I've been talking with others and considering implementing the concept of different timelines as opposed to the current "canon" vs "non-canon." This is where I organize theoretically what goes where.

Timeline Map (corrections may be needed)


Alpha Timeline

The first established timeline, considered the "pioneer" of the storylines. Generally closed off from further direct additions by request of DMSwordsmaster, it's main contributor. 



Pi Timeline

Timeline for a set of stories written by Fire InThe Hole, set in a timeline very similar or possibly functionally identical to Alpha, but considered separate for permissions purposes.

Nu Timeline

Timeline that follows the events of an earlier Ludus and conflicts with Nazcans. Ownership considered to be given to A, Mori.

Beta Timeline

Timeline that follows a revised telling of the events of Alpha, with some tweaks and reimaginations along the way. Created and maintained by Ludicrine.

  • Deep Blue: A Ludusian Tale
  • Corrupsam: He(ha) Comes

Sigma Timeline

Timeline that contains a webcomic-like parody of Homestuck, in which Fan-Ball characters participate in their own fictional game, called SFANB. Also home to other webcomic parodies, which may exist in separate sub-timelines but are all considered part of Sigma.

  • SFANB and Related Bits
  • Problem Spoof

Phi Timeline

A timeline that exists in a surge of the power of Chaos, where time shenanigans run rampant, and where nothing makes any fucking sense. Anything that doesn't fit anywhere and/or is generally just for joking around purposes probably belongs here.

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