Just me messing around, feel free to suggest things. Only face cards need characters, the number cards use enemy heads of card suits.

Revelian - Ace of Clubs or Spades

Kuipter - King of Clubs or Spades

Zero - Queen of Clubs or Spades

Mura - Jack of Clubs or Spades

Sanford - Ace of Hearts

Ludicrine - King of Hearts

Zoshi - Jack of Hearts

Cobalt - Queen of Hearts

Amodeus - Ace of Diamonds

Mercuron - King of Diamonds

Linthe - Queen of Diamonds

NCD1288 - Jack of Diamonds

- Ellona - Ace of Spades or Clubs

- Grodus - Jack or King of Spades or Clubs

- Isevel/Armega - Queen of Spades or Clubs

- Hankvi/Murtaw - Jack or King of Spades or Clubs

Shenanigans - Joker

Stick Ranger Deck

Cards take on a similar appearance to the card compo item from SR. Face cards are stickmen with a king's crown, queen's crown, and the jack's hat, respectively.

Update: SR Cards

Stick Ranger Chess Set

White King - Angel?

White Queen - Magician

White Bishop - Priest

White Knight - Gladiator

White Castle - Sniper

White Pawn - Boxer

Black King - Castle Boss

Black Queen - Sub-Castle Boss

Black Bishop - Red Skull Stickman 

Black Knight - White Skull Stickman

Black Castle - Yellow Smiley Wheel

Black Pawn - Green Smiley Walker

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