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Basic Information

Otherworld is a fictional dimension in non-canon Fan-Ball's canonity, existing in LDRP sessions and other chat ridiculousness. It takes place on what is essentially Bizarro Fan-Ball, containing inverse counterparts of characters and objects, or "otherworldly counterparts" as they are considered. The Otherworld was originally created in an LDRP session between DMSwordsmaster and Ludicrine prior to the introduction of Bizarro Fan-Ball World into Fan-Ball canonity.

The Otherworld did not initially act as an exact opposing world to Mainverse Ludus, but rather introduced otherworldly characters and concepts with altered from a large-scale rather than on an individual level. For instance, the entire race of Serrangios were replaced with the race of Fluffila, which was similarly enslaved by the otherworldly Doomer counterparts, the Jackals. Their race as a whole resembles Serrangio structure and is even situated on a similarly-named place, the Noread Satellite, though the parallels are not exact and no characters in Fan-Ball canonity had revealed counterparts at the time, save for Revelian, which introduced the plot of the RP of the dimension's origin.

After the introduction of Bizarro Fan-Ball World, Otherworld took a strange turn. Elements from both Mainverse Ludus and Bizarro F-B were present and co-existing in the dimension which, while implied that it was Bizarro World and acted similarly, was rather neutral in structure and had aspects from both. Eventually, Otherworld was given a name and added in as its own extra-canonical dimension- allowing things from multiple dimensions so long as no counterparts of other dimensions had existed in multiple instances as well as adding in its own lore and features.

"Canon" Inhabitants

  • Revelian's otherworldly counterpart, a man who goes by "The Observer", is a modest Sightseer salesman and retired fighter who encounters Revelian himself in the original RP session that spawned Otherworld. His true name is Oticus.
  • A Fluffila from the same RP session called Seilki.
  • Jorj the Fluffila, a local jerk, who is referenced in a story that nobody likes, from the same RP.
  • A Durthworm in the depths of Noread, from the same RP.
  • Leway's End, from the same RP.

"Non-canon" Inhabitants

  • Look-a-troopa, in a convoluted RP session prior to the rules of Otherworld being properly set
  • Bottledo the Living Nestle Water Bottle, in the same RP session.
  • Nutik, in the same RP session.
  • Robin Hood, in the same RP session.
  • Blacey the Swordsmaster and Marten the Kickboxer, in the same RP session.
  • Zalgo's full essence, in the same RP session.


While there are no set-in-stone features of Otherworld, the canon inhabitants and deities are considered constants in the universe. Common practices feature most Townships having different Altars with various functions that can be interchanged with others by the use of red buttons. A phenomena known as "the Ever-Changing Cave" exists in some parts, in which a dungeon-like cave with constantly self-altering chambers is open for exploration. Besides this, the Otherworldly counterpart of Ithion Satellite is a place called Noread, which is inexplicably inhabited by Fluffila and Jackals rather than Serrangios, who still are capable of existence in Otherworld.


The Fragile Gods

The Fragile Gods consist of Murnic, Nostal, Lombarde, and Optos. They rule over time (Gyru), space (Astor), land (Glo), and atmosphere (Turbo), respectively. The Fragile Gods are the deities that most commonly interfere with the lives of mortals in Otherworld. As their names suggest, they are relatively easy to defeat- causing time distortions, spacial rifts, destroying large landmasses, or polluting the atmosphere weakens these gods significantly and often leads to their "death", in which they shatter into powerful shards that can be used for their power or can be reformed to revive the respective god. These deities are frequently killed off, intentionally or by accident, and many government-issued squadrons are assigned to tracking the shards, reforming the god in question, and subduing them prior to entering a state of rage. All of these gods, though commonly referred to as "he", transcend all known genders.

Murnic, having rulership over time, often is worshiped in a large Clocktower. An item commonly associated with him is the Gyroscope. Nostal's command of space leaves his place of worship to be commonly held at a Satellite. Lombarde's place of worship is at a Gazebo due to his dominance over land. Optos has no commonplace of worship and is often praised in makeshift igloos in snowy areas.

The associated items of these gods (the gyroscope, astrolabe, globe, and turbine) can be formed into helmets used by priests- respectively, the Gyro/Gyru Helm, the Astro/Astor Helm, the Glo Helm, and the Turbo Helm.

The Primal Creators

The Primal Creators are the three inert gods that created Otherworld in its entirety. They currently are in a deep slumber and have not disturbed any nor been disturbed as of yet. The trio consists of: the god Esphalte with dominion over light (Estrel), the goddess Ventenoir as the patron of discovery (Alta), and the goddess Beliciu with control over water (Arka/Akra). Their associated items are the Starmap for Esphalte, the Atlas for Ventenoir, and interchangeably the Radar and Telescope for Beliciu, with the Radar typically used by more modern worshipers. The priests of the Primal Creators do not don helmets as do the Fragile Gods, and crafting such items as the Estrel Helm, the Atla Helm, the Arka Helm, or the Akra Helm are considered to be vile acts against them.

Gods of the End

The Gods of the End are the most commonly worshiped gods of Otherworld who, according to myth, will arrive and battle each other for the rights to end life in their own ways. All of these gods are accompanied by four Husk Seals that will absorb their life force prior to their demise to prevent them from actual death.

Falacer Falacer, the Herald of Heaven, has command over skies (Turbo-Huna) and is said to bring about the end through means similar to "the respite of a final sunset". He is the most often praised of the gods.

Gibil Gibil, the Envoy of Eternity, has command over age (Gyru-Kron) and is said to bring about the end through means similar to "the death of a frail old man". He is the brother of Skadi.

Skadi Skadi, the Tycoon of Termination, has command over misfortune (Loujik) and is said to bring about the end through means similar to "the rebellious cry of the planets". She is the sister of Gibil.

Nuriel Nuriel, the Courier of Catastrophe, has command over vision (Estrel-Ta) and is said to bring about the end through means similar to "the draining and melting of color". Xe is said to be the last to arrive on Otherworld.

Melchior Melchior, the Steward of Splendor, has command over emotions (Dum) and is said to bring about the end through means similar to "the mindless laughter of stones". He is said to be the first to arrive on Otherworld.

Ozgin Ozgin, the Monarch of Madness, has no revealed command according to myth. All that is stated about his lore is that he once ate one of his Husk Seals.

Leway's End

In the storyline "canonity" of Otherworld, Leway's End is the final god to rise, coming before the Gods of the End and destroying all life prior to their assumed arrival. With his true name unknown, he took on his fearful title as a way to boast the death of Leway, a renowned hero of Otherworld. Leway's End ascended into godhood with his immense strength, being enough to go so far as to murder a Durthworm with an average nail with ease. He took on his role as the patron of decisions (Dulta-Ma). His underlings are creatures known as Grinnies and his weapon of choice is his Skewered Durthworm, repurposed as a hammer. Leway's End would eventually destroy Otherworld by opening up an alternate reality, which is the canon Fan-Ball Ludus, and bringing forth Revelian into his realm- in doing so, killing all of the Fragile Gods simultaneously and rousing the anger and wrath of the Primal Creators upon the innocent citizens.

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