Zones are diversions of the "main" set of universes (′) accessed through Zonal Shift. They are metaphysically located in "bubbles" linked to key locations within ′, though "Subzones" exist within the diversions themselves as well. A zone located in a zone (Zone^2) is called a "Subzone once removed"; a zone in a zone in a zone (Zone^3) is called a "Subzone thrice removed", etc. Zones, much like the Bizarro Sequence Universes (Ƅ), may contain "Subversed Characterisations", conceptual counterparts of "Characters" within the canon. However, unlike with Ƅ, "Outsiders" (Demons, Angels, Deities, Voidspawn, Terrorborn, Anthro-conceptuals, etc.) are not exempt from subversed characterisation. It is because of this reason that Zonal Shift is an ability reserved for the few, as in the case of a failed Zonal Shift, the subsequent Zonal Bleeding would have disastrous consequences on the timeline.

Examples of Zonal Incidents

  • Timeline &-12
    • The Zonarch of "COBWEB" invades ′, becoming the new Character Anthro-Conceptual, paradoxically warping all of the characters' concepts to fit COBWEB's template.
  • Timeline %b
    • Mercuron %b-Ϻ bleeds into "SHIPYARD" and escapes through the opened wound with the Chronocruiser, which is brought to timeline [REDACTED]'s [ZONE EXPUNGED], where Mercuron ⌚-12 and the other timelinear/extrazonal/otherwise conceptual counterparts of have made it the converging locale of any character under the "LAT" template.