Problem Spoof Page 1

You are one of the top pet salesmen in the city. Solicitations for your service are numerous in quantity. Compensation, adequate. It is a balmy summer evening. You are feeling particularly wakeful tonight.

What will you do?


> Retrieve arms.

Problem Spoof Page 2

You've already got arms, numbnuts!

You feel like you've heard this joke before.


> Chase tail for hours of fun and play.

Problem Spoof Page 3

Your floppy dragon tail is quite amusing...

...uh, you mean, no, what do you think you are, some kind of wild animal?


> Open your window and breathe the probably to some degree toxic air.

Problem Spoof Page 4

You let in a little "fresh" air through your very real window while gazing into the poorly drawn city below.

It's no Universe City, but it's a thriving place, and you helped grow it. Its not where you're from, but it feels like home.


>Take a look at the telephone.

Problem Spoof Page 5

You pick up the phone and prepare to prank call the local sandwich joint.

Without warning, the power cuts out and interrupts your call.


> Wield sword.

Problem Spoof Page 6

Why would you keep any weapons, let alone a sword in your office? Isn't that a clear safety violation?

There's a LARGE DECORATIVE FEATHER hung on the wall, and a KEY over there on the desk.


> Tickle someone to death with the FEATHER.

Problem Spoof Page 7

You equip the HEIRLOOM SWORD.

The familiar grip of its hilt fills you with the fortitude of your ancestors.


> Pick up the phone again to see if it turns the power back on.

Problem Spoof Page 8

Having a relatively poor concept of how electricity works, you pick up the phone again, hoping it's some kind of switch.

Unfortunately, nothing happens.



Problem Spoof Page 9

You frustratedly hang up the phone.

You decide to put the KEY in your pocket so you don't lose it.


> Use the key to open the door.

Problem Spoof Page 10

In an attempt to shoot the lock off of the door, you use your equipped weapon on the door.


> Retrieve FEATHER.

Problem Spoof Page 11

You attempt to dislodge the FEATHER from the door, but it seems to be stuck somehow.

Your VIM isn't high enough to pull it out.


> Look through the door window.

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