• Dark Matter/Negative - Heavy, militaristic in appearance and almost always energy-based. Disregards efficiency in favor or power or speed.
  • Ethereal - Like Negative tech, makes heavy use of aura-energy, but tends to be more focursed on a utopian motive.
  • Binarickan - Organic based, generally primitive, mostly constructed of wood and crude metals.
  • Genoskayan - Below
    • Serrangio-based - Mostly relies on custom renewable energy sources; most common is light-based energy stored in ring-like batteries
    • Doomer-based - Can turn basically anything into a form of energy, leaving everything to look like a dystopian scrapyard/nest
  • Alternian - Can be organically or technologically based, advanced compared to general humanoid species but has its limits.
    • X-Naut Tech - Functions on advanced manipulation of electricity, usually with blue glassy bits and X's all over it. 
  • Ludusian - Similar to Earth circa early 20th century, except for the visitors. Primary fueled by Carbon (coal) and Solar energy sources.
  • Martedian - Very much based in dangerously experimental manipulation of nature, including themselves, transportation and innovations loosely based on the works of Leonardo da Vinci.

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