This blog post will be updated with information about my schedule or school situation, among other smalltalky things.

Update Schedule

[JUNE 15] Death? Death? Death? Death? De-

While I'm able to view this site whenever, my only chance at optimal image-downloading/editing/making/etc. is by using Firefox instead of Scout/Chrome. While that's not necessarily a problem for me, Firefox does have a tendency to run much slower, which sort of discourages me from using it after a few minutes - as such, progress on my end will be minimal and mostly invisible.

I have in no way forgotten about the anniversary gifts (my list of things to do is still tacked right above my bed for safe keeping), and I do intend to try getting back and working on at least a few things. I'm also thinking of ways to integrate a lot of site content into the server so we can get some more activity across each without having to hop back and forth too often, but that might take a while to coordinate.

And then there's stories and stuff.

As should not be surprising to anyone, I burn out very easily with creative juices, especially from or regarding writing things. If I've done my quota for the day/week, I basically shut down and go straight to other activities that don't involve as much thinking on my end (like card games or shooting people while running around or-), and it makes it very hard to push myself to working on even the smallest of projects. (I'm looking at you, The First Week. You're supposed to be seven chapters long. You're at /one/.) I'm sorry to say that it's not going to get much easier.

I'm taking a lot of writing-intensive courses next semester. No, not "write a ten page essay about something you don't know or care about", but creative writing. Stuff that comes from me. Ideally, I'd like to think that this should serve as an impetus to keep deadlines for my private work as well, and make at least minor edits to my stories and such on-site regularly. More likely is the dealaroni where I'll end up avoiding it like the plague due to the workload, and having every "ooh, there's something I can do" idea be phased into my schoolwork rather than stories here, where they belong. As someone intending to have some future with creative writing, it looks like that's the way it's going to be for quite a while until I can get my act together, or until that moment where schoolwork (or work-work?!) finally blends with good ol' Ludusian Tales. Though I haven't contributed as much as many of the other users here, I have spent years daydreaming and crafting characters and scenarios for this universe. It's not something I'm going to stray away from so easily.

... Oh, come on. Don't look at me like that. Don't pretend you haven't thought up about Revelian cutting through a horde of nightmare corruptions while Zach had to rescue Lazro from anticlimactically falling off a cliff.

... Right?

No? Never? Just me? Okay...

So that's where I'm at, for the moment. I think at some point this month I'll ground myself from Steam and start dibbing about here.

The Great Story-Phasing

Hi! I'm going to steal back most of my story stuff, if you don't mind!


Don't freak out, I'm not leaving you guys.

Over the past year or so I've grown annoyed with some of the story directions that have taken place on the site. I won't lie to you and say that it was for any good reason, or anything less childish than it didn't "feel right" to me. It's taken me this long to figure out just what the main issue was at hand, only striking me halfway through writing a more angrily-worded version of this very post. The characters, plots, and designs that I have inserted into the current FB canon have sort of fermented, in a way that I was not willing to let them go nor let them be changed in any way. I have now realized that Fan-Ball is not any sort of place for ideas to remain the same, or be anything less than changed, balled up, thrown against a wall, and scribbled all over. This sort of collaboration is what I fell in love with when beginning my work on stories, and my refusal to continue it after it reached a design "ideal" in my eyes is what has led me down a path of disliking it. The solution? I'm scrapping what I don't like about my work, salvaging and separating that which I can't bear to part with or alter further (the Serrangios), and preparing to bring in some new replacements. And naturally, I'm going to work with you guys to make sure that it's not giving off that forced vibe.

Adjustments (WIP)

  • All Serries I have made will be given functional replacements or easy exits in the future.
  • All Serries not-made by me can just as easily be reworked into another species. Sometime along this process I'll work with the current authors in finding and creating suitable character replacements for these.
  • All of the other characters under my ownership will be dealt with as time goes on.
  • Genoskaya should be retconned and replaced with another planet making more sense to the types of love/conquest of Satan/any other motifs. (Storge, Pragma, etc.)
  • Doomers should be removed. If you //really// need to replace them, you may, but I can't imagine why. They're kinda suckish.
  • The plot arcs and characters born from Cuts and Slashes should be removed and not replaced.
  • Any edits in regards to: Ryus, Lifestones, the Wonder Jungle, the Panthoeon gods- May be kept as the current authors see fit.

