I was originally going to catalogue other personality types such as Big 5 and Temperaments, but it would be easier just to start with this. This is just for fun and all that. If you do the test thing for one of your characters or already know it feel free to share.

Also, some of these, especially for more recently developed characters, are based on what the character's personality is supposed to be, rather than the way they have acted in some of the older stories where they weren't as well developed.


  • Revelian - ISTJ, possibly ESTJ
  • Kuipter - ESTP
  • Shenanigans - ESFP, possibly ENFP
  • Poxten - INFJ, possibly ENFJ
  • Mori - INFJ
  • Mercuron - ISFP
  • Raskova - possibly ENTJ
  • Samuel - possibly ESTP or ESFP
  • Asterion - ESTJ
  • Zaion - possibly ENFJ or ESFJ

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