Inspired by past inspirations such as Fan-Ball Fighter and FBRPG, existing developments such as Blox Ranger, and last year's minecraft server, I bring to you the proposal of Project FBCraft (or whatever this ends up being called). The likely lenghy but rewarding project aims to simulate the fictional world we've come to know and love in the sandbox game of nearly infinite possibilities, Minecraft. Among other things, this would include the creation of a custom-terrain map, numerous structures, character skins, and likely others

Feel free to add to the following list. The chances of this thing happening aren't amazing but what the heck, at least I can fantasize.


  • 6-26-14 - LAT has a prototype map generated, landscape only for now. Screenshots and the map file coming to a doc soon.

Potential To-Do List


  • set up server, preferably compatible with free versions of minecraft  (Use this.)
  • contemplate the possible use of mods, and which might be useful

The Map

  • acquire terrain-editing software
  • create customized map based on Ludus/SRWorld
  • construction of important landmarks, including:
    • Town
    • Village
    • Castle
    • Submarine Shrine
    • Pyramid
    • Ice Castle
    • Final Castle (?)


  • design custom character skins for those that do not exist

Image Depository

SRCraft BiomeMap

Revelian Minecraft SkinRyuko LAT SkinLazro Minecraft SkinLudicrine Minecraft SkinSamuel Minecraft Skin Zoshi Minecraft SkinHankvi Minecraft SkinPoisonshot Minecraft Skin Eny Minecraft SkinNutik Minecraft Skin

Chat Discussions

  • Possible Mob Texture Replacements
    • Chicken - Mallard
    • Cow - Green Smiley Walker, Cyan Smiley Walker, Green Big Smiley Walker
    • Ocelot - Leechum
    • Pig - Green Smiley Walker
    • Sheep - Regular Sheep (Yellow "Sheep de la Sol" and red "Battering Ram" become normal spawn colors)
    • Squid - Squiddles (HS), Squidley (GB), Squiddy (Pet)
    • Villager - Generic Stickman
    • Cave Spider - Pink Gel Spider
    • Enderman - Zalgo Fragment
    • Spider - Pink Boss Gel Spider
    • Wolf - Wolf (Nutik skin)
    • Zombie Pigman - Ao Oni, Zombie Troll (Meme + Magnet sword)
    • Blaze - SFlame
    • Creeper - Speddos (+ dicksplosion)
    • Ghast - Wrathslicer the Indechevious Bloodkillerdeath of Darkness, Floatstinger, Twinfeeler
    • Silverfish - Pipe Snake, Twinfeeler
    • Skeleton - Robo-Poisonshot, Corrupted "Sniper"
    • Slime - Monster Box Gel
    • Spider Jockey - Corrupted Sniper on Pink Boss Gel Spider
    • Wither Skeleton - Dark Warrior (DS:TF)
    • Zombie - Ao Oni
    • Zombie Villager - Zombi(e) Stickman (Zombie's Card)
    • Iron Golem - Ergoth
    • Enderdragon - Ysglyfaeth, Khavah, Mr. McTombwizard
    • Wither - Cerberus Tree
    • Giant - Wrathslicer the Indechevious Bloodkillerdeath of Darkness, Zorc
    • Endermite - Lesser Zalgo Fragment
    • Bunny - Dustbunny
    • Guardian - Eel (Multiple variations)
    • Elder Guardian - Submarine Shrine Boss
  • Death Message Replacements
    • Food Poisoning/Hunger/Poison - "got the caner and died"
    • Suffocation - "are to dead in the jail"
    • Lava - "tried to be AOX" / "tried to be Gravity"
  • Ore Replacements
    • Gold - Magnet Ore
    • Diamond - Adamantium Ore
  • Dimension Replacements
    • The End - Zalgo's Domain, Zorc's Domain, Universe City
    • The Nether - Hell, the OKTE

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