:Please note that these suggestions may no longer be implemented into SR 2 in favor of other uses.

Otherworldy Gods

Based off of an unfinished RP with DMS, the Otherworldy Gods are giant beings in charge of planet they reside on and protect, as well as said planet's personal and erratic time and space. (The planet does not have a "timeline", but rather a "time-thread that goes through itself a billion times over whenever it feels like it". This causes many spacial rifts to occur frequently.) After a major rift that sent Revelian to their existence plane, Murnic and Nostal, the gods of Time and Space, were killed and shattered due to the facts that Revelian's otherworldy counterpart was alive in the same existence plane and from the immense amount of Dark Matter being absorbed by Revelian through the rift.

In Stick Ranger 2, fragments of the gods Murnic, Nostal, Lombarde of the Land, and Optos of the Atmosphere may be found as random drops from enemies. At the respective locations of the (???) Clocktower, the (???) Satellite, the (???) Gazebo, and the (???) Igloo, the gods may be revived and fought as optional bosses. Upon their defeat, they respectively drop the Gyroscope, the Astrolabe, the Globe, and the Turbine, which are items that can be crafted into the Otherworldly Helmets.

  • Murnic Fragment - Time - Clocktower - Gyroscope - Gyro Helm
  • Nostal Fragment - Space - Satellite - Astrolabe - Astro Helm
  • Lombarde Fragment - Terra - Gazebo - Globe - Glo Helm
  • Optos Fragment - Atmos - Igloo - Turbine - Turbo Helm

In addition to these, the player may also choose to travel to the (???) Observatory, the (???) Museum, and the (???) Lighthouse after defeating all of the Otherworldy Gods and obtaining all of the Otherworldly Helmets. Here, they may receive the Starmap, the Atlas, and the Radar, respectively, which are all game-breaking items.

  • Starmap - Observatory
  • Atlas - Museum
  • Radar - Lighthouse

In any of the aforementioned locations, one may encounter a Jackal, which may drop an Otherworldy Jester Hat, which is a rare drop with unspecified properties, known to be "the fanciest hat to ever exist". Other varieties of Jackals may drop other hats with mostly defensive or aesthetic values.

  • Jackal - Anywhere - Otherwordly Jester Hat
  • Brass Jackal - Clocktower - Otherworldly Construction Cap
  • Iron Jackal - Satellite - Otherworldly Visor Cap
  • Earthbound Jackal - Gazebo - Otherworldly Travel Cap
  • Biting Jackal - Igloo - Otherworldly Blizzard Cap
  • Stargazer Jackal - Observatory - Otherworldly All-Seeing Hat (Aesthetic)
  • Cultured Jackal - Museum - Everyworldly Jester Hat (Aesthetic)
  • Aquatic Jackal - Lighthouse - Otherworldly Fishbowl Hat (Aesthetic)

Throw Items

Throw Items are stackable Items that can be used by players in battle. Each throw item deals elemental damage to an enemy, as well as an added effect depending on its level. The elemental damage dealt is a percentage of the physical damage that is dealt.

  • Level 1: Spike - 10% elemental damage
  • Level 2: Boomerang - 20% elemental damage, can be split between two opponents, if applicable
  • Level 3: (???) - 30% elemental damage, (???)
  • Level 4: Shuriken - 40% elemental damage, never misses
  • Level 5: Star - 50% elemental damage, deals bonus 5% elemental damage to strongest opponent
  • Level 6: Flower - 60% elemental damage, deals extra 10% physical damage to boss opponents
  • Level 7: Shell - 70% elemental damage, has 10% chance of becoming a Spike after use
  • Level 8: Plate - 80% elemental damage, deals 5% of total damage in physical form to all other opponents
  • Level 9: Disc - 90% elemental damage, deals bonus physical damage to slowest opponent
  • Level 10: Wheel - 100% elemental damage, may deal full elemental damage if opponent has no resistances to it

An interesting thing to note about Throw Items is that they are not limited to having one element. Besides traditional Throw Items that follow the setup of (Element) (Name of Throw Item), there are special Throw Item types that possess both an element and the properties of a sub-element of a completely different element chain.

  • MOON Throw Items possess the Dark element, but have the effects of Spark, a Light sub-element.
  • CORAL Throw Items possess the Water element, but have the effects of Hail, an Ice sub-element.
  • JAMMER Throw Items possess the Cyber element, but have the effects of Tornado, a Wind sub-element.


Metals are Materials that can be used to craft Weapons, Equipment, or other Items. However, they are primarily sold to NPCs for their price. "Pre-crafted" items made with these metals can be sold (or, rarely, found as drops) by NPCs. These tend to be mundane in comparison to other materials; however, they tend to be more common or have useful properties attached to them. They also make up the largest group of material items in the game.

Properties regarding metals may include telekinetic, celestial, ritualistic, enchanted or magical, and mechanical or industrial.

