• Enclosing Things in Paper and/or Concluding Them 2
  • The Professor of Granulated Sediment: Destinies Tangled Together in an Uncomfortable Fashion
  • The Cabinet in Which Information on Paper Regarding a Certain Dark Matter is Filed
  • Cereal That's For Kids, Silly Rabbit: The Questing of An Unidentified Flying Object With a Pinwheel for a Head Name After Said Cereal
  • Cereal That's For Kids, Silly Rabbit 2: A Series of Military Endeavors Typically for the Sake of Achieving the Gain of Land or Political Power
  • The Process by Which Something, Typically a Word or Expression, is Changed from its Original Use or Meaning to One That is Regarded as Erroneous or Debased: The One Who Uses The Pronoun He Arrives in a Timely Fashion
  • Spherical Bodies Formed Typically With Stone and Water, Containing an Atmosphere, Said Worlds in a State of Disrepair or Desolation: A Series of Adventurous Happenings Regarding the Manipulation of Time to Alter Events or the Location of One's Self in the Spacetime Continuum
  • The Places Where Steel Constructions Are Typically Set Up for the Enjoyment of Schoolgoing Chidlren during Reccess Periods