The Ombryx are a race of anthropod-adjacent lifeforms hailing from the outer plane of Dysma.


8 legs, 4-segmented body (Noggin, Spinitrunc, Bouke, Morgelle) connected by an exospine across the back, 3 pairs of pedipalps, 4 mandibles, 3 digits on 6 foremost hands, 4 digits on 2 hindmost hands, all encompassed by a sophisticated exoskeleton. The rest of their appearance is entirely dependent on the perceiver's bias.

Being a Terrorborn species, their physiology can shift from the norm rather extremely due to dormant mutagens in their metaphysical form.

One of their distinguishing characteristics is that they produce a skin-loosening agent in their poisonous spit, which they use to steal the skin of their prey, masquerading as them with high levels of success due to their inherent perception-bending form.

Notable Ombryx

  • The Weaver

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