Everybody's Russian!

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Is a series I have created.


I have imaginated character.

  • J'airare Sapick:Principal Character.J'airare Sapick.Element:Sky.
  • V'oo R'aa:Enemy of the story.V'oo R'aa.Element:Rise.
  • K'aime Sapick:Brother of J'airare.K'aime Sapick.Element:Russia.
  • The Humans:Simply human.No Picture.Element:None.
  • B'lack O'ut:Unknown if is really alife or is a ghost.B'lack O'ut.Element:Abyss.
  • C'hill O'ut:B'lack Mom, but want kill B'lack.No Picture.Element:Futur
  • G'et O'ut:B'lack Dad, but along with C'hill, it want kill B'lack.No Picture.Element:Universe

J'airare Sapick

J'airare Sapick life in a Rock with his brother.J'airare SapickHis worse enemy is V'oo R'aa.His personnality is that it Fly everywhere.His best friend is B'lack O'ut.It enter in a Shrine that is the V'oo R'aa House.He will be the 2nd fight V'oo and will lose.He enter in a prison.Black O'ut will save it.I dont know what will have in the futur.

V'oo R'aa

V'oo R'aa life in a shrine.V'oo R'aaHis worse enemy is J'airare Sapick.His personnality is burn all.I dont know more, but will fosilize B'lack O'ut and make in prison J'airare Sapick and K'aime Sapick.

K'aime Sapick

K'aime life in the same rock than J'airare.K'aime SapickHis worse enemy is V'oo R'aa.His personnality that it like Russia.Will be in prison because V'oo.

B'lack O'ut

B'lack out life in a Graveyard, and at night attack mars animal to eat them and survive.B'lack O'utHIs worse enemy is V'oo R'aa.His personnality is at night pretend to a ghost.V'oo fosilize she, but human gave she a robotic body.


Is the elements of Marspell


Is the main element of Marspell:The elements categories!

  • Space
  • Water
  • Poison
  • Fire
  • Ground
  • Far


Is the others element of Marspell.

  • Satelite-Space
  • Ice-Water
  • Planet-Space
  • Sky-Far
  • Grass-Ground
  • Acid-Poison
  • Toxic-Poison
  • Earthquake-Ground
  • Universe-Space
  • Russia-Far
  • Polution-Poison
  • Ocean-Water
  • Abyss-Water
  • Futur-Far
  • Earth-Ground
  • Hell-Fire
  • Rise-Fire
  • Sun-Fire


Is there the pictures.

Marsspell 1st pic

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