Alright fellas, I'll give it to you straight. I'm leaving.

I haven't contributed much while I was here, and frankly I found it hard to. It's quite difficult to try and involve yourself in a story that's already being written, etc. and it just didn't feel right sticking my stuff in.

While I have not done a lot to contribute, there are certainly some people who have-- yeah, I'll be blunt about this. Fire's done a whole helluva lot more than I have to get involved and he hasn't gotten what he deserves.

On that topic, Mori's seem to have gotten a bit *too* much freedom and I don't particularly enjoy reading their work. Sorry, but I said it. And I won't venture to say that his characters are Mary Sues, but... I'll just say that when I designed Dave (never even saw that page, did you?) he was for the express purpose of kicking more ass than any of his.

Am I calling people out now? Okay; I wasn't there to see it, GhostCheese, but whatever you did emotionally wrecked one of my best friends on this site (the fact that Birb ain't coming back is another reason I'm going). Though I don't know you very well, my impression of you isn't a very high one (and your Napstablook stuff and *memes* is kind of insufferable to me.)

And generally, there's something about the whole nature surrounding this site that I don't feel comfortable with.

I'm sorry to anyone who liked having me here and who I enjoyed being around. If you're one of those people then I hope we can still stay in touch.

Hey, I didn't used to like DMS that much (consistently angry people trying to be frightening really aren't) but I think it would be cool to see him come back. I wonder if anything would get sorted out.

Oh, but thanks for giving me a place to dump my writing! Even if I've taken it all down now. Atticus is now set to be the protagonist of the game I will one day finish, and I've made sure it's going to be a cool one. I would tell you how that story was supposed to end, but only one person even really cared about that at all. If you're that one person and you still want to see it, I'll be happy to share you that stuff-- I still have it saved.

Well, that about wraps it up.

Nice knowing you all here, I guess. Sometimes.

Oh well. If Birb ever comes back, so will I.

But hey, you know what I might still use this site for?

Posting all the SR ideas I never got around to finishing! It's what the site was actually made for, right?


Peace out, bitches.


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