It's generally accepted that the best way to govern a community is to let the people decide who they want to lead. Having thought about this, I would like to implement a democratic proccess of doing so for the future.

Here's a draft. 

Election Process

Every 6 months, the active users of the wiki have the opportunity to participate in administration by voting and running for "office." 


In order to be eligible to vote and/or run for adminship, any given account must:

  • have contributed at least 50 edits to the site
  • have made any type of edit within the past 6 months


Beginning one month before the next electoral cycle is to take place, all users who have announced candidacy will be added to an externally hosted anonymous poll that uses IP detection to prevent voting fraud. In this poll, voters have the opportunity to check off one or more of any users they want to be an administrator for the upcoming term. Once the voting month has ended, the top 4 running users with the most votes will be promoted to administrator, and any current administrators who did not place in the top 4 will be demoted.

Sign Off

In order for this to work, I need all current administrators and bureaucrats to sign off on this, and for bureaucrats to agree to demote their own status if it is agreed upon for us to take this strategy. If you have any amendments you would like to make to this before signing off, please let me know.

All administrators who sign below hereby give their approval to the aforementioned policy:

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