Xavier "Subject Z"

Xavier Z

Dragon (Ludus; Artificial)
??? (Created somewhere before -51 ADC)
Zoshi (Base)
Kuipter (Creator)


One of many creations hailing from Kuipter Labs. Appears in the finale of the Kuipter Files, attempting to stop his mirror image and failing in the process.


Being based off of Zoshi, Xavier's proportions are virtually identical to his. A few key differences include a row of long black spikes going down the back of his head, three black teeth sticking out of his mouth and two stitched up scars across his face. His wings are also gray in colour, mirroring the white wings of the original.

Post-Kuipter Files Story

Yes something happens here, Xavier's lack-of-soul leaves his body in a state of limbo. Shadow Zoshi from Corruption somehow starts inhabiting it as a soul creature, but because Xavier had a consiousness beforehand he was not able to attain full dominance. From this point on, Xavier's eyes glow yellow in colour, and his wings turn black.