Solice Tamafi

Solice Tamafi

Witch of Chance
99 lbs

Solice Tamafi, nicknamed Tama, is the Doublizarro counterpart of Mori. Her pestertag is sorrowfulTechnician.


Very energetic and sociable, though a bit off-putting to some. She comes over as immature and crass, and she occasionally has sudden outbursts of emotion. On the other hand, she can be responsible and very forgiving as well. With this personality comes that she dislikes being left to her own thoughts, and thus tries to be around her friends as much as possible.

In conversation, she often ends her sentences with "Kyuru".

Story and Background

Tama is a technician at heart, so she assists her best friend Freia Storme in the making of several contraptions. She also modified Plutonias' Predator Chainsaw to be useful as a weapon. Tama herself wields the Mahou Shoujo Compound Crossbow.

When not doing technical work, Tama likes redoing her own hair every so often. She's also known to have taken up interpretive dance. At night, she writes down about her friends in observational diaries, writing mostly about her best friend Freia.


  • Her auratic colour (#FFEE79) is very similar to that of fellow Doublizarro character Plutonias (#D7CE26). Due to this fact the two often get confused by outsiders sniffing out their auras.

See Also

  • Mori - Prime Universe counterpart
  • Hunny - Bizarro counterpart

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