• I live in Vancouver, Canada
  • I am bored......
  • Mildlyridiculous

    There we go. Now as I was going to say, this is my first blog post! *cue the nonexistant applause* Here, you can post randomness, craziness, and anything you want on the comments page!

    • Gibberish
    • Funny pics and links
    • SPAM (don't go overboard though)
    • Jokes
    • And whatever randomness stuff you can think about!

    • Excess Spam (don't want to have too much about that)
    • Excess SWEARING (this is a sandbox, not a place to bully and harass)
    • Ads (SCREW ADS)
    • Inappropriate Links/Pics (P0RN, malicious links, etc)
    • Wascal Wabbits (HERP DERP)

    Or go away... if you want...

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