It should be clear that for the most part, I'm not pulling out individual characters primarily for selfish gain, but more a mix of shame and for the sake of the FB canonity's future. Many of the characters I have designed do not particularly fall in line with anything I would have accepted now if not for my historic ties with them. Others were made with piggybacking off of other concepts or individuals without a true sense of collaboration as the site seems to have now. (Iala is an absolute mess of a character and embarrassing to look back on; Ludi started out as a recolored sprite I stole from Deviantart, etc.) The other part of the equation is that I've fallen too much in love with the concept of the Serrangio species on its own and wish to recycle them in future works- it's easier to do this if I have legitimate ownership over them. (This one, I'll admit, /is/ actually for a selfish gain, sorry.) The way that I've crafted these stories and characters in my head are very much convoluted, and I don't get the same vibe as I used to when working with the users of this site in building them. They're already built, in a way, and there's no clay from it left to mold with. I figure it's time to set them aside and let their own little world stay as it is.

That doesn't mean I'm leaving you all in the dark: I'm merely pulling my old story canons in favor of ones that I can feel better about. I'm going to try shedding off my old stubbornness grown from miserly protecting my characters, and I'm going to work more closely with character-building, designs, and concepts without getting into actually writing the stories here (I'll leave that to the authors). I absolutely refuse to leave you guys with half-assed replacements, and I want to be able to get back that same enjoyment I had when I first began collaborating while returning the same, free-form feeling.

This is a very big change for me to begin to go through, but I feel that it's something entirely necessary for the future of my own pursuits and this site. I'm hoping that this will be an opportunity for me to tie myself back in with the latter. Thank you for seeing me through this.

The Great Scrappening: Phase 1?

Alright, so here's what's gonna happen:

  • Alpha Timeline: Serrangios are canon. All characters remain relatively unchanged. The Cuts story arc is to be removed, and all characters that are no longer relevant as a result of such should likewise be deleted.
  • Beta Timeline: Serrangios are canon, though characters may be altered based on whatever I feel like doing because I'm a big jerk. The Cuts story arc will be relocated here as to store the ideas/art that are salvageable.
  • Phi Timeline: Lol whatever
  • Any other Timeline: Serrangios are not canon, Ludicrine will be replaced with Baxter (who I will hopefully have a character page up for shortly as well as an introductory story), and everything is fine and dandy now that there are 80% less angel filths flying around.

Phase 1.1: The Pecking Order

    • Create a small story introducing Baxter and solidifying him into canon
    • Complete transferred pages for: Ludicrine, Iala, Elize, Mienen, the Groy-Tentra System, Serrangios
    • Edit Ludicrine/User:Ludicrine/Oldicrine to properly include all Alpha/Beta happenings and explain his relationship with Baxter
    • Replace Ludicrine with Baxter in all non-Alpha/Beta/some Phi stories
    • Remove all unwanted traces of: Serrangios, the Cuts arc, concepts originating from or exclusive to the Cuts arc


Howdy! I know I'm already supposed to be doing a major overhaul project that may be located right above this segment, but never mind all that.

I am the proud owner of a large number of pets - I believe the most, actually, though some people don't list all of theirs out, so I can't know for certain. However, I do question my ability to "take care of" some of them, so to speak. While the whole hoarding/running away scares are now over and done with (eheh, sorry), I still feel very guilty about having a lot of pets that I haven't so much as done a single thing with. My page has been a complete mess since its conception, and I feel this needs to be remedied.

As such, in addition to making a simpler page (eventually) and getting my pets active in more centers, I intend to give a number of them back into centers (or into centers for the first time, in some situations) to give other users an opportunity to acquire pets OWNED BY THE LEGENDARY SPACEGOD LUDICRINE, WHO IS COOL AND HAS NICE HAIR that I haven't done much with or don't want to deal with. This isn't really significant, other than being the second recorded case of pets going back into centers via user request, but it's just a thing I feel I should do to tidy up a bit. But no, I'm not giving away all of my pets, nor am I leaving the site anytime soon.

A comprehensive list of pets to be regifted returned to the centers will come eventually.

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