Myself I mainly listen to New Super Mario Bros. Wii musics (depending of the theme). Have fun listening themes:


Opening Street, Grasslands, Hill Countries: Overworld theme
Castle Gate, Megaboss's stage entrance: Castle theme
VS Megabosses: Castle Boss battle
Lake, Submarines: Underwater theme
Forests, Mist Groves, ???: Forest theme
Caverns: Underground theme
Seasides, Oasis, Beaches: Beach theme
Deserts: Desert theme
Snowfields: Snow theme (basically the same as the Overworld, but more snow-ish)
Overall: Volcanic Underground (HAN HANXOOR!!!!!!1111!!!!1! Favorite song)
Overall (alt): Volcanic Underground HURRY UP! (a lot faster)

Add your own musics if you want! (make sure to use heading, preferably heading 3 to separeate things)

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