I just really can't seem to keep my ideas within one or even two blog pages. *sigh*. Well, here's another page. On a different wiki this time.

As the blog title suggests; this is indeed an entire blog page dedicated to fusing different pairings of canon weapons together. However, that currently means... two Gunner weapons. I still have 14 other rough ideas for fusions I want to make, all of which are for the Gunner. Since that covers level 1~4 weapons, I'll probably make a second cycle of the total of 16 ideas for levels 5~8. I'll probably make a fusion list for another class sometime after I'm finished with the Gunner's fusion list.


  • Handgun 1 / Shotgun 1 = Double Barrel 1
  • Sub machine-gun 1 / Rifle 1 = Automatic Rifle 1
  • Grenade 2 / Bazooka 2 = Frag Grenade 1
  • Laser Gun 2 / Homing Laser 2 = Microwave Gun 1

Handgun 1 + Shotgun 1 = Double Barrel 1

  • AT: 15-20 x2
  • Type: Physical
  • AGI: 40-50
  • Range: 60
  • Shooting cost: 10
  • Buy/sell: 1000/125
  • Description: Fires two bullets in a slight spread with a very slight delay. A Bullet's Card 1 is extremely useful on this weapon, allowing it to outmatch the Shotgun 1 in terms of DPS.
  • Personal note: More accurate than the Shotgun 1, and honestly looks kind of badass in action~ ^^ >;D Has a lower shooting cost than Shotgun 1, so even without Bullet's Card 1 (it's 3rd barrel) it will still at least help save a bit of $$$.
  • Code for modding usage: ["double barrel",1,1000,14,28,6,4291611852,1,503,0,15,20,2,30,40,50,60,1,17,4291611852,1,16,16,8,8,5,0,40,10,0,100,0,0,0,0,0,10,0]

Sub machine-gun 1 + Rifle 1 = Automatic Rifle 1

  • AT: 3-6
  • Type: Physical
  • AGI: 5-10
  • Range: 120
  • Shooting cost: 5
  • Buy/sell: 1000/125
  • Description: Fires long bullets like the Rifle at a rapid rate like the Sub machine-gun. Has slightly better base DPS than the Rifle 1, but much worse DPS than the Sub machine-gun 1. However, because it won't take DEX Rifle technically has better DPS potential than it. One of very few weapons that Red Crystal 1 ever does any favors for for any period of time.
  • Personal note: Honestly, it's not really a replacement for either Rifle 1 or Sub machine-gun 1... but who cares, it looks cool >;P xD Plus there probably is a reason why a mid-way point between the two would be useful in certain scenarios; such as when a STR Gunner needs to outrange something.
  • Code for modding usage: ["automatic rifle",1,1000,14,29,6,4284901017,1,3,0,3,6,1,50,5,10,120,1,17,4284901017,1,16,24,8,8,0,0,300,10,0,100,0,0,0,0,0,5,0]

Grenade 2 / Bazooka 2 = Frag Grenade 1

  • AT: 15-25 + 10-15 x6
  • Type: Physical
  • AGI: 80-90
  • Range: 60
  • Shooting cost: 20
  • Buy/sell: 1000/125
  • Description: Fires a single green bullet in an arc that explodes into 6 small green waves which rain down on the enemy. Better raw DPS than Shotgun 1, however suffers from not getting as much benefit from STR or Critical's Card as well as being completely unable to equip Bullet's Card. Has lower AGI accuracy than Shotgun 1 on top of all that, resulting in lower potential as well as expected DPS. The one saving grace that it has is full ability to utilize Catapult's Card.
  • Personal note: Initially I was scared that this might be too OP for a tier 1 weapon if I gave it respectable AT for a Physical weapon. Then I realized all the edges Shotgun 1 had over it. Trash weapon tbh, but cool enough imo nonetheless xD
  • Code for modding usage: ["frag grenade",1,1000,14,30,6,4278229248,1,4,0,15,25,1,40,80,90,60,1,17,4278229248,1,16,16,8,8,0,0,100,10,10,100,0,0,0,0,0,20,3,0,10,15,6,1,11,4278229248,2,8,8,4,4,0,0,20,10,5,105,0,2]

Homing Laser 2 / Laser Gun 2 = Microwave Gun 1

  • AT: 1-2 x2
  • Type: Fire (Burn 10%)
  • AGI: 20-30
  • Range: 50
  • Shooting cost: 5
  • Buy/sell: 1000/125
  • Description: Fires two red homing microwaves that each last for 1s, rapidly cooking swarms of enemies to perfection! Ruby 1 + Bullet's Card 1 are the right ingredients to get just the right flavor!
  • Personal note: What the hell was that cringe-worthy description RDB?? Anyway, this weapon has seen... quite a few revisions >.> xD
  • Code for modding usage: ["microwave gun",1,1000,14,33,6,4288217088,1,3,1,1,2,2,1,20,30,50,1,11,4288217088,1,16,16,8,8,0,0,50,10,0,97,1,0,50,1,100,5,0]

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