Or, rather, the more obscure categories.


Denizens of Heaven. Their bodies can always regenerate from any harm, lest their "core" gets damaged to a breaking point.

  • Theriel - Half-angel of Martedian ancestry.


Eldritch beings that walk among the living but display severe anomalous behaviour.

  • Sadie - Voidspawn with many siblings, all taking on a goat-like form to different degrees of success. She only moves when not perceived.
  • Goatcube - One of Sadie's siblings. Can only slide across the surface, in any of four directions. Emits constant bleating sounds.


Beings literally born from the psyche of the living. Can be taken out of their captor's mind by outer forces. Some are mundane, almost like regular living, but some display massively anomalous behaviour because of the illogical nature of their creator's mind.

  • The Weaver - Takes on an arthropod form. Uses its needles to reconstruct matter into its own living puppets, the Sown.
    • The Sown - Puppets to the Weaver. Shambling strands of stringy material that attack by asphyxiation.
  • Melalo - Two-headed terrorborn that takes on a bird-like form. One of its heads was cut off at some point, being reutilized as the Arca Mala.


Concepts in the flesh. Or whatever they're made out of. I honestly don't even know myself at this point.

  • Algidas - A/C of Timelines. Has a long-standing, presumably one-sided feud with Chronos.

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