Rific Project? Yeah. I'll explain:


  • What is the rific project? A project where people team up to make rifics. Each user has his own team, between 1 and 4 characters.
  • What is a rific? A mock-up screenshot.
  • How do I join? Say you want to in the comments. You can if you want also add a description of what you will do.
  • How do I make a rific? It's complicated. Creating stages, compos, enemies, ect is much easier that making rifics.
  • Why you made this project? I want more rifics on the wiki. I was also bored.
  • What are you waiting to update? A member uploading an updated rific.

If you have more question, ask in the comments.



  • "I started this project myself. I will do bases for the rifics and bunch of addons and fixes."
  • Team: Agent;Snow Stun-gun 6 with Moonstone 5 and Toxic Card 5. All others have nothing and are baits.


  • Team: Wizard, Clubber, Lumberjack and Bomber, all with resort weapons.


  • Team: Hammer with Charge Mallet 4, Bomber with Blast Dynamite 4, Sniper with Pyramid Arrow 5 and Dual Swordsman with Spark Dual Pointed Sword 4.



Coming Soon:Unknown

WIP pictures:


Things to add: Sam's and Lat's characters, fix some coloring, add enemies, add sign and add the top thingys. Probably more.

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