This will be my first (I think) series of pet contests. Every so often after the previous one has been completed and a pet awarded, I will add a new puzzle or game for users to compete in.

Pixel Perfect Puzzle

Pixel Perfect Puzzle

Unsure of how many of you are familiar with this type of puzzle, I will explain how it works. The puzzle is divided into a grid, with a row and a column of clue numbers at either axis of the table, as can be seen. Numbers in the vertical column refer to their respective rows, and numbers in the horizontal row refer to their respective columns. Each number corresponds to a number of pixels in a row on that particular row are column. When multiple, separated numbers are in the same clue group, that means there is a gap of at least one pixel between the two pixel groups defined by the clue numbers.

For example, if a clue number group reads "5 3," that means there is one line of 3 pixels, and one line of 5 pixels, and there is at least one pixel of blank space separating those lines.

Your job is now to arrange these groups of pixels so that they form an image. The first user to correctly guess what the image is as well as correctly complete the puzzle wins the contest.

The puzzle was solved by Look-a-troopa, and awarded him with Etch-a-Sketch Etch-a-Sketch (♀♂)

Fan-Ball Sudoku

Fan-Ball Sudoku

Works the same as regular sudoku, but with icons instead of numbers. First user to solve wins.

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