So. Stories.

I've been thinking and maybe I could follow the bandwagon and start some of my own!

Well, okay. Maybe. Probably not until a long time, if at all. For the time being, though, this blog will mostly explain a bit the stories' settings, as well as being a general idea dump. Introducing...

The Samline!

What the hell is a Samline?

Well, it'll be where some/most of my stories will take place. Allow me to explain some of it with a list.

  • In general, it's a timeline with not a lot of defined events, focusing mainly on the stories themselves. Thus, it could be considered as "evergrowing". In general, this timeline favors status quo a little bit.
  • Otherwise, some events associated with Alpha (and by extension, Beta and Pi), such as the whole Kuipter thing, does in fact happen.
  • Oddities that are associated with the Phi timeline can happen, ranging from merely unusual to downright silly.

Yeah, that is all fine and dandy but what's this timeline all about?

The adventures of Sam. Thend.

...Just kidding. While it might sometimes involve all of our favorite established character, with maybe emphasis on our lovely cyan speedster, the focus will be shifted to a new group of odd characters.

Enter The Gang!

"The Gang" (actual name) is a moderately large group composed of many people, most notably Bottledo and his friends. Starting out as nothing more than some good friends hanging out together on a regular basis, subsequent encounters not only made the number of members grow, but also started a small business of sorts, mostly centered on the members' individual capacities being used in a mercenary-ish way. Eventually, a modest headquarters located somewhere in the southern continent was built for their own ends, and a fair share of the members moved around it.

Eventually, the company also grew a commercial section of its own, initially focusing on small merchandise but later causing the appearance of factories that sell a variety of products.

Nowadays, The Gang's primary activities are alternating between adventuring and fighting trouble when they come across it, or simply working at the office. The Gang is now pretty much one of the best examples of "convergent evolution" with LDZX (or IQ because Bax) Corporations, both associations being comprised of members working in an office while having a penchant for adventuring. They do acknowledge the existence of each other, but for the most part the two companies have yet to properly meet.

If I ever get around to story-ing, that group will most likely be the center of attention.

If you ever stuck around chat in a few precise instances (such as LDRP), you might notice a familiar face. Bottledo. Yes, the stories are going to be about him and his group of friends.


Where I'll dump all the potential characters (ideas).

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