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Volted Tunnel Map

Volted Tunnel

This List of stages Are Not Added in Yet.

Volted Tunnel 1

Green Skull Stickman

Red Smiley UFO

Red Skull Stickman

Yellow Boss Skull Stickman

Volted Tunnel 2

Blue Diamond Mushroom

Blue Big Diamond Mushroom

Teal Boss Diamond Mushroom

Volted Tunnel 3

Teal Diamond Digger

Teal Diamond Zombie

Teal Big Diamond Zombie

Grey Big Smiley Walker

Green Big Skull Snake

Lavender Boss Smiley UFO

Volted Tunnel 4

Teal Big Diamond Zombie

Lavender Boss Diamond Zombie

Volted Tunnel Castle

Red Big Diamond Zombie

Yellow Boss Diamond UFO

Volted Tunnel 6

Green Gel Bat

Green Gel Stickman

Green Gel Walker

Green Boss Gel Walker

Volted Tunnel 7

Teal Gel Dragon

Red Boss Gel Walker

More coming later...

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