This is a Work-In-Progress completely abandoned story once again regarding Homestuck. It is not very serious, though I may decide to add some plot later. Blue signifies commands (Quickly retrieve arms, Capthalogue item, etc.).

I do not intend to continue this. It was started when I had a very limited understanding of concepts from Homestuck and I feel no reason to correct my mistakes for the sake of dead material.

Story Begin.



What are you talking about? You only have had one name in your life.

Enter name.

Your name is KRUMPEL HATT.

You have NO FRIENDS, nor a lusus. You were shunned from society due to your horns resembling a FRIVOLOUS ACCESSORY. You were raised by a SALAMANDER who is similar to you and ALSO DONS A FRIVOLOUS ACCESSORY. You have NO ANCESTOR. If you did, you would have probably DISHONORED him BEYOND COMPREHENSION. You do not have a Trollian tag. WE WONDER WHY.

Your Strife Portfolio carries ALL OF THE CARDS. All of them. You are a PACIFIST, so you DO NOT USE THEM. Your captchalogue items in your HAT MODUS, which can store as many items as you need, as long as they can fit into individual hats such as your salamander's.

What will you do?

Consult lusus.

As we have mentioned before, he is your SALAMANDER and not your lusus.


You give your salamander a nice pat on the hat.

Captchalogue salamander's hat.

That's just stupid. No, you and your salamander respect each other's hats. Despite the fact that it is what separates you from civilization, you treat them like special artifacts, which you have learned from your salamander. Also, a hat does not fit in a hat. That's just crazy.


Oh would you look at that.


You accidentally CRUMPLELOGUE, er, CAPTCHALOGUE your salamander's hat within your HAT MODUS. He is currently throwing a fit!


He escapes off-screen to retrieve a spare hat. We will see him later.

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