Workshop is a safe stage which allows players to craft otherwise unobtainable items from two old ones. It also has an inn.



Green Stone + Red Stone = Yellow Stone

Green Stone + Blue Stone = Cyan Stone

Red Stone + Blue Stone = Pink Stone

(All three primary stones) = Black Stone


[idea Josewong]

Cyan Stone + Pink Stone = Blue Stone

Cyan Stone + Yellow Stone = Green Stone

Yellow Stone + Pink Stone = Red Stone


Red Crystal + Yellow Crystal = Ochre Crystal

Red Crystal + Purple Crystal = Magenta Crystal

Yellow Crystal + Purple Crystal = Brown Crystal


[Priest Weapon] + [Gladiator Physical Weapon] = [Priest Weapon] Polearm

Rifle/Sniper Rifle/Hunting Gun/Railgun + Iron Sword/Sabel/Blade/GS = [Gunner Weapon] w/ Bayonet

Two guns of the same type = Dual Gunner weapon

Two swords of the same type = Dual Swordsman weapon (owner of D. Swordsman can delete this if they wish)

Recipe Book

Instead of a Book utility, it has a crafting Recipe Book. When the required stages unlocked to get the ingredients have been defeated, the ??? changes to the name of the crafted item. The level of the weapon x10500 is the price of the recipe. The recipe also includes all the stats of the weapon.


I hereby grant all users of this wiki permission to use my Workshop stage as they wish, this includes the recipe book and crafting system as well.

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