Don't mind me I'm just putting the Fan-Ball RPG idea shit that however unlikely to ever come into fruition, I want to record instead of have bumbling about inside only my brain.

Battle Format Idea: Typical RPG battle format, but with added aspect of characters being able to move around to spots on a grid between turns. Certain attacks hit certain squares/areas, have certain ranges, and faster characters can move around more. Also, added action-commandy aspect for dodging, countering, and executing, most exemplary thing I can think of is the Mario & Luigi series of games.

File:RPG Battle System Drawn Shittily.png

Game Progression Idea: Have a typical storyline for playthrough, but special offshoot lines for completing certain challenges, making certain decisions, etc. Perhaps even two "main" alternate storylines, where the player sides more with demonic aligned characters or angelic/god trio aligned characters.

Boss Mechanic Idea: Each major boss character has a certain special way in which you can complete their battle that will unlock a special event, storyline, area, etc. This will be hinted at during their initial monologue or in some other way. It would also try to be fitting to thm, such as a hasty character's battle challenge being to defeat them in a certain number of turns, or something like that.

Player Character Uncertainty: Whether to have the main protagonist be a possibly silent pseudo-insert character and battle alone, while interacting in the world with established characters, or to have a party of established characters as the main protagonist party.

Possible Playable Cast (Recommendations & Changes Welcome)

Default Playable Party

  • Zach Isles
  • Baxter Quint
  • Revelian Zeronius

Recruitable Cast

  • Samuel 17
  • Poisonshot Altari
  • Hankvi Guidza
  • Amygea Moriam

Recruitable Cast (Special Conditions)

  • Mercuron Kao
  • Kuipter Zeronius
  • Poxten Crucex

Possible Special Win Conditions (specific boss character assignments welcome)

  • Only Use Physical Attacks
  • Only Use Magic Attacks
  • Attack Every Turn
  • Don't Use Healing
  • Dodge/Block Every Attack
  • Don't Move From Your Original Positions 
  • Defeat in X Turns
  • Stall for X Turns
  • Execute All Action Commands Perfectly
  • Defeat Using Only Counter-Attacks

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