Fan-Ball Risk Map 2.0


  • West Gredile
    • 19 Territories
    • 7 Continent Bonus
  • East Gredile
    • 20 Territories
    • 9 Continent Bonus
  • Oktov
    • 23 Territories
    • 12 Continent Bonus
  • Faeric
    • 5 Territories
    • 3 Continent Bonus
  • Helc
    • 20 Territories
    • 7 Continent Bonus


Not sure what direction I want to go with this, I was thinking out of several possibilities:

  • Main characters as army leaders, and the army is members of their species. (i.e. Ludicrine - Serrangios)
  • Characters who actually lead existing forces in recent story canon. (i.e. Kuipter - Dark Matter, Lord Nazca - Nazcans)
  • The armies from the historical period during the war described during the Witch Times. (i.e. King Isles- Dragons, Zero - Dark Matter)

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