Before you say ARGH ARGH WE AREADLY HAVE STICK RANGER 2, I through it was too much changing the gameplay, so I decided to make a blog for another, more realist sequel. Me and Sam were talking about what could a Stick Ranger 2 potentially look in chat and ten this was born. Feel free to put ideas in the comment.


  • Armor, like compo but increases defense like the defensive crystal. Some armor can block attacks, althrough this is rare.
  • More stages: some stage return, but sometimes with slighty different themes.
  • Weather
  • Scrolling up and down on the world map, allowing more space for new stages.
  • Sounds like in the mobile version (Can be toggled on/off)
  • Players can't go past the top of the screen
  • A new Hammerer class and a Spearman class as well. Note that Spearman only uses it as a melee weapons. This is so that there is an equal number of Melee and Ranged classes.


Here's a list of stages. If a counterpart for it exists into actual SR, it'll be put (like this).

  • Opening Street
  • Meadows (Grassland)
  • Pond (Lake)
  • Forest 1-2
  • Cave/Cove (Cavern)
  • Hill Country
  • Castle (Entrance)
  • Coast (Seaside)
  • Swamp (Mist Grove)
  • Ocean (Submarine)
  • ???
  • Marine Shrine
  • TBA

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