Yes. My enemy stat page.

New Story

I plan on soon doing a new story! You imagine the thing that happens in it for a select theme(For example the Hell). But, you cannot do thing that would stop the story. There will be a end. It's a RPG story. (PS:It's based on Paper Mario, not LAT RPG one.

World 1

Green Smiley WalkerGreen Smiley Walker (OS)

  • HP:10
  • AT:1-1
  • Loot/Drop:Onigiri 1
  • Defense:1
  • Description:Very weak. One attack and most of the time he/she gone.

Blue Smiley WalkerCyan Smiley Walker

  • HP:15
  • AT:1-2
  • Loot/Drop:Potion 1
  • Defense:1
  • Description:Stronger, but still weak. Just attack it a few time!

Red Smiley WalkerRed Smiley Walker

  • HP:20
  • AT:2-3
  • Loot/Drop:Sword 1
  • Defense:2
  • Description:He is a bit strong for begginer.

Blue X WalkerBlue X Walker

  • HP:15
  • AT:5-6
  • Loot/Drop:Cristal Shard 1, Onigiri 1
  • Defense:5
  • Description:Considerably stronger, an challenge for a begginer.

Grey Boss Smiley WalkerGrey Boss Smiley Walker

  • HP:35
  • AT:1-4 x3
  • Loot/Drop:Pearlstone Card, Onigiri 2
  • Defense:5
  • Description:The first boss! He a tough challenge, so beware!


  • HP:100
  • AT:none
  • Loot/Drop:None
  • Defense:100
  • Description:He train your abilities. It's nearly impossible to win the battle, but he wont even attack you.

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