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Hi guys, this is Poisonshot announcing Blox Ranger.

Blox Ranger is basically a Roblox version of Stick Ranger I made. It isn't a perfect replica, and is a bit simpler, and complicated at the same time. The goal is to beat the enemies, like in the original Stick Ranger.

UPDATE: Remaking it! The game should look slighty better then before, and will also be less laggy, because I'm using parts instead of terrain. You might also see more diversity in the different locations.

UPDATE 2: Say hi to Monster Blox! This place will allow you to pratice for the big adventure. It should be added in Beta 2.5.

UPDATE 3: Espect major changes soon! The enemies will FINALLY be better, and espect actual Classes!

Update Log

Newer Version

Version 1.--

  1. Base of the game. Only Opening Street and enemies, as well as a sword.
  2. Enemy numbers reduced to remove lag. Admin added. Walls lowered. Changed sword.
  3. Grassland 1 added.
  4. Grassland 1 separated into it's own place. Every new stages are now separated from the main place.
  5. Hill Country 1 added.
  6. Grassland 2 added.
  7. Hill Country 1 changed. The texture was changed to be more similar to the actual Hill Country's, added more hills and finally added flying platforms.
  8. Added flowers to most stage, rearranged some of the stones in GL2.
  9. Added christmas skin!

"New" Version

Update Date Description
Alpha June 2014
Beta V.1 June 2014

- Added enemies

- Added trees

- Added base for Grasslands

Beta V.1.2 

June 2014

- Finished Grasslands

- Added signs

- Nerfed Grey Boss Smiley Walker

- Added a preview for the next Stage

Beta V.1.3 June 2014

- Added Emerald Cave

- Did a small tweak in Grasslands

Beta V.1.4 June 2014

- Added Dead Country

- Fixed Grey Boss Smiley Walker's health

Beta V.1.5 June 2014

- Added Whirlwind Valley

- Added Admin. Current admin owners are: DaBombyo(DMS), CHASE248(Nutik), Searchie(PS).

Beta V.1.6 June 2014

- Added Arid Badlands

- Added Morphs (GSW and BSW)

Beta V.1.7 June 2014

- Finished Herb River

- Added Sphere Hills

Beta V.1.8 June 2014

- Added a Teleporter to Whirlwind Valley

- Added Smiley Woods

- SamTehBoss, Ludicrine and Jrparrish are now admins

Beta V.1.9 June 2014

- Added Giant Fairy Tree and Stickman Circuit

Beta V.2 June 2014

- Added Rocky Lake

-Fixed the Bird Statue Teleporter

-"Fixed" the Fairy Snakes(or removed the second head thingy)

-Fixed Giant Fairy Tree's stone blocks

-Replaces the weapons with other ones.

Beta V.2.1 June 2014

- Added Sub-Castle.

Beta V.2.2 June 2014

- Added Deep Forest

- Fixed Rocky Lake

- Removed three weapons

- Re-added Linked Sword

Beta V.2.3 June 2014

- Added Toxic Sea

- Fixed Rocky Lake again

- Fixed Giant Fairy Tree

Beta V.2.4 June 2014

- Added Fungus Cavern

- Added Support for Monster Blox.

Beta V.2.5 June 2014

- Added Monster Blox Teleport

- Added Castle Boss. He's very strong!

- Did some lightning tweaks.

-The Stickman Kid was moved and now talks.

Beta V.2.6 June 2014

- Added Tilted Tower and the Elder's house.

Note: Until most of the game is fixed, don't espect World 2 to arrive.

Beta V.2.7 June 2014

- Asthetic changes in almost every stages: - Added Flowers in most stage, added fungi in Bat Path and Fungus Cavern, sand in Lake, ect.

Beta V.2.8 June 2014

- Splits the game in multiple parts. This should fix the lag.

Next update should start what people have been waiting for...


Monster Blox

Update Date Description
Alpha June 2014
Beta V.1 June 2014

-Added Weapons

-Added Light Gray Smiley Tree

Beta V.2 July 2014

-Added more Detail

-Added Red Skull Bat

Old Version

Update Date Description
Alpha January 2014
Beta 1.1 January 2014

- Removed super running

- Corridor alterations

- Updated Castle look

- Wheels changed

- Addition of safe staring area

- Weapon Alterations

- World 2 added

Beta 1.2

January 2014 - Super run and flying added for testing purposes only
Beta 1.3 January 2014

- Checkpoints added

- Viper Pistol added, replacing rocket launcher, then re-replaced again

- Paintball Gun added

- Added blue and red roundhead walkers

Beta ??? Depends -Various updates happened

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