• I live in Vancouver, Canada
  • I am bored......
  • Mildlyridiculous

    It's been a while since I've been on Fan-Ball. It's been a while until I be on Fan-Ball. And, it's been a while since it's been a while-- wait wat

    So, um, I just want to say that I'm no longer going to be active enough to be here.

    After doing some considering, I think I'm going to hand adminstration and use (not ownership) of Gamelover's Co. and the items/places it own to LAT Incorporated, Look-a-troopa's company.

    The following will be given out to LAT Incorporated:

    • Full access to Gamelover's Co. land and property
    • Access to managing Fan-Ball HOTEL
    • Full access to my Biocreation Chamber, to create pets (don't abuse it)
    • Access to my 'Science-y Stuff' Labs

    The following will be given out to LDZX:

    • My Pets (Adoption Center)

    Well, let's just say I've gotten …

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  • Mildlyridiculous


    Moving from CentralChat to AlphaChat . To chat go here:

    The channel should then load, and you can chat away!

    If you're using another IRC Client, set the server to on port 6667, and fill in whatever.

    If anyone wants to be admin, please ask me.

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  • Mildlyridiculous
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  • Mildlyridiculous


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  • Mildlyridiculous

    A'ight. Today, I feel like making something new. I decide to write a journal-ish blog here, about stuff that happens, involving me, at FB. NO PLOT FOR NOW.



    To be continued...

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