It's been a while since I've been on Fan-Ball. It's been a while until I be on Fan-Ball. And, it's been a while since it's been a while-- wait wat

So, um, I just want to say that I'm no longer going to be active enough to be here.

And so, I'm going to be giving away my stuff.

After doing some considering, I think I'm going to hand adminstration and use (not ownership) of Gamelover's Co. and the items/places it own to LAT Incorporated, Look-a-troopa's company.

The following will be given out to LAT Incorporated:

The following will be given out to LDZX:


Well, let's just say I've gotten really with my real life. Don't have all the time to make fanon creations: mess wid pets, etc. I guess I've lost interest in it too, it used to be a lot of fun, but now I find it more work than anything else.

Don't take this personally-- please, it has nothing to do with anything someone else did.

If anyone still wants to talk, you can find we lurking on IRC on @ #overdrive . I'll still be on Dan-Ball Wiki once in a while.

Thanks, I hope this transfer will work out. :]

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