...and so space had been formed, and Gaia was pleased. Time had been formed, and pleased too, was Chronos. The fabric of the universe moved without wrinkle, without tear. All came together in a masterful work of law and order.

For this, Chaos was not pleased, but rather bored with the current state of things.

And so Chaos sent out a great light, which shined out through the stars of the universe. The light inhabited all matter, and gave it soul. With the power of this great light, the universe now had will. The light would form imperfections in the lawful fabric that had been sewn by Gaia and Chronos, in activity that could not be predicted by the laws of the universe, or even by the minds of the gods.

For this, Chaos was then pleased.

The great light inhabited all elements of the universe and their formations, and beings with soul were brought into existence, which would continue to repopulate, and over time fill the young universe, and unravel a never ending series of stories to tell.

Gaia especially was frustrated by the light, and the chaos which it brought to the previously impeccable creation. In the deepest, darkest core of space Gaia created a Separate Place, which would steal away the light which escaped from the living things, never to escape. 

Seven beings, all born of the great light, stood up, and they called out the cruelty of Gaia. For this insubordinance, Gaia stole the light from within them all, and they became the first souls to inhabit the darkness of the Separate Place. For eternity, the seven beings would be rulers of this realm of isolation, bound to be the keepers of all exiled souls. 

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