  • Casmium - (???)
  • Tekwill - A metal originating on planets outside the SR World. (???)
  • Adamantium - (???)
  • Orichalcum - A metal with properties that can negate "energy", which includes some elemental affects. (???)
  • Mithril - (???)
  • Hepatizon - (???)
  • Platinum - The rarest of metals. Resistant to sub-elements and statuses. Expensive, cannot be applied to certain elements.
  • Osmium - Has celestial properties, doesn't melt when applied to Aqua Regia. (???)
  • Cobalt - (???)
  • Iron - Strong, common metal. (???)
    • Pig Iron - A weaker variant of Iron not found by drops. Often sold for a better deal in stores, though it will decrease reputation when used. (Some NPCs may temporarily change their regular speech text to a mocking comment about the Pig Iron equipment until the item is changed and the area is left and re-entered.)
    • Gray Iron - A much weaker variant of Iron having for mechanical and telekinetic properties. Slightly rarer than Iron, though its pricing remains the same.
    • Meteor Iron - A much stronger, rarer and expensive variant of Iron. Has telekinetic, celestial, and ritualistic properties.
  • Bronze/Latten - Weaker than Iron. (???)
  • Lead - Weaker than Iron but stronger than Bronze, contains owner-poisoning properties if found by drop. (???)
    • Bullmetal - About as strong as Iron, no enchantments/upgrades possible, no poison properties. (???)
  • Silver - Slightly stronger than Gold, more expensive, rare, easily enchanted (???)
  • Gold - Weak, expensive, easily enchanted, no telekinetic properties (???)
  • Mercury/Quicksilver - Very strong, on-par with Meteor Iron, fire/heat properties, has mechanical properties (???)
  • Lytium - Extremely conductive metal that intensifies and concentrates electric currents running through it. Typically only used in high-level thunder weapons. (???)

Other Items

  • The Court Rose is a mace weapon with Nature properties.
  • The Napalm Halberd is a weapon found rarely after defeating an Otherworldly god, and is the main weapon of Revelian's Sightseer counterpart from another world.
  • The Godbuzzer, while not boasting a grand name as other weapons such as the Godbuster or the End of Days, is much more powerful and one of the only weapons capable of damaging Rulith, the god of the Wonder Jungle (dealing around 1 damage at a time). It is "The Universe's Most Powerful Cattle Prod", though it should never be used as such as to not murder cows in such a violent manner.
  • Little Hansel is a large cannon capable of insta-killing enemies with a Tree body. It was certainly not taken from a Sherlock Holmes movie.
  • The Green String is a bandana that improves the accuracy and dexterity of a pet.
  • The Seer's Opal is a compo item that changes a weapon's magic attack to have different status effects every turn.
  • The Marble is a material item that doubles as a compo item that boosts a random stat by 5.
    • The Sack of Marbles is an item made with five Marbles and a Pair of Socks that can be thrown at an enemy to stun them as well as deal physical damage.
    • The Chaos Marble is an item made with a Marble and Black Space Fabric. (???)
  • The Cicada Shell is a material item dropped by some enemies. When in the player's inventory, it increases the LP of all pets on the team depending on its level.
    • The Buddyblade is an Anchor made with a Sirius or a Regulus and ten Cicada Shells.
  • Aqua Regia is a vial of an acidic fluid. When used, it deals damage to nearly all metal-based or earth-based enemies as well as reduces the effectiveness of metallic or rock equipment used by opponents. Only Osmium is resistant to its effects, though certain properties of metals may increase resistance to this. It sells for a high price and is only found in NPC stores.
    • The Aklo-Gun is a Gun that levels up with its user. It is made with Aqua Regia and other items.
    • The Godbuster is a Gun that deals extra damage when facing opponents larger than or stronger than the user. It is made with Aqua Regia and other items.
  • Smile Stones are dropped by Grinnies more often than Grinny's Head. They can be sold for a decent price, but are primarily used to access certain areas.
    • The Moonlight Smile Stone is dropped by a Grinny defeated at night. It can be used to access the Moonlight Grinny Chamber during the day. It can also be used as a Material item for constructing Baron Black.
    • The Daylight Smile Stone is dropped by a Grinny defeated during the day. It can be used to access the Daylight Grinny Chamber during nighttime. It can also be used as a Material item for constructing K. K. Savve.
    • Baron Black and K. K. Savve are Swords. (???)
  • The Spinel is a compo item that decreases the defense of the user slightly but boosts their accuracy and dexterity by a great amount. It is also used to craft the Sawbec series of guns.
    • The Dark Pawn Piece is crafted from a Spinel. It functions similarly to it, though it does not need to be attached to an item for its effect to be activated. Rather, it activates whenever it is kept in the inventory of a user, which may prove to be cumbersome.
    • The Pawn Bullet is crafted from a Dark Pawn Piece. When held in the inventory, it eliminates the need to spend money on bullets for guns of the Sawbec series only.
    • The Sawbec is a Gun. It has Nature and Dark properties, as does every gun in its line.
    • The Sawbec Shot is a Gun capable of dealing damage to multiple enemies at once, if they are adjacent to each other. It is the main weapon of Iala. It can be upgraded from a Sawbec with certain Material items.
    • The Sawbec Arc is a Gun. When equipped to a user, it ensures that they are the first to attack each turn. It also possesses Water properties in addition to its series' Nature and Dark powers. It can be upgraded from a Sawbec with certain Material items.
    • The Sawbec Digit is a Gun capable of dealing damage to four enemies at a time. It can be upgraded from a Sawbec or a Sawbec Shot with certain Material items.
  • Breestone is a Material item with ritualistic properties. It can be used to craft the Mausosuit, which is a piece of Chestplate Armor with no special properties, or to craft the Mire, which is a club weapon of high sale value.
  • The Lilac Ribbon is a Material item used to craft the Wing Pike.
  • The G Energizer is a rare drop from mechanical enemies. When merged with the sword Canji, it creates the combination Gun-Sword weapon known as Can - G, which is only wieldable by Warrior Pets. It can also be used to craft the Bouncer Sword, a Cyber-type weapon of high cost and higher damage.
  • The (???) Crystals are items capable of making stat changes based on battle strategy if they are equipped.
    • The Hatred Crystal, when equipped, causes the user's attack power to increase with each time they take damage. The effect resets when the user unleashes an attack.
    • The Coward's Crystal, when equipped, raises the user's defense every turn they avoid taking damage. The effect wears off upon being attacked.

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