This any blog about Wikia updat.

For those who don't know, Wikia is launching another of its weekly updates. I only write this because it is a major change (a.k.a. mandatory and affecting Monobook users). It's basically another one of Wikia's steps forward to become Facebook 2.0.

This "Message Wall" will replace user talkpages. Instead of User talk:Waddle D33, it will be Message Wall:Waddle D33. There will be no RTE (not necessarily a bad thing), no way to edit the whole page, no preview buttons, no talk page header, and no way to see past revisions of a comment. Most importantly, there will be no fancy signatures. Only admins will be allowed to edit comments.


It's like article comments, but worse. On the bright side, noobs will have pretty much no learning curve at all. (Supposedly, there were supposed to be more supposed "benefits" for this supposed update, but they were lost.)

You may read more about it here. You may also find tiny traces of information here and there. Maybe even here? Who knows!

Sorry if I bored you too much. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go find a loophole.

Le Loophole

October 23, 2011
Not found out by me, but from the pros at Wikia Central.

When the time comes for Message Walls© to replace User Talk pages, simply post a note on your Message Wall© telling users to post on a page titled "User:(Username)/Talk" or anything similar.

Did you know that Facebook has trademarked their original and creative word "Wall"? And that they have sued another company for using one of their unique and copyrighted words "Book"? Let's hope that they won't find out what Wikia is planning on naming their forced update!

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