What is this? An adventure that depends of your choices!


EelixHi. I am Professor Eelix! Are you a boy or a girl?


What is your name?


You are ready to the world of Stickemon!

Choose your Starter!

  • PoixicGreen Cap Mushroom - Grass Starter - Forest Mushroom Stickemon
  • WhaireOrange Smiley Wheel - Fire Starter - Flare Circle Stickemon
  • PonrkOrange Skull Fish - Water Starter - Lake Shark Stickemon

You chosen Poixic. You din't given ot any name.





Special Attack:7

Special Defense:1

I give you 5 Stickball!

You can go in 2 place.

  • Cavern 3
  • Opening Street

You chosen Opening Street.

Wild Blueish Cyan Smiley Walker appers!

Blueish use Tackle!

Poixic take 5 damage!

What do you do?



Pass Turn



Wich attack you do?

  • Headslam:Deals Damage. Normal type.
  • Mist:Protect from statuses(Completly useless)

Poixic use Headslam!

Blueish takes 16 damage! Life Bar is red!

What do you do?


1.2.3... Blueish is Caught! How do you name it?

  • Bluebag
  • Cutiemaster
  • Moonwalk

You called it Bluebag!

Wild Greenies Appeared!Green Smiley Walker (OS)Green Smiley Walker (OS)

Bluebag used Tackle!

Greenie 1 takes 10 damage!

Greenie 1 ran away due to Healt Loss.

Poixic used Headslam!

Greenie 2 takes 20 damage!

Greenie 2 ran away due to Healt Loss.

You win!

Bluebag levels up! Level 5!

Poixic levels up! Level 6!

After some training, Poixic is level 12, and Bluebag is level 10!

You go to a house. There are two trainer.

Who you choose?

  • Camper Roche
  • Gym Leader Heyvi

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