Welcome to a collab project! I'm going to explain it.


The map will only have it's themes changed. The stage order is tthe same otherwise. The stage, through, will have different themes and name, different species and head, ect. Here's how we will make a world:

  • First of all, we vote for the theme of a world.
  • Then, we "claim" a series. Note that you can only claim 1 series per "world"
  • Each of us make the series with it's stages and species/heads. Only introduce new species/heads where they would be introduced.
  • Huge series may be split in parts when there is not enough series to claim in a world.

Claim a Series

Pretty much everyone agreed on Autumn, so the theme of world 1 is autumn! Try to keep it basic: No complicated themes like "Future Skies".

Series left to claim: 5

  • Opening Street Counterpart: Claimed by NutikTehWolf.
  • Lake Counterpart: Open
  • Grassland Counterparts: Open
  • Hill Country Counterparts: Open
  • Forest Counterparts: Claimed by Poisonshot.
  • Cavern Counterparts: Open
  • Castle (Gate) Counterparts: Open

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