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  • Poisonshot

    Updates, Plans n Shit

    October 1, 2017 by Poisonshot

    Figured this could be appreciated.

    I'll start with the Stick Ranged related thing: I've been working on a mod based on my old Deep Cavern stages. Lots of things have been changed; for example, Cave Adventure has been renamed to Mud Grotto, Drills and Gravities have been converted to Diggers and UFOs, the enemies were nerfed for obvious reasons, the enemies drop different items, some enemies and stages were completely changed, and finally there are a lot of new stages. Basically a complete overhaul.

    I've also been quite active on ROBLOX, and I am working on a game named Sekaiju, which is based on creature collection games, mostly Pokémon. Some of you might already be aware of its existence, but I don't think everyone does, so...

    Finally I've b…

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  • Poisonshot

    Just so you guys know. This also means no Blox Ranger updates until I'm back, through. I might get occasionally the internet, but not always either.

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  • Poisonshot

    Stick Ranger Sequel

    July 17, 2014 by Poisonshot

    Before you say ARGH ARGH WE AREADLY HAVE STICK RANGER 2, I through it was too much changing the gameplay, so I decided to make a blog for another, more realist sequel. Me and Sam were talking about what could a Stick Ranger 2 potentially look in chat and ten this was born. Feel free to put ideas in the comment.

    • Armor, like compo but increases defense like the defensive crystal. Some armor can block attacks, althrough this is rare.
    • More stages: some stage return, but sometimes with slighty different themes.
    • Weather
    • Scrolling up and down on the world map, allowing more space for new stages.
    • Sounds like in the mobile version (Can be toggled on/off)
    • Players can't go past the top of the screen
    • A new Hammerer class and a Spearman class as well. Note th…

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  • Poisonshot

    Welcome to a collab project! I'm going to explain it.

    The map will only have it's themes changed. The stage order is tthe same otherwise. The stage, through, will have different themes and name, different species and head, ect. Here's how we will make a world:

    • First of all, we vote for the theme of a world.
    • Then, we "claim" a series. Note that you can only claim 1 series per "world"
    • Each of us make the series with it's stages and species/heads. Only introduce new species/heads where they would be introduced.
    • Huge series may be split in parts when there is not enough series to claim in a world.

    Pretty much everyone agreed on Autumn, so the theme of world 1 is autumn! Try to keep it basic: No complicated themes like "Future Skies".

    Series left to c…

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  • Poisonshot

    Predicting Updates

    June 22, 2014 by Poisonshot

    Yeah. This blog is for predicting Monster Box, Powder Game 2, Stick Ranger, ect updates. I'll also add "Points" to make it better. Basically, you get one point if you get a prediction right.

    • Poisonshot: 0

    • More Bosses will be added in Monster Box.
    • Hell 3 will be bottom-right of Hell 2 in Stick Ranger.
    • A ghost-like species will be in Stick Ranger
    • The Megaboss of Hell will have that species.
    • The Megaboss of Hell will have the Demon head.
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