We've already made changes to who is now Liwiya, so if anyone wants to speak up to alter anything here regarding the GB trolls, feel free, whether it be new titles, names, troll tags, or whatever. The trolls that aren't present in SGRUB2 aren't as important but are welcome to addition anyway.

Name Trollian Tag Title Lusus Strife Specibus Special Abilities
Ellona Nehzod anarchicEris Thief of Time Draconequus Scythekind

"Murphy's Law"

Ersten ?????? (Mercury) ????????
Armega Rodite radiantIncandescence Witch of Heart Succubus



Uskuro Mornen narcoticsAbuser Seer of Doom Cerberus Plunderkind Limeblood Shoosh
Hassii Lethos presagedTermination Sylph of Mind Orchid Botanokinesis
?????? ?????? (Earth) ????????
Caelum Oberon ????????
Grodus Crucex conflictedlyCross Mage of Space Knights Staffkind
?????? ?????? (Mars) ????????
Tarzuk Zeupit ambientConspiracy Fool of Blood Eagle Nunchakukind Super Stength [sic]
Zekrys Adepri ????????



Highblood Honk
Murtaw Guidza harmonizedDeipotent Knight of Chance Mertreant Chainsawkind

Karma Arm

Highblood Honk

Liwiya Lanzer bibliophilicMajyycian Stooge of Curse Whale* Polearmkind
?????? ?????? (Sol) ????????

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