired, but not nearly as much so as Luna.

Celestia: Well, that was a good final fuck, wasn't it?

Celestia pulled her 357 off of the table.

Chapter 21 - Another place, minutes earlier...

DMS finds himself hung upside down by his feet. His arms are tied up, and he's also stripped of his clothes and weapons.

DMS: What the fuck...?!

He tries to use energy to break free, but he finds he can't use his energy... So all he can do is sit there.

DMS: Great... We got captured...

DMS looks around a bit. He sees another Equestrian passed out upside down. It looks like a Royal Guard. Unlike DMS, this one's mouth is gagged. He is also stripped of clothing, like DMS.

DMS: Hey!! What happened to you?!

The Equestrian wakes up. He starts to shake, scared.


The Equestrian turns to him and muffles out something. But he can't talk because of the gag. They both suddenly hear heavy footsteps. The Equestrian starts to shake even more.

DMS: Look, don't piss yourself, got it?! I don't want to see it all over the god-damned floor. It's bad enough I have to look at you like this now.

DMS turns his head to where the Equestrian is looking. He sees what has him so scared.

A tall, muscular Equestrian stomps inside, carrying a huge blade. The Equestrian shakes even more.

DMS: What the fuck?!

The other Equestrian continues to stomp forward. He then stops in the middle of the room and looks at them both. In the light, it's more clear as to what he looks like...

He's wearing a large, metal mask on one half of his face. The other, exposed half is heavily mutated. It is completely blank, save for an eye hole and what looks like a mouth slit. His body is covered with metalic plates, but otherwise, he's naked. DMS notices the huge amount of blood on his crotch area- Upon closer inspection, it is revealed that he is actually castrated.

DMS: Ooh, that's gotta hurt... What the hell did Celestia do to this guy?!

The monster then stomps towards the Equestrian. The Equestrian shakes violently, letting out muffled screams from beneath his gag.

Meanwhile, ZX and LD make their way into the last floor before the roof. Conveniently, this is the same floor as the torture chamber, where both DMS and Luna are. ZX quietly pushes his way into one room... He peeks behind a wall. LD walks up behind him.

ZX: Shh, it's DMS... What's that big guy?!

The monster raises its blade and slowly slides it down the Equestrian's skin, cutting through the skin and causing the wound to bleed. The Equestrian continues to flail around in fear. Finally, the monster backs up and starts to violently stab the Equestrian, cutting him open and causing his guts to spill all over the floor.


The monster then turns to DMS and starts to walk towards him. He raises the blade and slides it down DMS' skin like he did with the Equestrian... But before he can stab DMS, ZX jumps out from behind the wall!!


The monster slowly turns to ZX. He then starts to stomp towards him!!


BOSS BATTLE: The Butcher (Theme)

ZX backs up as the Butcher stomps towards him. LD just sorta backs up. BECAUSE HE'S SCARED WAAH

ZX draws his sword and stops moving. The Butcher slams his sword down, and ZX barely blocked in time. And even then, the strength of the Butcher forced ZX into a squatting position. The Butcher raises the sword again to slam it down, but suddenly...


LD lets loose with his Tommy Gun. The Butcher staggers back as the bullets pound him. Soon, LD empties the clip. The Butcher still stands.


But then, the Butcher falls face forward onto the floor. ZX walks towards him and picks up the Butcher's sword. He looks at it for a second, then slams it down onto the beast's back. The Butcher lets out a moan as it dies. ZX then unties DMS and frees him.

ZX: Yeesh, DMS, you're getting soft!

DMS: Shut up, I couldn't use any of my powers.

ZX: Why??

DMS: No idea... Musta been that bitch Celestia's doing. Where's my sword??

ZX: No idea. Here, just use this.

ZX rips the large sword out of the Butcher's back.

DMS: Good enough for me. Let's go.

They all run off. They run back into the hallway.

DMS: We've got to find Luna! Who knows what Celestia's doing to her...

