Alright, by no means is this a good guide for making gif of complex gifs or animations, but it will at least serve as a starting point for anyone who has no experience with creating animated images.

  • Step 1: Create the thing you want to animate.

In this case, I've chosen a Blue Roundhead Walker.

Gif Tutorial 1

  • Step 2: Expand the image size to have enough area to encompass the entire movement of the animation.

To move like a walker, I want the BRW to move 2px to the left, then back, then 2px to the right, then back to initial position again. In order for the image to have enough space for this, I expand the width by 2px on either side of the walker.

Gif Tutorial 2

  • Step 3: Create all the individual frames of the animation.

This is the longest and most detailed part, especially for more advanced gifs. You need to create a new image for each frame of the animation, so that when compiled together they appear to show movement. This is not unlike a sketchpad with progressively slightly adjusted images, which when flipped through appear to move.  Make sure the last frame will have a fluid transition into the first frame when the gif loops, or starts over. Here I have all of the frames needed to create the GRW walking animation.

Gif Tutorial 3 Gif Tutorial 4 Gif Tutorial 5 Gif Tutorial 6 Gif Tutorial 7 Gif Tutorial 8 Gif Tutorial 9

  • Step 4: Use a gif maker to compile your images.

Personally, the simplest and easiest to access gif maker I've found so far is this one. Be sure to choose the options I have selected in the dropdown boxes below. Upload the frames you want to use in your animation in correct order, and, once you have uploaded them all and set the frame rate (time between frames, less = faster) to your liking, create your gif.

Gif Maker Screenshot

  • Step 4: Download your gif!

Your gif is now complete, all you have to do is download it to your computer and upload to wherever you like. Gif Tutorial Complete

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