It has come to attention, mainly thanks to a trip around the world by Ludicrine, that many of the pet pages are abandoned, redundant, or functionally pointless, at least in the context of modern Fan-Ball. 

I aim to coherently organize thoughts on the matter here.


  • Pet Arena - A fun pastime and staple of our history, but has grown unpopular in recent years, possible due to both fatigue and the difficulty of self-maintaining combat between purely imaginary concepts with users in varying time zones. As it stands, there are a couple of centers whose existence rests solely on the arena (namely the hospital and subsequently the prosthetic and revival centers), so retirement of it would have the retirement of the aforemenioned centers follow as well. It would be unfortunate to eliminate one of the few things to actually do with the pets besides look at them and breed them, but as it stands, no ideas for a replacement thingy exist.
  • Fusion Chamber - If it is not meant to be a bypass for breeding, then its existence is perhaps questionable. Could either be integrated into the Breeding Center or eliminated, depending on how things work out.
  • Theoretical Offspring Facility- Seems somewhat pointless really, considering the same time and resources go into just going ahead with a breeding instead of requesting to see the result and then potentially leaving behind an unused sprite. Deleted. LAT may feel free to restore this if it is missed
  • Spice House - No idea what it's for. Lazro also hasn't been here in years, so if it goes he probably won't miss it too much. Merged with Evolution Center
  • Prosthetic Center - Should be a sub-section of the Pet Hospital, if it stays. Merged with Pet Hospital
  • Pit Stop - Should probably be merged with the Tinkering Workshop. Subpaged to Tinkering Workshop
  • Pet Revival Center - Should be a sub-section of the Pet Hospital, if it stays. Merged with Pet Hospital
  • Pet Hospital - Existence mainly dependent on the fate of the Pet Arena, unless a new use comes to light.
  • Biocreation Chamber - Unsure of its unique purpose. Deleted
  • Pet Prison (subection of defunct Pet City) - Totally pointless from a functional perspective. Deleted
  • Pet Item Shop - Neat novelty items that don't do anything. Fate unknown.
  • Pet Hotel - Functionally useless and hasn't been touched in years. Already a candidate for deletion. Deleted

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