Jangala have now a adventure!Note:Please dont add everybody russian template here.It's my blog post.

The story

JangalaOne day, 20 april 2006, I born!My parent is a White Trapezoid(Fliped) Cart and a Blue Diamond Fish!It's taking care of me.But sadly, one day, a HUGE tower killed my dad.Notice:The Huge tower look like the one that has killed me-Jangala.I escaped, in a wild area.Any Purple Smiley Eel view me and take care of me.But one day, a Poisoning Vampirize Eel pass and want eat me.I passed years in a forest.But one day, ZoshiX has founded me and make me enter in per village.Poisonshot adopted me.It make me breed with Jango, any Orange Roundhead Whell.The egg hatch and make Jeopardy.It have worm in his liver.He now has a liver graft.I waited with Jango and Jeopardy.Poisonshot wanted walk with me.YAHOO!Ahh, no.I suposed say:But I will have a robotic body.Greed Tower killed me.Now I has a robotic body.NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!JangalaAnimatedI say to Poisonshot that I want Jeopardy enter school.Poisonshot say:Sure.Jeopardy.I like the Stone Battle!Jango being here to make a battle and I make the example battle!

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