LD: Alright, let's-

They hear a loud scream come from another room. They immediately run towards the source of the sound. DMS slowly creeps up to the door where the sound came from... He hears Celestia, panting, as if she's tired. He then hears her talk...

Celestia: Well that was a fun, final fucking, wasn't it sister? Oh well. Farewell.

DMS kicks the door open. Celestia spins towards him, surprised, and fires a shot from her 357. DMS blocks the attack with his large sword. Celestia grunts angrily and warps away. DMS turns to Luna...

DMS: Oh God... Luna, she didn't do what I think she did, did she...?!

Luna doesn't say anything, she lies there, crying quietly.

LD: Dear gog! You're telling me that... THIS... is what Celestia would do to Luna while she was at Canterlot...?!?! That's f/cking sick!!

DMS runs over to Luna, and soon picks her up, wrapping his arms around her in a hug. She starts to cry louder.

DMS: Shh, it's ok... We're here for you...

ZX: Dear God...

DMS: ZX, see if you can find me her clothes. They should be in here somewhere.

ZX looks around the room. He spots her shirt and pants sitting on a table. He snatches them and hands them to DMS.

DMS: Here, Luna... Put these on.

Luna quietly gets dressed.

DMS: I think you two should just go on... I'll stay here with-

Luna: No...

Luna stands up.

Luna: No, I'm... I'm ok... Let's just go... Celestia's probably on the roof...

She walks out of the door. ZX and LD look at each other.

LD: I'm worried about her.

ZX: Me too... Celestia really did something that horrible to her?! That's fucking sick... Is she that rutheless?!

DMS: Yeah... When I found out that she'd do this to Luna, I had to keep myself from cutting her head off there... You see, one day, Celestia and Luna got into a big argument. Celestia beat her violently... And she told her that if she wanted to live, that she'd have to do whatever she said. She practically forced Luna to sell herself to her... It was fucking horrible...

LD: Wow...

ZX: Well, that shit ends today!! Come on, let's take this bitch out!! Oh, and DMS, I found your sword over there, too.

DMS: Alright, thanks.

DMS takes the sword out of his hand.

ZX: Alright, let's go!!

DMS and LD nod and stand up. They run out to meet Luna in the hallway. They all head towards the last flight of stairs...

Chapter 22 - End of the Line

The gang walks outside, onto the roof. Snow gently falls down onto their faces. They see Celestia, who's standing on a helicopter pad. She has put on normal clothes. However, there's no chopper.

DMS: This is the end of the line, Celestia...

Celestia: I'm fully aware there's nowhere else to run. Why did you think I was going to run again?

LD: What you've done is unforgivable!! Not only did you kidnap DMS and Luna's child, you've taken over our land, tried to kill us on multiple occasions, and you RAPED Luna!! You're sick!!

Celestia: Why are you telling me this?? Do you act like I don't fucking know what I've done??

The gang hears something behind them. The Mane 6, along with Jack, comes out of the entrance.

DMS: Hey!! Weren't you staying behind??

Twilight: I'm alright... The wound's not deadly...

Celestia: Ah, Twilight. It's good that you and your friends showed up...

Twilight notices Luna, who's beaten badly.

Twilight: L-Luna, what happened to you...?!

ZX: Celestia's been keeping a lot more from you then you know. Go on, Celestia. Tell Twilight what happened to Luna.

Celestia: I raped her. I put on a strap-on, and I fucked her raw.

Luna flinches as she hears this. The Mane 6 gasp.

Rarity: What?!? That... That's...

Celestia: Sick? Disgusting? Sadistic?? Save your breath.

Twilight: My God... You're despicable!

Celestia: Oh, Twilight, you naive fool. Enough chat... Oh, and I'll be taking my elements back...

Celestia raised her hand, and lightning bolts struck the Mane 6!!


Balls of light come out of their bodies and float towards Celestia.

ZX: She... She ripped the Elements of Harmony right out of them!

Twilight: B-but... You said you lost control of them...!

