This page serves as documentation for the various April Fool's Day pranks that have taken place on the site. As these are rather disorganized in nature and done without the knowing of other users, many of these are overlooked or forgotten rather easily.

Please be sure to note any missed pranks in the comments, and do remember to only list pranks after they have taken place- don't go spoiling it for everyone on the actual day! That ruins all the fun!


Due to the wiki being created after April 1st, no festivities were held.


The SBaHJifier/"Lol WTF is this Shit" was made into the main theme of the site by ZoshiX. (Check the Theme Archive for more information.)


This story was posted on mainspace by Ludicrine, replacing the Wrapping Things Up story under grounds of "spg edits".

On the Main Page, Look-a-troopa made a post stating that all users must turn in all but ten of their pets due to a new admin majority rule made in chat, out of fairness to others.

Ludicrine changed the roles of all the administrators/helpful users to various fruits.


This story was posted on mainspace, being a collaboration by (according to chapter): ZoshiX, Look-a-troopa, Ludicrine, and Samuel17, with the epilogue and credits done by Ludicrine as well.

The "APRIL FOOLS"/"Sweet Zex and Hella Ludi" was made into the main theme of the site by ZoshiX.


The Adoption Center G was created by Ludicrine.

The main page was altered by Ludicrine to show off all the administrators and other helpful users as various forms of Speddos, with the banner proclaiming that "THERE IS NO WIKI, ONLY SPEDDOS". All descriptions of user titles were replaced with "Make me a (title) now", with additional asterisked information being replaced with "By. Bye Speddos". The time was also set to "THE DAY OF RECKONING", "THE YEAR OF THE GOAT", and "TIME TO DIE". The option to repair the clock if warped read "Hank can't save you now". DMSwordsmaster would later modify it to replace all instances of admins/developers with Speddos. DMSwordsmaster would later add some ground rules, referring to the day as Cancer Day, and signing himself off as Speddos.

Theme was changed to "Speddos Ball Wiki", also by DMSwordsmaster.

The following users received a message by Ludicrine regarding the introduction of a new communally-owned pet, No Chilled (No Chilled) to them: Fire InThe Hole, Aeinstein, A, Mori, RadiantDarkBlaze, Josewong, NutikTehWolf, Cowpocalypse, GhostCheese, Specterbird, BrokenMartyr, Poisonshot, Jrparrish, ZoshiX, HankGuideDude, DMSwordsmaster, and Look-a-troopa. Samuel17 got a personalized message regarding his lack of ownership over said being. The "pet" is a black rectangle the shape of the pet Chilled (Chilled) Ludicrine later realized that A, Mori was the true owner of Chilled but was too lazy to fix his mistake because he worked hard on all these pranks you're welcome.

The following users received a nondescript gold badge of Shinji Ikari: Fire InThe Hole, Aeinstein, A, Mori, RadiantDarkBlaze, Josewong, NutikTehWolf, and Poisonshot. The badge, which is only described as "Congratulations!", is mock-signed off by the administrators. The badge was created by Look-a-troopa with the prank carried out by Ludicrine.

The story The Carbon Files was created by Ludicrine, with two guest chapters by DMSwordsmaster and Fire InThe Hole, respectively.

Ludicrine disrespected the instructions of the blog, which stated that pranks should be left alone before posted as to not spoil the fun.

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