This act ensures that no vandals can bypass blocks. This act's effects are:

  • To watch suspicious activity of users who respond to comments immediately after post from vandals
  • To take into consideration all "hacked account" excuses and watch the user carefully
  • To make sure that all signatures match up with the user
  • To block users from creating new accounts

This act is named after the numerous users who are all (or at least convincing they are) the same person:

  • Speddos
  • Speddos 2
  • Speddos 3
  • Speddos.
  • Speddos P-E-N-I-S-Y
  • Sky Hawks
  • Tabuu2468
  • Doggeyist
  • Tabuus Guardian
  • Archory (although there is no hard evidence directly stating that Archory is related to the other names, but has been disabled globally by Wikia)
  • SpeddosFan1121
  • SpeddosFan42069 (which turned out to be a joke from a "known" user outside the wiki)
  • Speddos 5 (turned out be a sockpuppet of a known Wikia user)
  • SpeddosDDoS
  • SpeddosDDoS2
  • Fnesaiomdkldwas‎‎
  • Speddosisbackniggs‎
  • Speddos6
  • Speddos7
  • SpeddosAdmin
  • Urmum69420
  • SpeddosAdmin2
  • Speddos4
  • SpeddostheMod
  • MeekMillandSpeddos
  • SpeddosReturns
  • BlackPenis
  • [NAME REDACTED]'s tiny penis
  • Speddos4Admin
  • MakeMeAdmin[NAME REDACTED]
  • [NAME REDACTED]IWillHitYouOffline
  • [NAME REDACTED]'sGoingToGetHittedOff
  • [NAME REDACTED]KillYourself
  • SpeddosAlwaysWins

One sockpuppet acted as a vandal while others were first responders to the situations, giving the user a protective status and therefore a somewhat high level of authority upon regular users. They were banned after the vandal under the username Tabuu2468 revealed the whole secret.

Later, a second attack occurred on the Dan-Ball Wiki, with the same vandal using the name "Tabuus Guardian". The vandal was blocked, and an IP range block was also issued on both the Dan-Ball and Fan-Ball wikis.

On Nov. 6th 2012, a "fan" wrote up what appears to be "The most vile and cancerous piece of literature on the internet". An anonymous contributor of the user pleaded to be unblocked but obviously denied. This attack has proven that Speddos is somewhat sophisticated and a try-hard at the arts of trolling.

On Sep. 7th 2013, another "fan" wrote up yet another poop-stained story pertaining to the "update" of what used to be called Grodusbent: The Beforetime. No sign of account creation occurred until the story had been surfaced. The fact that it had been about two hours since the update might lead to either stalking this wiki or continuing to be sophisticated with the story's rather accurate elements in a relatively short span of time. It has been suspected that it was the same user who wrote the first story, but different than the other accounts, which would explain the clear syntax sans the end and the quote: " great freidn [sic], Speddos." as the same would apply to the previous story. This was later found out to be written as a joking vandalism attempt by a nonuser who will remain anonymous for the sake of the user who he is connected to. Though we all know who you are. Speddos 5, however, may be the original vandal, but no contribution was done other than a comment saying "Oh, hello". This turned out to be CHASE248 who made the sock puppet as a joke that blew up in his face.

After the Speddos 5 false alarm from October 4th 2014 - about a year and a month later (November 7th 2015), four more users have began vandalizing the wiki: SpeddosDDoS, SpeddosDDoS2, Fnesaiomdkldwas‎‎ and Speddosisbackniggs‎. Mainly all that was done was replacing and adding walls of text of n-word and stating that he is "back". In a timeframe of about half an hour, the first has been blocked for infinity and the last two for a year. While the second user was created and done no contributions, all four then got treated with a range block by the VSTF. 3 weeks later (November 26th), Speddos6 and Speddos7 (with the latter doing the actual work) had vandalized the DB Wiki by mostly redirecting articles to mostly nonsense (some older modus operandi were used like Facebook) and after an hour's worth both accounts were blocked by the only active admin there.

Just a few days later on November 29th, at least six more sockpuppets were created to vandalize the DB wiki: SpeddosAdmin, Urmum69420, SpeddosAdmin2, Speddos4, SpeddostheMod, MeekMillandSpeddos. All of them were treated with a block (although the first three were blocked for 2 weeks by the VSTF, Ivan treated all of them with an infinite ban). The progenitor user Speddos had attacked the FB Wiki and was then treated accordingly. The attack continues in a self-created wiki (now closed down) and the DB Wiki (as well as the FB Wiki shortly) by SpeddosReturns, which was banned across the Wikia network after exhausting and abusing the undo button on the non-rollbackers on the DB Wiki.

December 4th, BlackPenis and [NAME REDACTED]'s tiny penis have stepped up by Wikia-wide spamming but the damage was undone by the VSTF about two hours later, accompanied by a range block on DB Wiki.

On the same month on the 13th, seven more sockpuppets have entered and mass-vandalized the wikis - this wiki more so due to a lull in admin activity with one sockpuppet exclusive to this wiki. The VSTF with the help of bots was kind enough to block the sockpuppets globally and revert the damage done. The attack lasted for 3 hours. More range blocks were also issued until they find more proxies to reap.