Celestia: That? Oh, right. That was just a bullshit story I told you so I wouldn't have to bother with protecting the land anymore... Heheh. Now, then, it's time to-

Suddenly, a shot rings out!! Celestia gets hit in the shoulder. She grunts in pain and grabs her shoulder. DMS spins around, to see Jack. He stands there, holding Hell.

Jack: Don't let her get to you, sir.

Celestia: Impudent mortals...

Celestia heals the wound. She then unleashes more lightning!! LD, ZX, DMS, and Jack all get hit by the powerful attack!

Luna: N-No!!

Soon, everyone but DMS falls to the floor. DMS grunts in pain as he gets to his knees.

Celestia: Heheheh...Hahahahaha!!! How does it feel, sister? How does it feel to be isolated from your friends with no hope in sight?? Hehehe... It's time to end this.

The elements, which have been orbiting Celestia, suddenly start to glow!! She's going to use the elements as an attack!!

Luna: No... NO!!!

As the rainbow laser is unleashed, Luna feels something shove her out of the way!! She turns to see DMS get blasted by the attack!! He screams in pain as the attack devastates him!!


ZX: Damnit...!!

When the attack finally ends, DMS slumps to the floor, unmoving. Luna runs to him and starts to shake him...

Luna: Revelian!! Please, get up...!!! No!!

DMS doesn't move. Celestia angrily growls.

Celestia: Impudent cur! In my way until the very end!! Lie there and die like the dog you are!!

Luna, who's kneeling before DMS' body, picks up his sword. She stands up and points it at Celestia.

Celestia: What is this shit? Are YOU actually going to fight me now??

Luna looks at her, with nothing more then pure anger and hatred in her eyes.

Celestia: Hahaha... This ought to be fun... Come now, sister, let us-


Celestia sneers, and levitates in the air.

LD: She's gonna take her on by herself...? There's no way she can.... Urgh!!

ZX: We can't give up hope...!!

Twilight: COME ON, LUNA!!!

ZX and LD turn their heads. Twilight is up on her knees.


Suddenly, Jack gets to his knees as well.



LD: I can't believe I'm cheering a pony on, but FIGHT TO WIN!!!

Suddenly, Celestia angrily blasts them with more electricity!!


She points at Luna, furiously.



Boss battle: Celestia!! (Theme)

The elements surrounding Celestia start to rotate faster and glow violently. However, their colors soon become dark and muddy...

Celestia starts to float around the area, quietly chuckling as she does so. She floats out of Luna's reach.


Celestia then absorbs one of the rotating elements. She absorbs the corrupted element of Kindness. Her hair becomes the same color as the element. She falls to the ground, and suddenly charges towards Luna brandishing a laser-like blade!! Luna gets into a guarding stance as Celestia starts to launch a flurry of stabs!! Luna manages to block some of them, but gets sliced a few times across her face. When Celestia finally stops, she leaps back a bit, before getting on her knees. Using the elements normally is strenuous enough, but because these elements are severely corrupted by Celestia, they drain even more energy. Luna realizes this and dives in, delivering several slashes. Celestia grunts in pain and warps away, soon appearing back above her, having purged the element and returning to normal.

She starts to float around the arena again. Luna silently stands there, watching her. This time, Celestia absorbs the corrupted element of Honesty. Her hair, again, changes colors to match the element. This time, two energy-like arm blades form, and she floats in the air. She suddenly delivers wide-spread slashes. Luna manages to leap over the slashes, and delivers a powerful stab through Celestia's chest!! She screeches once, but manages to warp away, still able to fight.


Celestia re-appears in the air again, clearly wounded and starting to feel it. This time, she desperately absorbs the element of Magic, the strongest of the elements. Her hair, instead of changing colors, gets electrified. She floats above Luna, and suddenly unleashes a massive laser blast, similar to the combined powers of the elements, only weaker. Luna leaps out of the way in time. However, Celestia starts to aim the laser, in an effort to hit her. Luna runs around the roof, dodging the massive blast. Finally, the laser subsides, and Celestia falls to her knees again. Luna charges towards her. She unleashes a battle-cry as she rams the sword through her chest again. Celestia falls to the ground...

