LAT Incorporated

This service is property of LAT Incorporated.

The Aquatic Center would be a new AC.

What it will consist?

It is that you do a request for a pet, you choose an area, then we may give you a pet. The Blacklist will be the same as all the ACs. You may claim your pet or it will be put in AC3. You can only do four request per week. You cannot choose both the head and the species. There is a list for different head and species found in area, but we need to discover them before.


Q:What are Areas?

A:Place where we search pets for you.

If you have any questions, ask me on this blog.


  • Poisonshot
  • DMSwordMaster
  • Ludicrine
  • HankGuideDude
  • ZoshiX


  • Grassyrto Laskref
  • Coldafs Searer
  • Hotrat Springeku
  • In the futur, there will be more.

Is it a good idea?

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