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  • Ludicrine

    Wow. We're old.

    I won't hit all of you with the sentimental - partially because I'm rushing to get the actual content for this blog out (definitely not leftovers from a failed attempt at a Chanukwanzaa thing), and also as to not sound like a broken record. You guys know how much I love y'all and how much this site means to me, even with my diminishing appearances.

    Now let's get into the good stuff...

    Each user may take two gifts from the selection below, with the exception of GhostCheese, who may take three. This will be on a first come, first served basis, though should the gifts run out (unlikely), more will be supplied for additional users who wish to enter within a reasonable timespan.

    At a later date (I won't put a definite deadline here …

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  • Ludicrine

    This page serves as documentation for the various April Fool's Day pranks that have taken place on the site. As these are rather disorganized in nature and done without the knowing of other users, many of these are overlooked or forgotten rather easily.

    Please be sure to let me know about any missed pranks on my talk page, and do remember to only list pranks after they have taken place- don't go spoiling it for everyone on the actual day! That ruins all the fun!

    The SBaHJifier/"Lol WTF is this Shit" was made into the main theme of the site by ZoshiX. (Check the Theme Archive for more information.)

    This story was posted on mainspace by Ludicrine, replacing the Wrapping Things Up story under grounds of "spg edits".

    On the Main Page, Look-a-troopa m…

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  • Ludicrine



    Yeesh, fine. Hello, everyone! It's that wonderful time of the year where the weather gets perfect and children get to dress up in the skins of the damned and beg strangers for candy. But on a more fun note, Muerteween is upon us! As such, from 1025-1030, I shall be hosting a competition for a few lucky users to win a few wonderful pets.

    Ahah, not so fast!! As I'm sure you're aware of and blatantly ignoring, the Adoption Center Pt.8 is nearing its close. Additionally, a new collab story, Muerteween Eve 2 - Yet Another Fan-Ball Story Again, has recently begun. While I will be glad to host the initial few competitions for pets, others will be locked and nobody will be allowed to win pets until progress is made up…

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  • Ludicrine

    Fan-Ball, since its creation, remains to be the site I have visited most on the internet. While being trumped slightly in earlier years by the Dan-Ball wiki and deviantART, though somewhat briefly, it was still the place I went to whenever I could, whether to comment on everything that happened recently, to spew my ideas in messy fashions and to never touch them again, or merely to scour the Recent Changes. Such a thing became habitual for me, which I'm not proud to admit to others, though such a thing I would gladly boast of to close friends on the internet.

    While it goes without saying that this site was never what I wanted it to be, it was always what I needed it to be. In its truest form, my usage of it was mostly an idea dump- a place …

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  • Ludicrine

    The Wilhelm Assembly

    March 18, 2014 by Ludicrine

    The Heartstone was excavated in the year of [DATA REDACTED] by Kuipter Laboratories, to be used as yet another plan for their ultimate goal of multiversal domination. It was the true embodiment of a powerful essence, energy of the Heart, and was supposed to be one of a set. However, the Soulstone and the Mindstone were not available for use- the Soulstone had infused itself into the being that is now called Lodin, and the Mindstone was fractured into seventy-six different forms of power revolving around the mind. The Will Fragment, which would later refer to itself (and have others do accordingly) as the KAISER Fragment, contained powerful RYU energy and revealed itself to those who it deemed as worthy. Kuipter foresaw that this energy in …

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