But soon gets up again.


Celestia: Rggh... I'll admit, you've definitely gotten stronger, sister... But I won't let you win... I'll never die... I won't allow myself to die... Not before I see your body torn to pieces before my very eyes...!!! I'll kill you... here and now...!!

Celestia then absorbs ALL of the elements!! A massive void of energy surrounds Celestia, and her body begins to transform!!

ZX: Urgh!! What's happening?!

A massive blast of light engulfs them all.

The light subsides. It is suddenly daytime. From the sun, Celestia floats down.

Her body has drastically changed. She has turned into a seraph-like form. She has 6 massive, rainbow colored wings. Her body constantly glows in a heavenly light. She is also completely naked. The colors of the Elements stripe across her body, and she has a radiant halo over her head. Her hair is no longer rainbow colored. It flows over Celestia's body, glowing a radiant yellow like the sun.

Luna: Such a heavenly form... For a demon like you!!

Celestia sneers at her. The transformation didn't change her attitude.

Celestia: Hahaha... It doesn't need to be heavenly. As long as it kills you dead, I could care less if I looked like a goddess or a demon.

Luna backed up. There was no way she could combat this enhanced form normally... What was she going to do??

Suddenly, she hears a voice behind her...

DMS: G-gagh...!! We've gotta help her... somehow... Rgh... What about those elements...?!

ZX: You mean the elements we used to defeat Zalgo...?? The ones we got for facing our darkside??

Twilight: What do you mean "elements"...?? You got them for what?

DMS: We... defeated our darksides... during a nasty adventure... We got to use some... bizarre elements...

Twilight: Wait a second... I read something about that...! Those are called... Err.... The Elements of Acceptance, I think... You get an element based on your attitude towards life... Your darkside is an opposite of that... They're like the Elements of Harmony, only a bit weaker...

ZX: Do you think we can... Ergh... Transfer them onto Luna??

Twilight: It's your only shot...

ZX: We're missing two people... But this should be enough to at least power her up to stop Celestia!!

Luna: You guys... You're not actually going to...?!

Celestia: What is this?! Elements of Acceptance?!? I've never heard of such garbage!! Paw away all you want, your power can't even scratch mine!!


ZX stands to his feet, and draws his element forward!! DMS, Lazro, and LD do the same!! Since DMS's power, Redemption, is much stronger then the others, it practically draws the others in towards it. They combine and form a massive ball of energy!!


Suddenly, two of the elements fly inside!

ZX: What the...?!

ZX looks up, and spots 02 and Sam flying overhead!! They give a thumbs up before warping back away!!

LD: How did they...?!


DMS screams as he unleashes the combined elements onto Luna!! She absorbs the massive ball of energy...

She lowers eye head, eyes glowing. Celestia actually starts to back away.

Celestia: How?!? How is this madness possible?!?

Luna leaps into the air, and unleashes a wave of her own dark light!!!

The light fades away. She has also become a seraph-like form. However, unlike Celestia, her body is a deep shade of black, and instead of the colors of the elements, dark blue lines run across her body. Her hair is also a deep shade of blue, and she lacks the halo. She also only has 4 wings, which glow a deep shade of violet.

ZX me-gustas at the fact she's also naked.

DMS: We've... done it...

DMS falls down again. Twilight gets to her feet and runs over to him.

Twilight: Revelian!! He's... He's crying out blood!! What happened to him?!!

Celestia starts to laugh.

Celestia: That ignorant cur gave up all of his energy in order to give you a futile hope at winning!! Lie there and die for all I care... HAHAHAH!!! And even then, it doesn't matter!! Look at the difference between us!! I'm far more powerful then you!!

Luna doesn't say a word.

Celestia: Now then... Come, sister... Let me peacefully rip that pathetic soul of yours out of your body... And burn your body away in the hellfire of the sun...

