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  • ZoshiX

    Stick Ranger ZX Mod

    October 7, 2016 by ZoshiX

    I've begun really getting into tinkering with the Stick Ranger code, so as I make progress, I will be releasing my own series of mods, much like other users like Ivan247 and Aeinstein have already been doing.

    Feel free to play as much as you like, test for bugs, suggest future additions, and have fun.

    The current version of SR ZX Mod is hosted at:

    • 1.0 - Cosmetic Changes
      • New title screen.
      • Some elements in the HUD have been re-arranged or spaced differently.
      • Naming, spelling, and capitalization changes.
    • 1.1 - In Development
      • Development Screenshots:
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  • ZoshiX

    It has come to attention, mainly thanks to a trip around the world by Ludicrine, that many of the pet pages are abandoned, redundant, or functionally pointless, at least in the context of modern Fan-Ball. 

    I aim to coherently organize thoughts on the matter here.

    • Pet Arena - A fun pastime and staple of our history, but has grown unpopular in recent years, possible due to both fatigue and the difficulty of self-maintaining combat between purely imaginary concepts with users in varying time zones. As it stands, there are a couple of centers whose existence rests solely on the arena (namely the hospital and subsequently the prosthetic and revival centers), so retirement of it would have the retirement of the aforemenioned centers follow as well…

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  • ZoshiX

    Character MBTI Types

    June 26, 2016 by ZoshiX

    I was originally going to catalogue other personality types such as Big 5 and Temperaments, but it would be easier just to start with this. This is just for fun and all that. If you do the test thing for one of your characters or already know it feel free to share.

    Also, some of these, especially for more recently developed characters, are based on what the character's personality is supposed to be, rather than the way they have acted in some of the older stories where they weren't as well developed.

    • Revelian - ISTJ, possibly ESTJ
    • Kuipter - ESTP
    • Shenanigans - ESFP, possibly ENFP
    • Poxten - INFJ, possibly ENFJ
    • Mori - INFJ
    • Mercuron - ISFP
    • Raskova - possibly ENTJ
    • Samuel - possibly ESTP or ESFP
    • Asterion - ESTJ
    • Zaion - possibly ENFJ or ESFJ
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  • ZoshiX

    Problem Spoof

    April 13, 2016 by ZoshiX

    You are one of the top pet salesmen in the city. Solicitations for your service are numerous in quantity. Compensation, adequate. It is a balmy summer evening. You are feeling particularly wakeful tonight.

    What will you do?


    > Retrieve arms.

    You've already got arms, numbnuts!

    You feel like you've heard this joke before.


    > Chase tail for hours of fun and play.

    Your floppy dragon tail is quite amusing...

    ...uh, you mean, no, what do you think you are, some kind of wild animal?


    > Open your window and breathe the probably to some degree toxic air.

    You let in a little "fresh" air through your very real window while gazing into the poorly drawn city below.

    It's no Universe City, but it's a thriving place, and you helped grow it. Its not where y…

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  • ZoshiX

    ...and so space had been formed, and Gaia was pleased. Time had been formed, and pleased too, was Chronos. The fabric of the universe moved without wrinkle, without tear. All came together in a masterful work of law and order.

    For this, Chaos was not pleased, but rather bored with the current state of things.

    And so Chaos sent out a great light, which shined out through the stars of the universe. The light inhabited all matter, and gave it soul. With the power of this great light, the universe now had will. The light would form imperfections in the lawful fabric that had been sewn by Gaia and Chronos, in activity that could not be predicted by the laws of the universe, or even by the minds of the gods.

    For this, Chaos was then pleased.

    The gre…

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