Ban times

Speddos - infinite on both Dan-Ball Wiki and Fan-Ball Wiki (formerly only the former)
Speddos 2 - infinite on DB Wiki, globally disabled by Wikia
Speddos 3 - infinite on DB Wiki, globally disabled by Wikia
Speddos. - infinite on DB Wiki, globally disabled by Wikia
Speddos P-E-N-I-S-Y - infinite on DB Wiki, globally disabled by Wikia
Sky Hawks - infinite on both, globally disabled by Wikia
Tabuu2468 - 1 year on DB Wiki, 1000 years on FB Wiki, globally disabled by Wikia
Doggeyist - infinite on both, globally disabled by Wikia
Tabuus Guardian - infinite on both, globally disabled by Wikia
Archory - globally disabled by Wikia
Range block - 3 months on both
SpeddosFan1121 - infinite on FB Wiki
SpeddosFan42069 - infinite on FB Wiki
Speddos 5 - infinite on FB Wiki
SpeddosDDoS - infinite on FB Wiki; affected by range block
SpeddosDDoS2 - affected by range block
Fnesaiomdkldwas‎‎ - 1 year on FB Wiki; affected by range block
Speddosisbackniggs‎ - 1 year on FB Wiki; affected by range block
Range block - 3 months on the four above
Speddos6 - infinite on DB Wiki
Speddos7 - infinite on DB Wiki
SpeddosAdmin - infinite on DB Wiki
Urmum69420 - infinite on DB Wiki
SpeddosAdmin2 - infinite on DB Wiki
Speddos4 - infinite on DB Wiki
SpeddostheMod - infinite on DB Wiki
MeekMillandSpeddos - infinite on DB Wiki
SpeddosReturns - infinite on DB and FB Wiki, globally disabled by Wikia
BlackPenis - infinite on DB and FB Wiki, globally disabled by Wikia
[NAME REDACTED]'s tiny penis - infinite on DB and FB Wiki, globally disabled by Wikia
Range block - 3 months on both
Speddos4Admin - infinite on DB Wiki
MakeMeAdmin[NAME REDACTED] - infinite on DB Wiki
[NAME REDACTED]AdminMeOrIWillDDoSYou - infinite on DB Wiki
[NAME REDACTED]IWillHitYouOffline - infinite on DB Wiki, globally disabled by Wikia
[NAME REDACTED]'sGoingToGetHittedOff - globally disabled by Wikia
[NAME REDACTED]KillYourself - infinite on DB Wiki, globally disabled by Wikia
SpeddosAlwaysWins - globally disabled by Wikia
Range block - 3 months

Confirming suspected users

If you suspect that a user has other usernames that s/he uses for any purpose but goes against Wikia's policies, follow these directions:

  1. First and foremost, you must have legitimate evidence that suggests suspicious behavior.
    • Examples of these may include, but are not limited to: similar usernames, similar typing styles, an unusual fascination with another user, editing within a short time of another user, etc.
  2. Discuss with the admins and community if they believe the suspected user to have multiple accounts.
  3. If the community believes that the suspected users has other usernames, go to Special:Contact/general and fill out the information.
    • Label the title "Checkuser Request" or something similar.
    • Describe the general problem. State that there is a user accused of having a sockpuppet account(s) and that the community requests an IP check. Include the URLs of user contributions and other pages where necessary. Remember to keep the message short and to the point.
    • Send the message, and you should receive a response within 2-3 days.
  4. After you receive the response, announce the outcome. (If you really want to convince everyone, take a picture of the response and upload it to the wiki.)
  5. We will move on from here.

Please do not abuse Special:Contact. It should only be used under important situations where admin/community intervention is not enough to solve a wiki's problems.

What will happen after a user is confirmed to have sockpuppets?

Once legitimate, concrete evidence (i.e. a response from a staff member) shows that a suspected user is using sockpuppets with malicious intentions, the admins of the wiki will block them and any known sockpuppets. Suspected usernames may also be banned for an indefinite amount of time.

The admins will decide on the duration of the ban, judging on how many chances the vandal had and/or the range and extent of damage (in the case of simple vandalism, it is very ephemeral damage and can easily be reverted). The vandal may have the opportunity to edit their talk page in order for additional chances, although this is somewhat rare.

There have been some cases in which the vandal somehow manages to bypass the block, though in most cases, this is done through sheer luck. In the case that the vandal is able to bypass the blocks, a range block will be issued. A range block prevents a group of IP addresses from editing, creating new accounts, etc. It is highly recommended that the person issuing the IP block has experience and knows what they are doing, because if they block the wrong IP, they may be blocking tens of thousands of potential contributors who are not the problem.

And if a user attacks (from) another wiki?

In this case, visit the VSTF Wiki and report a user (or users) accordingly.


This act is to make sure that vandals do not bypass blocks and/or create sockpuppet accounts for more vandalism. If a user is suspected to own sockpuppets for vandalism, use Special:Contact/general. If the staff replies and confirms that the IP has more than one username, the admins of the wiki will take the necessary steps to eradicate the vandal.