Chapter 24 - Finale


Celestia began to surge with energy. Suddenly, her wings started to unleash small laser beams! Luna immediately launched herself away to dodge the burst of lasers. Luna countered with a blast of energy, which slams into Celestia, who's too busy firing her lasers to notice. (SHUT UP)

Celestia grunts angrily and launches herself away as well. Luna gives chase. DMS' sword, which she held onto, has gotten substantially more larger and powerful, probably due to the transformation. She brandishes it and tears after Celestia, dodging the concussive blasts launched by Celestia. She manages to catch up to Celestia, and delivers a vicious slash with the sword. Celestia cries out as two of her wings get torn off. She then angrily spins towards Luna and launches a flurry of energy blasts. Luna gets rocketed away by them, but catches her balance. Celestia's clearly getting weakened, and is struggling to keep in the air.

Luna: What's the matter, sister?! Is your "oh so powerful" form actually shit for combat??

Celestia: Rrgh.... SHUT UP!! Unlike you... I'VE GOT AN ACE UP MY SLEEVE!!

Celestia suddenly charges up a stupidly high amount of energy.




Celestia sounds like she's gone completely batshit crazy. Suddenly, a massive ball of light appears above the planet!!


The severe amount of energy it took to summon the sun to them leaves Celestia back into her normal form. She falls to the floor.




Luna flies upward to the sun, which is starting to rapidly descend upon the planet!! She soon gets as close to it as she can get without burning alive. She raises her arms forward and starts to use the same magic that she used to raise the moon up back when she lived on Equestria. She was going to have to literally teleport the sun back to Equestria. She started to use up all of her energy.

Luna: ARGH... COME ON...!!

Despite her efforts, the sun was still falling. Luna charged up and unleashed all of her power towards the sun!


Luna: SHUT... UP!!!

Luna couldn't come up with a comeback. She was too focused on the task at hand. She could feel the immense pain and effort of using up all of her power pulse through her. But she didn't care. She couldn't let the sun fall. She was going to stop it, even if it killed her!! But the pain... It was too much for her to bear... She could feel her vision start to fade away...

Her vision blacked out.

She was standing in an empty, black room. She had returned to normal.

Luna: What the... Is this a dream...?? Where am I...??

???: Yes, this is simply a dream. You passed out...

Luna: What?!? I can't let the sun fall...!!

She turns around to the voice. Standing there is DMS.

Luna: Revelian, you're alive!

DMS: ...Not quite...

Luna could feel the dread stab her heart like a knife.

Luna: W...What...?!

DMS: But you cannot let that, of all things, stop you. Luna, despite what people say about you, you can do anything you want if you put your mind to it... Luna, you are the only one now who can save the world. And you can do it. Now then...

Luna: B-But, I've invested all of my energy into it... There's no way I can stop the sun... So we're all going to die...??

DMS: Don't let your bitch sister get to you. You're just as powerful, if not more so, then her. This job should be easy for you.

Luna: Then why isn't it?!

DMS: Because. You're mentally blocking yourself from doing it. You feel feeble, and helpless, when you're not. You think that because I'm not there for you, you're nothing. That's a lie, Luna. You need to get over that. You can do anything, with me or not. Now then, you have a job to do.

Luna: But...

DMS: Just try. I promise you. It'll work. Good luck, my love. And farewell...

He gives her one last kiss before fading away.

Luna: R-Revelian... No!!

A white blast of light flashes over her.

She wakes up on the building. ZX is shaking her.

ZX: LUNA!! What happened to you?!? You just blacked out!!

Luna: What...?!?

Luna's back in her transformed-state. The sun has gotten closer.


Luna: No... No, I haven't given up a damned thing!!

She flies back up towards the descending sun. She starts to unload her power onto it again. The pain starts to emanate within her again.

Luna: Argh... No... I can do this...!! I have to do this!!

A hand grabs a hold of her outstretched-arm. She turns to her right and sees DMS, in a ghostly state. She lowers her head and nods once. They both turn towards the sun.

ZX: Who... Who's that with her...?! DMS?? But he's right here...!

They both outstretch an arm, holding each other's hand. A giant, white sphere of energy appears on it.

Luna: What the...?

