"To make true progress, you must disconnect yourself from the past"

Or something along those lines. I've noticed that some projects on this wiki have long been abandoned. Instead of trying to make everything perfect, I think a selection of the best things is necessary. Sometimes, you have to take risks to get benefits in the long term. Divert your attention to the pages on this wiki you think have potential, then work on it. There's hardly any point in trying to revive something that has no potential. Disregard the old things, and move on; advertise the best of what this wiki can offer to make a good first impression.

Apple wasn't afraid of their iPhone cannibalizing their iPod business when they began development on it. They picked the brightest members of their company, leaving little talent for the iPod team. Most companies wouldn't have trusted venturing into a new sector, but Apple acted as if they were a small start-up company, free of any worries that large companies have. Their daring move allowed them to create a new product that would improve their company's name.

Are you daring enough to focus on just the articles that have potential?

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