DMS: Let's finish this, shall we?

The sphere of energy flies forward towards the sun. The sun whitens up in a blinding light.


Celestia: NO... NO!!!

When the light subsides, it has gone back to night. The sun is gone.


LD: MAN... That was close...

Luna turns back towards DMS' spirit. He silently nods at her once, lowers his head, and vanishes.

Luna: Revelian...

Luna solemnly floats back down towards the gang. Celestia sits on her knees, dumbfounded.

Celestia: It can't be... How could someone as pathetic as you... It's not possible...!!!

Luna turns towards her, with absolute rage and hatred in her eyes.

Celestia: Go on, then... Kill me. Jeopardize Equestria. I don't care anymore.

Luna: No... I've got a better idea...

Luna floats back up into the air.

Luna: Celestia, for your crimes, too numerous to list, I sentence you to live 1 eon on the Equestrian sun!! And, while you live there, you must keep the flow of the world going! You must raise the sun for the world, as well as lower it, as you did when you ruled Equestria. Anything else will result in your immediate execution!!

Celestia: YOU CAN'T DO THAT TO ME!!!

Luna: Damned right I can.

Celestia's body starts to glow!!

ZX: What the...?!

Luna: Farewell, sister. I pray we never have to meet again.

Celestia starts to scream as she flies off towards the Equestrian sun.

ZX: A fitting end...

LD: But wait!! What about DMS?!?

Everyone looks at his body... Luna solemnly walks towards it and picks it up...

ZX: Luna...

Luna: I'm going back to our castle... I'm taking him with me...

Everyone nods. Luna steps off of the building... And blasts away at extreme speeds, flying DMS' body back to the castle... She soon slows herself down, and starts to gently float over the world... She stares down at the metropolis below... She continues to float away, holding DMS' body...

Back at the capital...

ZX: Poor Luna...

Twilight: The one person she truly cared about... And she sat there and watched him die. At least Celestia got what she deserved...

ZX: I'm going. I'm gonna get Solaria and take her back to Luna... Maybe that'll cheer her up...

LD: ZX... Control yourself...

ZX: I know, I know...

ZX flies away himself.

Luna finally arrives back at the castle... She places DMS' body on the floor of his castle. Having finally completed her task, she finally had time to mourn... Her body transforms back into its normal state, and the elements fall to the floor. She ignores them.

Luna: Revelian...!!

She kneels before his body, and places her head in his chest, crying.

After a few minutes, the door opens up behind her. Luna doesn't look up.

Luna: What do you want...??

ZX: Luna, it's me... I've got Solaria...

Luna stands up and turns around. Hey eyes have gotten red from the crying. She sees Solaria in his arms.

Luna: I... I forgot all about her...

ZX: It's ok, she was well-taken care of.

Luna takes her out of his arms and holds her. Solaria coos and grabs her snout playfully. Luna smiles.

Luna: Thank you...

ZX: ...I'm really sorry for your loss, Luna... I wish there was something we could do...

Luna: It's... ok... I'll get on, without him... I'll have to.

ZX: ...I'm always here for you, if you need help...

Luna: Thank you, Zoshi...

ZX places a comforting hand on her shoulder.

Luna: Alright, back up before you get any ideas.

ZX blushes and backs up.

ZX: S-Sorry...

Luna: Talk about ruining a sad moment... Ugh...

ZX: ...

He turns and walks away...

Luna: Zoshi...

ZX: ...Yeah?

Luna: I'm sorry about that... That was a bit uncalled for...

ZX: It's ok... I sort of asked for it.

Luna: Well, I'll see you later, I guess...

ZX nods his head and walks out of the castle. Luna turns back around to DMS' body...

Luna: ...How many...

Luna puts the baby in a small crib nearby.


She slams her fist onto the floor, then clutching her head in despair...

So, in the end... Twilight and the Mane 6 move to SR World, leaving behind Equestria. The world soon returns to normal... Except without DMS... Luna now carries his sword with him where ever she goes, as a memento of him... In the end, he gave himself up to save them all.

The End

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